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Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Newbie Alert

Post by Meiktila »

Hi, my name is Mike and I just wanted to say hello.

I bought CMANO today, bought everything on steam which I hope is not going to effect my access to forum posted scenarios.

I assume this is the place to come to ask stupid questions that get answered frequently with "can't you read" and/or "have you not heard of google"?

CMANO looks amazing, like it is just the kind of "game" I love to involve myself with. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it.
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by AlGrant »

Welcome - If you've not already seen it then this FAQ is a great place to start
Along with Baloogan's site

There is always the temptation to jump into the big scenarios, however Command is one game where I would certainly suggest doing the tutorial missions and then a few of the smaller ones.

Expect losses! [:D]
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by Skjold »

Welcome man, there is a good manual and quite alot of other reference material to learn the game. I'd also suggest starting out doing the smaller missions to learn the ropes.
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by wqc12345 »

Take your time.. learn the interface and how things work.. it's not a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of game.. it's very very in depth and it requires a lot of investment on the part of the player.. I would imagine it took well over 20 hours of my time to begin to understand the complexity of the pieces, let alone what to do about said pieces.. Just play and learn, set up a sandbox and just see what happens so you can better understand how to play against an AI. That time will be well spent and lead to many fun hours of gameplay.. if you jump right in and expect to know all the parts, you will fail and it will be painful...
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by lowchi »

Welcome Mike!

Here is another usefull link: tm.asp?m=3607586

Also dont forget to use the search function on this forum.

Have fun!

Regards Lowchi
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by HalfLifeExpert »

Welcome aboard!!

For one thing, there is no reason to worry about forum posted scenarios, they are fully compatible with the Steam version, in fact, the steam version and the non-steam version are practically identical, the main differences being that the steam version requires the steam client to be running (online or offline)and that with the Steam version you have access to the steam workshop, which is really just an alternate way to upload and download community scenarios.

As AlGrant said, most definitely play the tutorials, both the three made by the developers and the ones made by Mark Gellis "Uncle Mark", which should be included in your download, as they were added to the base game.

Then I would start with some smaller scenarios, partially based on your personal preferences in terms of types of units and warfare. For me, my primary interest was Surface warfare, ships vs ships. The Battle of Lakatia, 1973, and the Battle of Chumonchin Chan, 1950, both of which are included in the base game, are good scenarios to start with.

For air warfare, one scenario I definitely would have to recommend is a community scenario by Excroat3: USS Midway vs Cuba(TWTNW)

You can find it on the steam workshop, or in the community scenario pack on the developer's website (which is a MUST download)

It is a situation of an older US carrier, the Midway, its F-18 squadrons, and its escort ships, defending itself against the Cuban Air Force and Navy south of Florida. It can be fast paced, but I found it approachable enough for a relative novice, and I think it is a great way to learn Carrier operations. I say give this one a try once you have gotten familiar with the basics of air operations.

Once you feel comfortable enough for a larger battle, I would recommend another community scenario: The Battle of the First Salvo. You can find it in the Community Scenario Pack.

There is an issue with downloading the Pack at this time, but I am sure it will be sorted out soon, but there is plenty for you to play with until then
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by mikkey »

Welcome aboard Mike!
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by Meiktila »

Thanks for all your replies and advice.

I have been very happily getting my arse kicked. Lots of, RTB Shotgun?! Get back out there man!

I have followed most advice and done the tutorials thoroughly. The Uncle ones were a real challenge and I'm definitely sticking to small things for now. I'm still wrestling with the ui, how do I do this, why won't F3 turn off! things more to do with learning the interface and the metagame mechanics rather than tactics and strategy.

I seem a lot more comfortable/able with air than naval. Setting the right air missions with the proper parameters is slowly making sense to me but my subs and surface assets I still have zero clue. All I do is tell them, go that way and (hopefully?!) do something useful.

I am very happy with the game, really enjoying the challenge of its complexity. It is so refreshing to be punished for getting things wrong (**cough** hoi4).

Any more suggestions for good simple scenarios without too many elements would be welcome, the ones HLE gave above are on my to-tackle list.

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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by ziolo »

Hi, I would suggest Trapped Under Ice scenario, simple, one sub operation but exciting [:D]
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by ColonelMolerat »

Hello! Glad to see another new player!
It's always enjoyable witnessing someone get to grips with this game (*evil cackle*).
They may be a touch advanced for you, but I really enjoyed the two Canary Island scenarios - "Canary's Cage" and something else.
There are quite a few units to deal with, but the missions themselves are fairly simple, and a lot can be done simply by setting up air missions and letting the AI do its thing. They gave me the satisfaction of feeling like I'd been in control of a large operation, without feeling too swamped.
Once you've got the basics down, I'd recommend them!
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RE: Newbie Alert

Post by magi »

we..the legions of command.. salute you.....
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