New Scenario - Breach and Clear

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New Scenario - Breach and Clear

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China's ASBM force poses a serious threat to carriers operating in the SCS and the vicinity of Taiwan. Global Strike Command is called upon to eliminate this threat.

Full scale war has broken out between the United States and China. In order to defeat China's doctrine of area denial, a safe path must be cleared for American carrier groups to operate in the waters near China. This requires the neutralization of the greater part of China's ASBM force, which could otherwise overwhelm any one carrier group's defenses.

To this end, several flights of Global Strike Command bombers have been dispatched from Andersen AFB to penetrate Chinese air space, locate the ASBM launchers, and destroy them.


Please find attached a new scenario depicting an American strategic attack on the Chinese mainland to neutralize their ASBM forces. My play-testing suggests that this is extremely difficult but still kind-of feasible, if one is cautious.

There are six zones marked with reference points for you to hunt enemy ASBM launchers in. Some are much better protected than others, and you don't need to hit them all to win.

Two tips to note before you start: first, be very mindful of the enemy radar detection radii. Second, note that the S-400 doesn't need to illuminate and reveal itself in order to shoot at you.

Good luck! I hope you have challenging fun - please let me know your comments and how you fare.
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