Transferring games to a new PC

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Transferring games to a new PC

Post by DEB »

I recall that some years ago, I was advised ( by a Games Company staff member ), that games could only be installed on 3 ( or 4 ) different PC's ( maximum ), due to a limit set into the game / disk ! However, I cannot now recall which Games / Games Company this applied / applies to... Can any one advise if this ( or any ) limit applies to Matrix's Games ( and specifically to Uncommon Valour ).

Thanks. [&o]

[ NB : To date, my UV has been installed on two different PC's. ]

P.S. I also have Slitherine's Legion on two PC's. Could the limit noted above apply here ?
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RE: Transferring games to a new PC

Post by redwolf »

I would also like to have an update on how move-friendly Matrix' games are by now.

Last time I checked there is a serial number anchored in the registry and there was no straightforward way of moving that to a different computer other than reinstalling. That's a problem because of all the patches you have to pile on top. I just want to copy the tree.

If you bought on Steam, does Matrix use Steam's authorization, which would mean it is online-only mode and you can switch between computers as you see fit (assuming you are logged into Steam only on one at a time)?
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RE: Transferring games to a new PC

Post by zakblood »

it's easy, all site games have a key / serial number needed to install,
If you have the original version. So you'll need to update it from the Internet.
Please note that you'll only need the last update, as the updates are comprehensive.
Just open a tech support ticket or contact with your order details (order reference number or/and email address used when placed the order) and they will provide you with new download links.
There's no limit to the number of times you may request for new download links.

almost all of steam games have an offline mode as well, if you buy from here, and game is or gets released on steam at same time or a later date, you also get a steam key, if you buy direct from steam, you only get the steam version.
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