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MPP Display

Post by sPzAbt653 »

Playing as the Allies, I liberated Norway from the Axis and received a convoy line from Narvik to England, along with some MPP's [circled in picture]. This is a nice treat !

It would be a great trick if all MPP's that are collected would be displayed here, separating out the Minor's. That would give us a nice display with everything easily seen [:)]

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RE: MPP Display

Post by Hartmann »

Yeah, I agree.

And that Narvik convoy is nice - seems I made a mistake in always only "liberating" Norway towards the end of my games by directly taking Oslo and then the South of the country, for this left the German unit in Narvik untouched giving me no convoy. (Actually, I'm not even sure whether it made their convoy line disappear at all.)
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