Command: MANO Version 1.11 SR1 now available!

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Command: MANO Version 1.11 SR1 now available!

Post by Daniele »

Hello everybody!

We have just released a new update for this spectacular (and beloved) modern warfare simulator!

Expect a lot of important tweaks and improvements, ranging from fixed some weird satellite's behavior to a better handling of unit missing from database (and many more!)

You can download the update from here

Check the full list of changes below

Command: Modern Air Naval Operations is available also on Steam! Liked the game? Leave a review!

v1.11 SR1 Changelog

- #10592 - Briefing Dialog imports LOADDOC-referenced file instead of just displaying the reference
- #10594 - UI: Erroneous "ship spotted on ship" messages
- #10584 - LUA and Regional and Language Options issue
- #10547 - [B817] Final approach popup
- #10565 - [Build 825] Certain Satellites pathfinding going awry
- #10557 - [Build 822] Satellites with a long period (stationary) draw some wacky lines
- FIXED: Aircraft stuck on ski-jump ramp
- Fixed: minor Special Actions window/UI issues
- Fixed: Minor Special Actions text padding issue
- Tweak: Improved SBR feedback on missing platforms
- Fixed: Very high time compression is not checking area triggers often enough
- Updated: Improved user feedback when player adds airborne A/C to strike mission
- Fixed: Contact group range ring issues
- FIXED: Odd trajectories for some ballistic missiles & RVs
- Minor mod: SBR delta generator improvement
- Fixed: Identify decoys as such when within visual/IR range (adjustment)
- SBR: 0/10000 weapon rec support for Clone functionality
- Updated: Better handling of unit missing from database
- Fixed minor SBR oopsie
- Fixed: Emergency landing edge case
- FIXED: Unable to vertically re-size window
- Fixed: Facilities do not repair medium- and heavy-grade damage
- Fixed: Groups need to load missions correctly on scen load
- #10619 - Planes in limbo (v1.11 B825)

* Tweaked double-parsing for loading of custom layers
* Fixed: Aircraft gets Lat/Long 0:0 when group is unassigned while forming up
* Fixed: Reloading aircraft at forward operating stip without weapon records in mag

- #10628 - Unit Damaged Event not firing if Unit is Immediately Destroyed
- Fixed: Allied contact stances not updated correctly
- Fixed: Cruise missiles loiter over target area if target destroyed and then scen saved/loaded (pre-impact)
- Fixed: Make crash in message log silent
- Fixed: ARM attack crash
- Fixed: Tiny fishing boat hit by Harpoon missile doesn't trigger damage triggers
- FIXED: [v1.11] Orbat Recon - Subs are not detected
- Fixed: ASW Sensor range ring
- Fixed: Units bounce when moving Exclusion zone
- Fixed: [v1.11] Submunition oddity for ATACMS vs speeding target
- FIXED: [v1.11] "Cloud" of cluster warhead not rendered properly
- * Fixed various guidance issues with ABMs.
- * Numerous stability tweaks.
- UI Tweak: Unit Sensors: checkbox not displaying on some systems
- UI Fix: Quick Turnaround text overwrites Loadout Role text
- UI Fix: No-Nav and Exclusion Zone buttons don't stick to frame

* Significant improvements to stick bombing mechanics: The bombs are laid across the target, using CEP (adjusted by bombsight generation and pilot skill) and random factors to determine the exact impact points of individual bombs. For smaller bomb sticks on tactical aircraft, the bombs are released at 50ft intervals. Bomb sticks up to 24 bombs are laid in sticks up to 300ft long, larger bomb sticks are laid in sticks up to 600ft long. Bombers are handled slightly differently, with 75ft between bombs and stick lengths up to 2000ft. For sticks with 28 bombs or more, the distance between bombs is narrowed.

* Map tweak: All weapon impacts (both hits and misses) are displayed for a few seconds on the tactical map.

* SBR/Clone tweak: The cloned unit gets the same heading as the original unit

* UI tweak: When using the "zoom to the cursor position" option, after zooming re-center the mouse cursor at the map

* UI Tweak: Spacebar (instead of F12) pauses/resumes game. "|" now cycles to next unit

* Command can now load and run much larger scenarios (>10.000 active units)

* If autosave fails while running a very large scenario (due to memory exhaustion), the player is notified by a baloon popup instead of
crashing the game.

* Improved support for high-DPI (150-200% font size) desktop resolutions

* Recording tweak: Maintain God's Eye enabled/disabled preference between frames during playback

* Inclues the updated DB description files released by Steven Lohr (CV60).

* Updated: Adjusted CEP settings to support bomb stick & rocket firing pattern model

* You can now enable/disable non-navigation zones and exclusion zones, in two ways:
a) Through the UI, as the grids on the relevant windows have an extra "Is Active" checkbox for each zone entry.
b) Through Lua. Usage example:
mySide = VP_GetSide({Name="US"})
myZone = mySide:getnonavzone("AAW Zone 1") [Alternative for excl. zone: myZone = mySide:getexclusionzone("Forbidden Zone 1")]
myZone.isactive = "True"/"False"

Inactive no-navigation zones are not rendered on the map at all. Inactive exclusion zones are rendered with a dash line (instead of solid).

* Includes the updated databases (version 445) and rebuilt standalone, tutorial and Northern Inferno scenarios


A-4H Skyhawk [Ahit]
A-4N Skyhawk [Ahit]
AH-64E Apache [Longbow]
AV-8B Harrier II+ [Night Attack]
Bell 206B-1 JetRanger -- Brazil (Navy), 1974
Bell 206B-1 JetRanger -- Chile (Navy), 1970
Bell 47 Sioux -- Brazil (Navy), 1953-1994
F-4E Phantom II [Kurnass]
Il-78MP Midas
SA 313B Alouette II -- Argentina (Army), 1975
SA.319B Alouette III -- Chile (Navy), 1977, ASW
SA.319B Alouette III -- Peru (Navy), 1972
SH-34J (HSS-1N) Seabat -- Chile (Navy), 1961-1968
SH-34J (HSS-1N) Seabat -- Chile (Navy), 1968-1978
Su-7BMK Fitter A -- Algeria (Air Force), 1971
TA-4H Skyhawk [Ahit]
WD-1K Wing Loong [Pterodactyl] UAV


A 47 Nasr [Fuqing Class] -- Pakistan (Navy), 1987, x1
AFSB(I) 15 Ponce [Austin Class] -- United States (Navy), 2015, ex-LPD 15, Experimental, Laser
APD 26 Serrano -- Chile (Navy), 1967-1991
APD 28 Riquelme -- Chile (Navy), 1966-1984
APD 29 Uribe -- Chile (Navy), 1966-1995
D 17 Portales [Sumner FRAM 2 Class] -- Chile (Navy), 1974-1998
D 18 Almirante Riveros -- Chile (Navy), 1975-1998
D 19 Almirante Williams -- Chile (Navy), 1960-1964
D 19 Almirante Williams -- Chile (Navy), 1964-1975
D 19 Almirante Williams -- Chile (Navy), 1975-1998
D 26 Mariz E Barros [Gearing FRAM I] -- Brazil (Navy), 1974-1990
D 28 Paraira [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1959-1978
D 29 Parana [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1961-1982
D 30 Pernambuco [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1961-1982
D 31 Piaui [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1967-1989
D 32 Santa Cararina [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1968-1978
D 33 Maranhao [Fletcher] -- Brazil (Navy), 1972-1990
D 34 Mato Grosso [Sumner Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1972-1990
D 35 Sergipe [Sumner FRAM II Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1973
D 36 Alagaos [Sumner FRAM II Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1973
D 37 Rio Grande Do Norte [Sumner FRAM II Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1973
D 38 Espirito Santo [Sumner FRAM II Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1973
DDG 173 Kongo -- Japan (Navy), 2019
DDG 177 Atago [Improved Kongo] -- Japan (Navy), 2019
F 25 Kasturi [Type FS 1500] -- Malaysia (Navy), 2010
F 41 Defensora [Vosper Mk10, ASW] -- Brazil (Navy), 1977, ASW version, 4x
FM 06 Almirante Condell [Type 12I Leander Class] -- Chile (Navy), 1973
Janada [Pr.773 Polnochny D] -- Iraq (Navy), 1977, 4x
L 1010 Gamal Abdel Nasser -- Egypt (Navy), 2018, 3x,1x LCU, 2x LCAC, Not much detail
L-Cat [EDA-R] -- Egypt (Navy), 2018, x2, +4,Mistral
LD 601 Tarlac [Makassar Class] -- Philippines (Navy), 2017, SSV Program, 2x LCU,
LVTP-7 Amtrack -- Argentina (Marines), 1971, Armored Personnel Carrier
LVTR-7 Amtrack -- Argentina (Marines), 1971, Recovery Vehicle
MT T-43 [Pr.254K/M] -- Iraq (Navy), 1971-1991, x2
PG 110 Tomas Batillo [Sea Dolphin] -- Philippines (Navy), 1996, x8
PS 38 General Mariano Alvarez [Cyclone] -- Philippines (Navy), 2001, -ex USS Cyclone
RK Osa I [Pr.205] -- Iraq (Navy), 1972-1995, 4x,1x Post Gulf War
RK Osa II [Pr.205ER] -- Iraq (Navy), 1974-1991, 8x
TK P-6 [Pr.183] -- Iraq (Navy), 1959-1984, x12
Type 051B Luhai [167 Shenzhen] -- China (Navy), 2017, HQ-16
Type 053H3 Jiangwei II [564 Yichang] -- China (Navy), 2017, HQ-10 SAM


410 Pasopati [PL-613V Whiskey V] -- Indonesia (Navy), 1959-1990, x1
S 20 Humaita [Oberon Class] -- Brazil (Navy), 1974-1999, x3
S 21 Simpson [Gato] -- Chile (Navy), 1969-1982
S 23 Hyatt [Oberon] -- Chile (Navy), 1976
S 41 [Type 209-1400] -- Egypt (Navy), 2017, x1,+3
S-22 Thomson [Gato] -- Chile (Navy), 1962-1969


AAA Plt/2 (20mm/70 Oerlikon Mk4 x 2) -- Philippines (Army), 2006, 2x pr Bn
AAA Sec (35mm PGZ-07 SPAAG x 2) -- China (Army), 2013
AAA Sec (35mm Twin Oerlikon GDF 005 x 2, Skyguard FCR) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1977, 2x pr Bty
Armored Plt (AMX-10P x 3) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1985, x500, most in reserve by 2010
Armored Plt (AMX-30S MBT x 3) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1980-2005, x145
Armored Plt (M1A1 Abrams MBT x 4) -- Australia (Army), 2007, x59
Armored Plt (T-62 MBT x 3) -- Syria (Army), 1970
Armored Plt (T-72 MBT x 3) -- Syria (Army), 1981
Armored Plt (T-72BM MBT x 3) -- Syria (Army), 2015, Modernized
Armored Sec (FV101 Scorpion Light Tank x 2) -- Ireland (Army), 1980, x14
Armored Sec (LAV-300 Mk2 AGS [Cockerill 90mm Mk3] x 2) -- Philippines (Marines), 1996, x12
Arty Bty (105mm/22 M101 Towed Howitzer x 3) -- Argentina (Marines)
Arty Bty (105mm/37 L118 Towed Light Gun x 6) -- Ireland (Army), 1986, x24
Arty Bty (122mm/36 2S1 Gvozdika M1974 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1981, x300
Arty Bty (122mm/38 D-30 2A18 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1972
Arty Bty (130mm/52 M-46 M1954 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1958
Arty Bty (152mm/34 2S3 Akatsiya M1973 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1985, x100
Arty Bty (155mm/20 M114 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Philippines (Army), 1972, x12
Arty Bty (155mm/39 GCT AUF1 Self-Propelled Howitzer) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1980, x51
Arty Bty (155mm/39 M198 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1985
Arty Bty (155mm/39 M777 Towed Howitzer x 6) -- Australia (Army), 2010, x54
Arty Bty (155mm/52 Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer) -- Saudi Arabia (National Guard), 2010, x100
Arty Bty (BM-21 Grad MLRS x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1964
Arty Bty (BM-27 Uragan MLRS x 6) -- Syria (Army), 1980
Arty Plt (MLRS) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1991, x50
Inf Plt (Australian Army) -- Australia (Army)
Inf Plt (Irish Army) -- Ireland (Army)
Inf Plt (Philippine Army) -- Philippines (Army)
Inf Plt (Philippine Marines) -- Philippines (Marines)
Inf Plt (Saudi National Guard) -- Saudi Arabia (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (Adnan AIFV x 4) -- Philippines (Army), 1995, x32
Mech Inf Plt (BMD-4M IFV x 3) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 2016, Airborne IFV, x12 + 100+
Mech Inf Plt (BMP-1 [AT-3 Sagger A] IFV x 3) -- Syria (Army), 1970, x1000
Mech Inf Plt (BMP-2 IFV x 3) -- Syria (Army), 1990, x200
Mech Inf Plt (BTR-MDM Rakushka APC x 3) -- Russia [1992-] (Army), 2016, Airborne IFV, Amphibious, x12 + 100+
Mech Inf Plt (M113 AS3/4 APC x 4) -- Australia (Army), 2004
Mech Inf Plt (M113A1 APC x 3) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1976, x200+
Mech Inf Plt (M113A1 APC x 4) -- Philippines (Army), 1967
Mech Inf Plt (M113A2 APC x 3) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1985, x500+
Mech Inf Plt (Piranha 3H [12.7mm/50 M2 MG] x 4) -- Ireland (Army), 2002, x50
Mech Inf Sec (LAV-300 Mk2 IFV [12.7mm/50 M2 MG] x 2) -- Philippines (Marines), 1996, x12
Mot Inf Plt (Boxer APC x 4) -- Netherlands (Army), 2018, x200
Radar (AN/TPS-63) -- Saudi Arabia (Air Force), 1987
Radar (J/TPS-P11) -- Japan (Army), 1986, Mobile, Coastal Surveillance
Radar (J/TPS-P23) -- Japan (Army), 2008, Mobile, Coastal Surveillance
SAM Bty (I-HAWK [P1]) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1979, 6x Bty
SAM Bty (I-HAWK [P2, TAS]) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1985, 10x Bty
SAM Plt (Antelope [Skysword, 35mm Oerlikon, T-92]) -- Taiwan (Air Force), 2012, 2x pr Bty
SAM Plt (Mistral I MANPADS x 3) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1992, 3x Plt
SAM Sec (Anza Mk1 MANPADS x 3) -- Pakistan (Army), 1989, SA-7 Copy, Widely Exported
SAM Sec (Anza Mk2 MANPADS) -- Malaysia (Army), 2002, x160
SAM Sec (Anza Mk2 MANPADS) -- Pakistan (Army), 1994, Widely Exported
SAM Sec (Redeye MANPADS x 4) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1975
SAM Sec (Stinger MANPADS x 2) -- Japan (Army), 1982
SAM Sec (Stinger MANPADS x 5) -- Saudi Arabia (Army), 1984
SSM Bn (DF-16B [Penetrator] TEL) -- China (Second Artillery Corps), 2015
SSM Bn (DF-16B [Submunitions] TEL) -- China (Second Artillery Corps), 2015, -Anti Airfield
SSM Bn (DF-26C [Conventional] TEL) -- China (Second Artillery Corps), 2015, Guam Killer
SSM Bn (DF-26C [Nuclear]TEL) -- China (Second Artillery Corps), 2015, Guam Killer
SSM Bn (DF-26D [ASBM] TEL) -- China (Second Artillery Corps), 2015, Conventional
SSM Coy (Type 12) -- Japan (Army), 2015
SSM Plt (FGM-148 Javelin x 3) -- Australia (Army), 2002, ATGM
SSM Plt (FGM-148 Javelin x 3) -- Ireland (Army), 2006, ATGM,
SSM Sec [LORA] -- Israel (Army), 2008, -Few
Vehicle (BRDM-2) -- Generic (Generic), 1962, -widely exported


Cartosat [Optical Imaging] -- India (Generic), 2008
Gokturk [Optical Imaging] -- Turkey (Generic), 2012
Huangjing [SAR] -- China (Generic), 2012, 2x
RISAT [SAR] -- India (Generic), 2009
Tundra[EKS-1] -- Russia [1992-] (Generic), 2015, Missile Launch Detection


20mm T-92 Burst [100 rnds] -- T-92
Anza Mk1 [SA-7b Copy] -- Pakistan
Anza Mk2 -- Pakistan,1994
Delilah -- Israel, 1994, Loitering Missile
DF-16B [Penetrator] -- 2015
DF-16B [Submunitions] -- 2015
DF-26C [Conventional] -- 2015
DF-26C [Nuclear] -- 2015
DF-26D [ASBM, Conventional] -- 2015
LORA -- 2008, Israel
Sky Sword I -- Ground Launched, Antelope, 2012
Type 12 -- Japan, 2015, Coastal
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RE: Command: MANO Version 1.11 SR1 now available!

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Is there a difference with this SR1 and the one we got in the other post, which is actually build 839?
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RE: Command: MANO Version 1.11 SR1 now available!

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No, they're one and the same.
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RE: Command: MANO Version 1.11 SR1 now available!

Post by djoos5 »

Awesome, thanks Sunburn!
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