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Submitted Scenarios

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This thread is to collect all the submitted Scenarios in one thread for ease to find.

Please only submit your Scenarios in this thread and ad a small description and version number in the post. Announce your Scenario in the Mods and scenario folder so you can have a discussion on your Scenario, and get positive feedback ;)

Users, post your comments in the announcements thread. We all need a bit of encouragement ;)

I'll keep a list of the submitted scenarios in this top post as well.

rmmwilg has made a great list containing more information of the scenarioas as number of units, designer, complexity and much more. You'll find the list here:

As of March 6 2023 there are 593 Individual Scenarios, 6 Bundles and 9 Campaigns as one long Campaign Scenario or 2 or more connected scenarios. Also an updated scenario list by rmmwilg


- Bundle containing most of the scenarios found here and also others like Tettau's Attack compiled by genesismwt. Not including Ricos Scenarios
- Bundle containing most of Ricos scenarios compiled by genesismwt
- Idjester 5 scenario bundle Bundle of Idjesters 5 scenarios shown on Twitch
- Streets of Stalingrad bundle "The Guards Counterattack", "The Tractor Works", "The Streets of Stalingrad" (adapted from SL 1, 2, 3, ASL O42.1, A, B, C)
- Be my Valentine - or Else (Campaign Game Scenario Version 2) + 092 - Brit_Rus meeting engagement + Wolfs Schloss (in one packet)
- Hailstone scenario Bundle Bundle of scenarios made and adapted to TotH by Hailstone
- Sams's Bundle 2, Hailstones second Bundle

- Be my Valentine - or Else (Campaign Game Scenario)
- To The Reichstag Campaign Version 1.2 (4 Independent scenarios played chronologically for Campaign Game Victory; Tac65, Tac73, Tac66 and Tac74)
- Scheldt A (adapted from Company of Heroes)
- Scheldt B (adapted from Company of Heroes)
- Scheldt C (adapted from Company of Heroes)
- Arnhem 1 - 88s at Zon (adapted from ASLSK S14)
- Arnhem 2 - Devil's Hill (adapted from SL G, ASL T10, 189)
- Arnhem 3 - Fabled Frost (adapted from Battle Academy Market Garden)
- Arnhem 4 - Nuenen (Inspired by episode 4 of the Band of Brothers series and Combat pour Neunen
- Arnhem 5 - A Train for Arnhem (adapted from ASL TAC63)
- Arnhem 6 - Die Roten Teufel (adapted from Battle Academy Market Garden)
- Arnhem 7 - Sint-Oedenrode (adapted from Battle Academy, Hell's Highway, TIM1966 Stoedenrode)
- Arnhem 8 - Climax at Nijmegen Bridge (adapted from SL 34, ASL Sc12, DallasCOn 93, U4)
- Arnhem 9 - A Providential Occurrence (adapted from ASL VB 4)
- Arnhem 10 - Medal of Honour (adapted from SL 37, ASL A75)
- Arnhem 11 - XXX
- Operation Martlet: Fontenay-le-Pesnel Village Part 1
- Aachen 1 - Those Infantrymen have Guts (adapted from SL, ASL Aachen Series 01, CT1)
- Aachen 2 - Assault on Ubach (adapted from SL, ASL Aachen series 02, CT2)
- Aachen 3 - Nehmen Weider Ubach (adapted from SL, ASL Aachen series 03, CT3)
- Aachen 4 - The Cantonment Catch (adapted from SL, ASL Aachen series 04, CT4)
- Aachen 5 - Simple Equation ( adapted from ASLSK S3)
- Aachen 6 - Fire Teams (adapted from ASL ITR 5)
- Aachen 7 - Wise's War (adapted from ASL AP 118)
- Aachen 8 - Among the Ruins (adapted from ASL 21)
- Aachen 9 - Kurhaus Clash (adapted from ASL 22)
- Aachen 10 - Aachen's Pall (adapted from SL P and ASL T8)
- Aachen 11 - Knock'em all Down (original Rico design)
- Bastogne (Campaign Game Scenario original design by Rico, inspired by World of Tanks - ASL Scenarios - Close Combat Wacht Am Rhein)
- Neither Fear nor Mercy (Original design ny LN59 (Lilian)
- Decision at Elst (adapted from ASLSK DaE adapted by HexNCounter. Includes cenarios DaE1 - 4 and DaE Campaign Game)

Individual themed scenarios
HASL Red Barricades
- One Down, Two to Go (adapted from ASL RB1)
- One Down, Two to Go (adapted from ASL RB1, modified German AI)
- Blood and Guts (adapted from ASL RB 2)
- Bread Factory (adapted from ASL RB 3)
- To the Rescue (adapted from ASL RB 4)
- The Last Bid (Updated 011519 by Rico) (adapted from ASL RB 5)
- The Last Bid II (adapted from ASL RB 5)
- Turned Away (adapted from ASL RB 6)
- The Red House (adapted from ASL RB 7)

Individual scenarios
- Defiance on Hill 30 (adapted from ASL 11)
- The Hedgehog of Piepsk (adapted from SL 4, ASL D)
- Traktor Works (adapted from SL 2, ASL B)
- The Guards Counterattack (adapted from SL 1, ASL O42.1, A )
- A Day by the Shore (adapted from ASL G22, 103)
- First Blood
- Point of the Sword (adapted from ASL BB3, G31, 102)
- Retaking Vierville (adapted from ASLSK S1)
- Rocket Red Glare (adapted from ASL G6)
- Hill 621 (adapted from SL 5, ASL E)
- The Whirlwind (adapted from ASL S)
- Dyhernfurth Raid (adapted from a Wargames Convention 15mm Miniatures game)
- Gavin Take (adapted from ASL T1)
- Pavlov's House (adapted from ASL T, J82)
- Soldier of Destruction (with a Jgpz V instead of a Pz V)
- Typhoon over Tula Last and ultimate Version 1.30
- The Agony of Doom (adapted from ASL A8)
- Monty's Mess (adapted from ASL OA 10)
- St. Nazaire Raid or (Operation Chariot)
- Assault on Coulvain's Headquarters
- Omaha Beach
- Battle at Ramelle (Saving Private Ryan town battle)
- The Longest Night
- Totensonntag (adapted from ASL FrF 45)
- Shklov's Labors Lost (adapted from ASL T4)
- The Puma Prowls (adapted from ASL T2)
- Escape from Velikiye Luki (adapted from SL 6, ASL H)
- Riposte (adapted from ASL U12)
- Whoa Mohammed! (adapted from ASL TAC 38)
- Rehearsal for Crete (adapted from ASL SL32, U23)
- Soldiers of Destruction (adapted from ASL N)
- Into Vienna Woods (adapted from ASL AP52)
- Silent Death (adapted from ASL A11)
- Sisters (adapted from ASL VV84)
- Fighting Withdrawal (adapted from ASL 1)
- Dead man's Corner
- Makin Atoll Raid
- One More Hedgerow (adapted from ASLSK S42)
- The Road To Wiltz
- Preparing the Way (adapted from ASL D9)
- CC-01a- Tiger Ace -Otto Carius (adapted from Combat Campaigns' conversion of Mission #1 of the SASL: "Tiger Ace - Otto Carius" Campaign)
- Libreville
- Help Spain!
- Where Iron Crosses Grow (adapted from ASL OA28, SX5)
- The Dead of Winter (adapted from ASL T6)
- Buchholz Station (adapted from SL 7, ASL I)
- Pegasus Bridge (adapted from ASL G11)
- Crisis at Kasserine Pass
- The Awakening of the Spring (adapted from ASL G33)
- Massacre in Paradise (adapted from ASL TAC43)
- Guderian Break Through Sedan
- Last ally,last victory (adapted from ASLSK S26)
- Ponyri Heights
- The Pouppeville Exit (adapted from ASL F)
- War of the Rats (adapted from ASLSK S2)
- Villers Bocage
- KV Trouble
- Wittmann Death
- The Mad Minute (adapted from ASL 24)
- Going to Church (adapted from ASL 105)
- The Capture of Balta (adapted from SL 13, ASL J29)
- Research Lab Whiskey
- Trial by Combat (adapted from SL 300, ASL U10)
- Dreil Team (adapted from ASL A37, 109)
- The Dirty Dozen
- The Road to Wiltz (adapted from ASL P, maulin version)
- Lehr Sanction (adapted from ASL AD7)
- Block Busting in Bokruisk (adapted from SL 106, ASL J8)
- Directive Number Three (adapted from ASL AP7)
- Mein Gott! Partisans
- Bloody Berlin
- Birds of Prey (adapted from ASL 46)
- Commando Schenke (adapted from ASL 1, A80, TAC 12, ATL 93.3)
- The Raate Road (adapted from ASL A54)
- Putot en Bessin (adapted from ASLSK LMA 10)
- North Bank (adapted from ASL A38, 110)
- Morgan's Stand (adapted from ASL G29, ASLUG 14)
- Mai Phu (adapted from ASL BFP 35)
- The Crux of Calais (adapted from ASL A22, 96)
- Tri Ang Bridge (Vietnam 1969)
- The Battle for Rome (adapted from ASL 57)
- Zon With the Wind (adapted from ASL A32)
- NKVD Town Hall (a Combat Campaigns conversion of ASL VB7)
- 100 Men (adapted from Wild Bill Wilder)
- Lash Out (adapted from ASL A34)
- Guards Attack (adapted from ASL A35, 108)
- Oy Veghel (adapted from ASL A36)
- Dreil Team (adapted from ASL A37, 109)
- The Walking Dead
- Goose Green
- Bad Luck (adapted from ASL J60)
- Urban Guerillas (adapted from ASL J1)
- Slamming of the Door (adapted from SL 102, ASL A7, 129)
- Bougainville (adapted from ASL 67)
- We Want the Patch Now
- Castor Operation (adapted from ASL VV 114)
- Lost Opportunities (adapted from ASL 17)
- Released from the East (adapted from ASLSK S6)
- Silesian Interlude (adapted from ASL J63)
- Scheldt Fortress South (adapted from SL R219 and ASL U37)
- Budapest under Siege (adapted from SL Dragon Scenario D8)
- Among the Ruins (adapted from ASL 21)
- Townsfolk
- Counterattack on the Vistula (adapted from SL 109, ASL A21, 134)
- Swatting at Tigers (adapted from SL 41, ASL U30)
- First Crisis at Army Group North or Second Link (adapted from SL T1, ASL M, 125)
- Peiper's Progress (adapted from ASL O1, ATP 3)
- Ranger Stronghold (adapted from ASL T3)
- Kurhaus Clash (adapted from ASL 22)
- Welcome Back (adapted from ASLSK S4)
- Barkmann Corner
- The Capture of Balta (adapted from SL 13, ASL CH2, J29)
- Outnumbered and Outgunned (adapted from ASL GS5)
- Highway 66
- Casa Berardi
- The Paw of the Tiger (adapted from SL 14, ASL F)
- Hube's Pocket (adapted from SL 15, ASL G)
- The Commissar's House (adapted from ASL 4, AH2)
- Steiner Chronicles
- Prelude to Operation Luttich (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG231)
- Breaking at St Bart (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG232)
- Nashorn Zug
- Stopped at L'Abbaye Blanche (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG233)
- Hurricane on the Don (adapted from
- E Company on Hill 314 (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG234)
- Battery of the Dead (adapted from Flames of War)
- The Meat Grinder (adapted from ASL AP41)
- PB Situation #2 (adapted from PB Situation #2)
- Battle for Barenton (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG235)
- Chateau Nebelwerfer (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG236)
- Yom Kippur War (adapted from Batailles et blindés n°65)
- Under the Noel Trees (adapted from ASL 23)
- The Citadel (adapted from ASL 10)
- AMBUSH! (adapted from Lock 'n Load Heroes of Stalingrad)
- Poor Communications (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG237)
- Murphy, Go Help The British (adapted fromASL DB063)
- Simple Equation (adapted from ASLSK S3)
- Firefight 1-Partisan (adapted from Conflict of heroes)
- Partisans (adapted from Conflict of heroes)
- Totenkopf (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- L'Abbaye Blanche Revisited (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG238)
- D-Day Russia, Barbarossa (adapted from CLose Combat Cross of Iron)
- CCB Into Action (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG239)
- Pushing Back (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG240)
- Tavronitis Bridge (adapted from ASL A1, O14.3, O55.1, 93)
- Elephants Unleashed (adapted from ASL FrF23, J118)
- Simmerath (adapted from Close Combat Battle of the Bulge)
- The Tiger of Romagny (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG241)
- Come and Get Us (adapted from SL Mortain Campaign Scenario WG242)
- The Sherbrooke Fusiliers (adapted from Combat Mission Beyond Overlord)
- Pinching Patton (adapted from ASL Shellshock#1)
- Sowchos 79 (adapted from SL 16, ASL U28 and COI16)
- Festung Brest (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n° 20)
- TITO's Birthday (adapted from Ligne de Front - Les Commandos du Reich HS n°28)
- Wilkowischken (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°74)
- Pursuit from State Farm 158 (adapted from Conflict of Heroes)
- Stalingrad
- No other Choice
- Death at Strudanska
- A Grim Reminder
- Bay of Pigs Invasion (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°67)
- Vella Lavella (adapted from
- Kamenevo (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°24)
- La Fiere (adapted from Flames of War)
- Jahnsfelde (adapted from Combat MissionnBarbarossa to Berlin)
- Pavlov's House (adapted from Lock'n Load Stalingrad)
- Pavlov's House again (adapted from Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Pavlov's House for ever (adapted from SL T2, ASL T, J82)
- Vyazma Airborne Operation (adapted from SPWAW)
- A Desperate Affair (adapted from ASL 97)
- Heraklion (adapted from Battle Academy)
- Dropping off at Maleme (adapted from ASL TAC 1)
- Prison Valley (adapted from A Rapid Fire)
- Galatas Bayonet Charge (adapted from Battlefront)
- Sfakia Road (adapted from Battle Academy)
- The Road to Wiltz 2 (New Version)
- Hill 621 (adapted from SL 5, 23-2 and ASL E)
- Tobruk 1941 (adapted from Memoire 44)
- Commando School (adapted from Combat Commander)
- Sevastopol
- The Lost Battalion
- Between the Hammer and the Anvil (adapted from ASL TAC2)
- Roses for Vandervoort (adapted from ASL TAC 47)
- Tonkin Ambush (adapted from Vae Victis 130)
- Brecourt Manor (adapted from Bolt Action)
- Auld Lang Syne (adapted from SL 211)
- Ghost in the Jungle (adapted from ASL TAC61)
- Big Cats at Bay (adapted from ASL TAC49)
- Singling (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°20, ASLUG 5 and ATL 92.5)
- Big Cats at Bay II (adapted from ASL TAC 49)
- Volturno Day
- A bridge too close
- Aprilia Settlement
- Pointe du Hoc (adapted from Flames of War)
- Backs to the Sea (adapted from ASL 19)
- Saint Pierre du Mont (adapted fro ASLSK S5)
- The Soccer War
- Putot en Bessin 1 (adapted from ASLSK LMA9)
- Putot en Bessin (adapted from Fields of Fire, Daveyjj, Battle Academy)
- Two Long Bars (adapted from ASL BP B1)
- Hitdorf on the Rhine (adapted from SL 10, ASL L, 202)
- A Bloody Harvest (adapted from ASL AP8)
- Bald Hill (adapted from SL SE103, ASL U26)
- Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell (adapted from ASL BB13, G46)
- Last Act in Lorraine (adapted from ASL G2, AD2)
- Revenge at Kastelli (adapted from ASL 45)
- CB002 Thunder over Boislonde BR
- Casa Bandera
- Red Barricades (adapted from Memoir44 Red Barricades)
- JP006 All Hell Braking Loose
- JP007 Hill 253.5
- JP008 Guderian's March SW of Smolensk
- Fat Lipki (adapted from Combat Commander)
- Kursk 1 Prokhorovka (adapted from Memoir 44)
- Bonfire of the NKVD (adapted from Combat Commander)
- Kursk 2 Ponyri (adapted from Memoir 44)
- Ponyri Station (adapted from ASL ITR 4)
- Animal Hunter
- Hacksaw Ridge
- Khalkhin Gol Act1
- Verdun
- Merville Battery
- Ad Hoc at Chef Du Pont (adapted from ASLSK S8)
- Tridtsatchetverki (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°78)
- CC12 - Taking Ptaki
- Task Force Smith (adapted from ASL TAC 50)
- Gallipoli
- Breaking the Egg (adapted from Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Bir Hakeim (adapted from Combat Mission Afrika Korps)
- Keep Nimtz Alive
- The East War
- East War 2
- Hidden and Dangerous
- Team Desobry (adapted from Combat Mission Beyond Overlord)
- Team O'Hara (adapted from ASL TAC28 "Il Etait Une Petite Colonne...")
- Team Cherry (adapted from ASL SC9, ASLUG2)
- A Day in the Park
- Carentan (adapted from Combat Command series)
- Hurricane on the Don 2 (adapted from
- A Breezless Day (adapted from ASL AP3, 198)
- Villers Bocage 2
- South of Sword (adapted from Wild Bill Raiders Combat Mission Beyond Overlord)
- Desperate Measures (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Directive Number 3 (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Cautious Crusaders (adapted from ASL 114)
- Red Dawn
- Red Dawn Seattle
- Red Dawn the Sacrifice
- Guns at Batasi
- Bulge 1 (adapted from Battle Academy)
- Storm of Steel (adapted from ASL AP2)
- Trapped (adapted from ASL TAC48)
- Huertgen Forest
- A Fateful Day
- To the Last Man (adapted from DASL GD-A)
- A Morning at the Zoo (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Seelow
- Marxdorf (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- Dave 1 (fuselex first scenario, German-Russian 1943)
- Muncheberg (adapted from SL 110, ASL A8 and 136)
- Schoenhauser Allee (adapted from Combat Mission)
- Seoul Brothers (adapted from ASL GD6)
- The Front in Flames (adapted from SL R214, ASL W2 and U31)
- Henderson Field
- Kharkov (adapted from Battle Academy 2)
- First Battle of El Alamein
- Wizna (adapted from Axis & Allies)
- Dacha (adapted from Combat Mission)
- A Ranger Challenge (adapted from Combat Mission Beyond Overlord)
- Dergatschi Roadblock (adapted from Combat Mission)
- The Bruneval Raid (adapted from SL WWW 83, ASL WWW 87)
- The Streets of Kharkov (adapted from ASL DB 092)
- Totenkopf 2 (adapted from Combat Mission 2 Barbarossa to Berlin)
- High Danger (adapted from ASL VFTT V1 and CH 49)
- Lenin's Sons (adapted from ASL FT 32 and J 103)
- Lenin's Sons 2 (adapted from ASL FT 32 and J 103)
- Dzerzinski Square (original Rico design)
- Audie Murphy (original Rico design)
- May Day! (adapted from ASL TAC 18)
- The Generalissimo's Own (adapted from ASL AP 55)
- Sowchos 79 II (adapted from SL 16, ASL U28 and BFP COI 16)
- Guderians Break Through Sedan II
- ANZAC LRDG (original Rico design)
- Shadows of Death GE (adapted from ASL KGP 1)
- Jackson's Fire - a Aachen Bonus Scenario (adapted from ASL FT 07 by Rico)
- South of Liege (original design by Gmay)
- Scouting in the Mist (original design by Gmay)
- The Last Tiger (adapted from ASL SP74 and RPT 67)
- The Batt Boys (original design by Gmay)
- Battle of Carpiquet (adapted from ASL MWT 5,7 and 8 by Rico)
- Battle of Carpiquet II (adapted from ASL MWT 5, 7 and 8 by Rico)
- To Saint-Lo (Original design by Rico)
- JP011: That Which We Hold So Dear (original design by Big Ivan)
- Action at Balberkamp (adapted from SL 24, ASL 63, 141 and TAHGC COD 24 by Rico)
- Crossroads 177 (adapted from Blitzkrieg scenario - Le Carrefour de la Mort by Rico)
- Alsatian Verdun (adapted from ASL FT220 by Rico)
- Stalingrad 2 (original design by Rico)
- Grussenheim (adapted from Memoir 44 Grussenheim by Rico)
- Oosterbeek (adapted from Battle Academy by Rico)
- The Fall of Carentan (adapted from Battle Academy by Rico)
- Biazza Ridge (adapted from Battle Academy, Counter Attack, Husky Campaign by Rico)
- Baptism of Fire (adapted from Battle Academy, Counter Attack, Husky Campaign by Rico)
- Primosole Bridge (adapted from Battle Academy, Primosole Bridge, Husky Campaign by Rico)
- Early War - The Battles of Arras (by JT Thomas)
- Counterstrike at Dorogobush (adapted from SL OAF 30 and ASL OAF Playtester's Journal #2 PJ2.7 by technikzauberer)
- The Battle of the Kasserine Pass (by JT Thomas)
- The Battle of the Bulge - Andler's Defense (by JT Thomas)
- The Old Chapel (original design by ArtReg250)
- The Halfway Position (original design by ArtReg250)
- The Third Battle of Monte Cassino (original design by KingHunter3059)
- Krasny Nor: The Railway Embankment (original design by ArtReg250)
- To the Square (adapted from ASL 9 by Rico)
- Clash at Le Valtru (original design by Technikzauberer, winner of the 2018 Scenario Design Contest)
- Pulling Out (adapted from ASL FrF 71 by Rico)
- Han Sur Neid (original design by Hailstone)
- Devil's Hill (original design by Hailstone)
- Silence That Gun (adapted from ASL 14 by Hailstone)
- Trapped! (adapted from ASL 15 by Hailstone)
- Night Assault (adapted from SL The Wargamer Magazine 98 and ASL WWW 98 by Hailstone)
- Le Paradis (adapted from SL The Wargamer Magazine 84 and ASL Fanatic Enterprise WWW 84 by Hailstone)
- Faugh á Ballagh! (adapted from SL N, ASL ATL 93.1 and A93 by Hailstone)
- Burzevo (adapted from SL A and ASL R by Hailstone)
- Gambit (adapted from SL Q and ASL T14 by Hailstone)
- The Factory (adapted from SL 38, ASL SC 5 and U3 by Hailstone)
- Weissenhof Crossroads (adapted from SL 36 and ASL U8 by Hailstone)
- The Defense of Luga (adapted from SL 18, ASL W and 128 by Hailstone)
- Action at Kommerscheidt (adapted from SL 43 and ASL U6 by Hailstone)
- Night Battle at Noromaryevka (adapted from SL 105, ASL U29 by Hailstone)
- Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay (adapted from SL 106, ASL A26 and 224 by Hailstone)
- The Czerniakow Bridgehead (adapted from ASL 3 by Hailstone)
- Blocking Action at Lipki (adapted from SL 101 and ASL A 44 by Hailstone)
- The Fugitives (adapted from ASL 8 by Hailstone)
- Die for Wypolsowa (adapted from Batailles et Blindés n°88 by Rico)
- Apples to Apples (adapted from ASL AP37 by Rico)
- Christmas Fields [Champs de Noël] (adapted from ASL TAC19 by Hailstone)
- Red Tears Shed on Gray (adapted from ASL FrF89 by Rico)
- Get up Kids! (adapted from ASL TAC10 by Hailstone)
- Counterattack at Villars-Bocage (adapted from ASL TAC6 by Hailstone)
- Bren Guns (adapted from ASL TAC17 by Hailstone)
- There Once Was a Little Column (adapted from ASL TAC28 by Hailstone)
- Kempf at Melikhovo (adapted from ASL ON6 and J94 by Rico)
- A War of Corporals (adapted from ASL TAC42 by Hailstone)
- Panzers Marsch! (adapted from ASL TAC62 and Journal du Stratege #65/66 by Hailstone)
- Operation om the Gudbrandsdal (adapted from ASL TAC39 by Hailstone)
- A Train for Arnhem (adapted from ASL TAC63 by Hailstone)
- Peiper's Charge (original design by Rico, inspired by Flames Of War - ASL Scenarios - Close Combat Wacht Am Rhein)
- Pyrrhic Victory (adapted from ASL TAC53 by Hailstone)
- La Gleize (original design by Rico, inspired by Flames Of War - ASL Scenarios - Close Combat Wacht Am Rhein)
- In Sight of the Volga (adapted from ASL 5 and VotG18 by Hailstone)
- Strength Trough Unity (adapted from ASL TAC51 by Hailstone)
- Best (original design by Rico, inspired by Close Combat Last Stand Arnhem)
- Valkenswaard (original design by Rico, inspired by Close Combat Last Stand Arnhem)
- Rage Against the Machine (adapted from ASL J157 by Rico)
- Tigers and Flames (adapted from ASL DB130 by Rico)
- Subterranean Quarry (adapted from ASL 32 by Rico)
- Dnepr River Bridge (adapted from Lock-n Load by Rico)
- Blunting the Spearhead (adapted from ASL The General Scenarios by Hailstone)
- Climax at Nijmegen Bridge (adapted from SL 34 and ASL SC 12, U4 by Hailstone)
- The Bukrin Bridgehead (adapted from SL C and ASL U33 by Hailstone)
- 100 Men, Day by the Shore, Wolfs Schloss (Personal chnages to the scenarios shared by rmmwilg)
- Assault on Hill 252.2 (adapted from Lock-n-Load Dark July Mod By Rico)
- Delaying Action (adapted from SL D and ASL A49 by Hailstone)
- Ice Devils (adapted from ASL TAC46 by Hailstone)
- Eye of the Tiger (adapted from ASL WCWy by Rico)
- The Bridge at Kanev (adapted from SL Wargamer Magazine Scenario 90 by Hailstone)
- Hold Your Ground! (adapted from ASL TAC64 by Hailstone)
- No Better Spot to die (adapted from ASL 16 by Hailstone)
- The Yelnya Bridge (adapted from ASL FT 31 and J102 by Rico)
- Devastating Cheneux (adapted from Battle Academy by Rico)
- The Merville Battery (adapted from ASL TAC 5 by Hailstone)
- I remember (adapted from ASL TAC 4 by Hailstone)
- The Awakening of Spring (adapted from ASL G33 and BB12 by Rico)
- Last Fight (adapted from ASL TAC56 by Hailstone)
- The Liberators (adopted from ASL G34 by Rico)
- 29 Let's Go (adapted from ASL TAC58 by Hailstone)
- Plan Two (adapted from ASL CH FWaO1 by Rico)
- Dangerous Crossroads (adapted from ASL TAC55 by Hailstone)
- Bicske Brawl (adapted from ASL BK2.3 and CH166 by Rico)
- The Penetration of Rostov (adapted from SL 104 and from ASL A17 and 131 by Hailstone)
- Battle for the Warta Line (adapted from SL 21 and ASL U15 by Hailstone)
- Gefechtsaufklärung (adapted from Combat Mission by Rico)
- A Bridge Too Far (adapted from Combat Mission by Rico)
- Midnight Massacre (adapted from ASL A9 by Hailstone)
- High Noon (adapted from Combat Mission by Rico)
- Beyond the Blue Beach (adapted from ASL A4 by Hailstone)
- Regalbuto Ridge (adapted from ASL A24 and 100 by Hailstone)
- Descent into Hell (adapted from ASL A3 and 95 by Hailstone)
- King's Castle (adapted from SL A4 and ASL A27 by Hailstone)
- The Professionals (adapted from SL A5 and ASL A28, 144 by Hailstone)
- Stand Fast the Guards (adapted from ASL A15 and 92 by Hailstone)
- North Bank (adapted from ASL A38 and 110 by Hailstone)
- Grab at Gribovo (adapted from ASL G10 by Hailstone)
- Recon in Force (adapted from ASL G8 by Hailstone)
- Goya (adapted from ASL G18 by Hailstone)
- Hunters from the Sky (adapted from SL I and ASL T12, 201 by Hailstone)
- The Attempt to Relieve Peiper (adapted from SL H and ASL O65.1, T11 by Hailstone)
- The Niscemi-Biscari Highway (adapted from SL E and ASL T9, 178 by Hailstone)
- Tettau's Attack (adapted from ASL A33 and 107 by Hailstone)
- A View from the Top (adapted from ASL G13 by Hailstone)
- The Fox' Offspring (adapted from ASL TAC56 by Hailstone)
- A Long Way to Go (adapted from ASLSK S11 by Hailstone)
- Cahier Carriers (adapted from ASL J72 by Hailstone)
- 'Foxtail' (adapted from ASL GJ020 by Hailstone)
- Probing Layforce (adapted from ASL A43 and 99 by Hailstone)
- Insanity at the Sanitarium (adapted from ASL (Internet scenario by Rudy Marmaro) by Hailstone)
- Out of Luck (adapted from ASLSK S28 by Hailstone)
- La Fiere Bridge (adapted from ASL (Internet scenario by Rudy Marmaro) by Hailstone)
- Lasting Valor (adapted from ASL KSM013 by Hailstone)
- The Battle for Hardt (adapted from ASL (Internet scenario by Rudy Marmaro) by Hailstone)
- Men of Steel v8 (adapted from ASL RO5 by gehrig38)
- Defenders of Stalingrad v2 (adapted from ASL RO3 by gehrig38)
- Guderians March v.4 (edited version of Big Ivans TotH scenario by gehrig38)
- Grain for the Taking (adapted from ASL BB11.1 by Hailstone)
- The Unfriendly Welcome (adapted from ASL BB14.1 by Hailstone)
- Bridges at Leipzig (adapted from ASL BB18.1 by Hailstone)
- The Sledgehammer (adapted from ASL O77.1 by Hailstone)
- Mean Streets (adapted from ASL O46.1 by Hailstone)
- Ice Follies (adapted from ASL B2 by Hailstone)
- Urban Guerillas (adapted from ASL J1 by Hailstone)
- Armored Cavalry (adapted from ASL PK4.2 by Hailstone)
- Refusal on the Flank (adapted from ASL PK7.1 by Hailstone)
- One Story Town (adapted from ASL FO3 by Hailstone)
- Crossing The Dvina (adapted from CMBB by Rico)
- A Tiger? (adapted from ASL OPT5.1 by Hailstone)
- Solid Gold Real Estate (adapted from ASL SF1.1 by Hailstone)
- Ice Cold (adapted from ASL PK21.1 by Hailstone)
- Red Flag (adapted from ASL TAC74 by Hailstone)
- House of Cards (adapted from ASL OTT2 and TX-7 by Hailstone)
- The Pied Pipers (adapted from ASL OTT3 by Hailstone)
- Hit and Run (adapted from ASL OTT7 and TX-8 by Hailstone)
- Bicske Brawl (adapted from ASL BK2.3 and CH166 by Hailstone)
- Himmler's House (adapted from ASL TAC73 by Hailstone)
- Hungarian Manors (adapted from ASL OPT1.1 by Hailstone)
- Aachen Redoubt (adapted from SL AY04-T (B060727) by Hailstone)
- Sherman Marches West (adapted frpm ASLSK S24 by Hailstone)
- Smasher Karl (adapted from ASL O50.1 and OAF1 by Hailstone)
- Grunewald (adapted from ASL O44.1 and OAF5 by Hailstone)
- Victory at Pratulin (adapted from ASL O49.1 by Hailstone)
- Dnepr 43 (adapted from Battle Academy 2 by Rico)
- Hell Freezes Over (adapted from ASL TX9 and OTT4 by Hailstone)
- Juste Before Breakfast (adapted from ASL O64.1 and CH159 by Hailstone)
- Prelude to Fall Blau (adapted from ASL O63.2 and NOWS Con1 by Hailstone)
- The Final Assault (adapted from ASL TAC66 by Hailstone)
- Gavin's Northern Assault (adapted from ASL O65.2 and NOWS Con2 by Hailstone)
- Battle of Lake Ladoga (adapted from ASL NOWS3 and O68.1 by Hailstone)
- Surprise at Kalfertshaus (adapted from ASL O67.1 by Hailstone)
- Mission Accomplished (adapted from ASL O73.2 by Hailstone)
- A Midnight Stroll (adapted from ASL O73.1 by Hailstone)
- A Day on the Farm (adapted from ASL O71.1 by Hailstone)
- Winter Hell (adapted from ASL NEWS8, EP18 and O74.2 by Hailstone)
- Running a Mook (adapted from ASL O74.1 by Hailstone)
- Attack on Hill 307 (adapted from ASL NOWS Con 86 and O76.2 by Hailstone)
- Paratroopers Hit Back (adapted from ASL O78.1 by Hailstone)
- Hell's Fury at Muencheberg (adapted from ASL O77.2 and OAF9 by Hailstone)
- I Once Had a Comrade (adapted from ASL O79.1 by Hailstone)
- Search and Detroy (adapted from ASL O79.1, EP5 and NEWS5 by Hailstone)
- Stand at Shestakov (adapted from ASL O80.3 by Hailstone)
- The Drive Into Poland (adapted from ASL NOWS Con 86 and O80.2 by Hailstone)
- A Time to Die (adapted from SL Rally `89 #3 and ASL O83.2 by Hailstone)
- Paratroopers in Oil (adapted from ASL O85.2 by Hailstone)
- Partisan Keep (adapted from ASL O87.2 by Hailstone)
- Russia (adapted from ASL O87.3 and NanCon `89 by Hailstone)
- Italy (adapted from ASL O86.1 by Hailstone)
- Galatas (adapted from ASL O90.1 by Hailstone)
- Stonewall Gavin (adapted from ASL O88.1 and ConTrary `89 by Hailstone)
- Tiger Hunt (adapted from SL Rally 90 and ASL O89.2 by Hailstone)
- Kharkov #3: Fight for the Anti-Tank Ditch (adapted from ASL O92.2 by Hailstone)
- School Daze (adapted from ASL O93.1 by Hailstone)
- Counterattack on Martinville Ridge (adapted from ASL O93.2 and OAF8 by Hailstone)
- Alone at Dawn (Original design by Rico)
- Wings of Death (adapted from ASL O95.2 by Hailstone)
- Boom Town (adapted from SL Rally 91 #3 and ASL O98.2 by Hailstone)
- Bloody Sadzot! (adapted from ASL O96.2 by Hailstone)
- Road to Leningrad #3: Chance Encounters (adapted from SL Rally 91#3 and ASL O96.1 by Hailstone)
- Road to Leningrad #2 Ashes to Ashes (adapted from SL Rally 91#3 and ASL O99.3 by Hailstone)
- The Mighty Maus (adapted from ASL DB-MAUS and DB-MAUS v2 by Rico)
- Klim and Punishment (adapted from ASL O104.1 by Hailstone)
- A Gleam of Bayonets (adapted from ASL O105.2 by Hailstone)
- A Bridge for Panthers (adapted from ASL O100.1 by Hailstone)
- The Grain Elevator (adapted from ASL O115.1 by Hailstone)
- Taking Popelevo (adapted from ASL O109.4 by Hailstone)
- Biting Beeck (adapted from ASL O113.1 by Hailstone)
- Back to the Beach (adapted from ASL O117.3 and WOW#2 by Hailstone)
- Not Without a Fight (adapted from ASL O117.1 and SL Playtest isue april 1995 by Hailstone)
- Shtrafbat (original design by Rico)
- Town Without Pity (GC3) (adapted from ASL O119.3 by Hailstone)
- Waltzing Matilda (adapted from ASL O116.2 from WOW'90 based on ASL M by Hailstone)
- Deadly Encounter (adapted from ASL O117.5 by Hailstone)
- Surrounded at Mouterhouse (GC1) (adapted from ASL O121.2 by Hailstone)
- Apartment Hunting (adapted from ASL O120.4 by Hailstone)
- Follow Me! (adapted from ASL O123.3 bt Hailstone)
- Do or Die! (adapted from ASL O123.2 by Hailstone)
- Storm, Five, Five, Five! (adapted from ASL OF2 by Hailstone)
- The I & R Platoon (adapted from ASL O122.3 and DW1 by Hailstone)
- On the Road to Kanev pt1 (adapted from ASL O90.2a by Hailstone)
- The Strongpoint (adapted from ASL O123.1 by Hailstone)
- Among the Bravest (adapted from ASL JF9 and ABTF7 by Hailstone)
- On the Road to Kanev pt2 (adapted from ASL PJ1.2 and O90.2b by Hailstone)
- Tavronitis Bridge (adapted from ASL A1 and 93 by Hailstone)
- One More Hedgerow - Deluxe mapboard version (adapted from ASLSK S42 by Hailstone)
- The Citadel (adapted from ASL 1 by Rico)
- Gabriel's Horn (adapted from ASL AP75 by Hailstone)
- Stand and Deliver (adapted from ASL BB56i and CF1 by Hailstone)
- Hang 'Em High (adapted from ASL BC1 by Hailstone)
- Iron Grip (adapted from ASL BC4 by Hailstone)
- Via Anziate (adapted from ASL BC7 by Hailstone)
- A Helping Hand (adapted from ASL G32 and BM1 by Hailstone)
- Once More, Into the Breach (adapted from ASL BG1 by Hailstone)
- On the Breach (adapted from ASL CC2 by Hailstone)
- Out of Harm's Way (adapted from ASL DMM by Hailstone)
- Last Stand at Marchelepot (adapted from ASL DC3 by Hailstone)
- Winter Wolves (adapted from ASL GRV1 by Hailstone)
- The Mace (adapted from ASL DC1 by Hailstone)
- In The Ruins of Äyräpää Church (adapted frm ASL FSD1 by Hailstone)
- Massu Obstinate Rush (original design by LN59)
- Brecourt Manor v1.2 (adapted from ASL HV1 by Hailstone)
- The Grainary (adapted from ASL TH10 by Hailstone)
- Red Monsters (adapted from ASL DC2 by Hailstone)
- Panzer Graveyard (adapted from ASL J32 by Hailstone)
- Facq McHugh (adapted from ASL JF20 by Hailstone)
- Assault on Stovgorod (adapted from ASL LC1 by Hailstone)
- Scratch Force (adapted from ASL JH1 by Hailstone)
- Running the Gauntlet (adaptde from ASL LC2 by Hailstone)
- Third Time Lucky (adapted from ASL MLR5 by Hailstone)
- Rock Of Resistance (adapted from ASL TOT22 by Rico)
- The Filstrof Bridge (adapted from ASL ML1 by Hailstone)
- State farm 41 (adapted from ASL ASL News#31 by Hailstone
- The Bridge at Ramelle (adapted from ASL MD1 and MD1.1 by Hailstone)
- Retaking Ypenburg Airfield (adapted from ASL a Firefight Tournament Scenario 2007 by Hailstone)
- Silni Tochka 858 (adapted from ASL RT2 by Hailstone)
- Peiper at the Gates (adapted from ASL Scenario Taking Fire (Yanks Play test scenario) by Hailstone)
- The Crumbling Citadel (adapted from ASL SE1 by Hailstone)
- Block Busting in Bokruisk (adapted from ASL 133 and J8 by Hailstone)
- Closing the Pocket (adapted from ASL RGC4 by Hailstone)
- You Dirty, Little, Serafimovich (adapted from ASL SFS4 by Hailstone)
- Fighting at the World's Edge (adapted from SL SE206 and from ASL U20 and 239 by Hailstone)
- Deliverance (adapted from SL AS#2 by Hailstone)
- Take the Chance (adapted from ASL IDRAC `92 TT1 by Hailstone)
- Panzers Marsch! v2.0 (adapted from ASL TAC62 and IDRAC `92 TT3 by Hailstone)
- The Shooting Lodge (adapted from ASL VB3 bt Hailstone)
- Sweeping the Doorstep (adapted from ASL TWJ2 by Hailstone)
- The Godet Hill (adapted from ASL VB1 by Hailstone)
- Emergencies (adapted from ASL VB6 by Hailstone)
- Askim to Die (adapted from ASL VB8 and MwT24 by Hailstone)
- French Toast and Bacon (adapted from ASL WO1 by Hailstone)
- With Dry Feet (adapted from ASL TD5 by Hailstone)
- First Victories: Tolvajarvi (adapted from ASL WW01 by Hailstone)
- Valor & Villainy? (adapted from SL AS#7 by Hailstone)
- Crickets In Spring (adapted from ASL AP131 by rmmwilg)
- Mageret Morning (adapted from ASL AP130 by rmmwilg)
- Peiper's Progress (adapted from ASL O1 and atp3 by rmmwilg)
- State Farm 41 (adapted from ASL NEWS31 and NEWSO1 by rmmwilg)
- After the Disaster (adapted from ASL OA22 and Shellshock#3 by rmmwilg)
- Roadblock at Stoumont (adapted from ASL NEWS55 by rmmwilg)
- Kruglowka Railway (adapted from ASL TWJ1 by Hailstone)
- Assault on Castle Hill (adapted from SL AS#5 by Hailstone)
- Winternebel (adapted from SL AS#9 by Hailstone)
- Terror in the Snow (adapted from SL AS#6 by Hailstone)
- Out of The Fold (adapted from ASL Shellshock#2 by rmmwilg)
- Race for the Schonebeck Bridge (adapted from SL AS#10 by Hailstone)
- The Black Devils (adapted from ASL CWJ#2 by Hailstone)
- Citadel Night (adapted from ASL MT4 by Hailstone)
- Hilfe Kommen (Revision 1) (adapted from ASL ES1 by Hailstone)
- Raid Across The Rhine (adapted from Combat Mission by Rico)
- Swap Meet (adapted from LNL Nations at war by Rico)
- Stalemate at Shlobin (adapted from SL OAF30 and ASL PJ1.5 by Hailstone)
- A Parachute Battle (original design by Rico)
- The New Boy (adapted from ASL LCP WAR1 by Rico)
- Rising Tide (adapted from ASL LCP WAR2 by Rico)
- Fat Sparrows Atop Skyline Drive (adapted from ASL LCP WAR3 by Rico)
- A Promising Start (adapted from ASL LCP WAR4 by Rico)
- Here We Stand (adapted from ASL LCP WAR5 by Rico)
- Private Venture (adapted from ASL LCP WAR6 by Rico)
- The St. Goar Assault (adapted from SL11 by Rico)
- Ugly Faces (adapted from ASL JP040 by Big Ivan)
- Battlin' Buckeyes (adapted from ASL JP042 by Big Ivan)
- Ukrainia (original design by Rico)
- Ukraina 2(original design by Rico)
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by okiefire1 »

This is my first effort, so be gentle on me. [:)]
Let me know what you think and suggest ways to make it better. Thanks. Enjoy.

Defiance on Hill 30

Near Point L'Abbe: A bad drop prevented the 508th Parachute Regiment from securing any of its objectives along
the Douve River. The best effort was made by an ad-hoc of roughly two companies under Lt. Colonel Stanley, whose
drive toward the bridge and Point L'Abbe was stopped cold by a battalion of the 1057th Grenadier Regiment. Thus,
rebuffed, the paratroopers fell back to the high ground overlooking the Chef-Du-Pont crossing where they were
surrounded and constantly harassed for the next two days. The key element of the position was a standing patrol
in a farm and road junction at the bottom of the hill, blocking the road from the west to the bridge. At dawn
on June 8th, the Germans made their most determined effort to take it.

v 1.0

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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by snowbird »

The Hedgehog of Piepsk: Piepsk, Russia, November 14, 1941
ASL Classic Scenario D

History: The Soviet Army suffered heavy losses in the opening months of Operation Barbarossa but were still capable of dealing a blow to the expended and tired Germany army. In many instances, a section of the German line would be held by battle weary troops. Possession of small towns and villages were critical to the Germans as shelter against the approaching winter. One such village is Piepsk which was garrisoned by Company A of the 3rd Battalion,72nd Infantry Regiment. The German defense was sparse and remnants of the Russian 169th Rifle Regiment were poised to attack at dawn with the mission of capturing the village from the German defenders.

Comments: V1.3 adjusts the victory conditions. I feel this a difficult scenario for the Russians to win since there are only 10 turns to accomplish their objectives -- capturing the stone buildings on board 3 (middle map). From the original scenario balance suggestion for the Russians, I replaced eight 4-2-6 squads with eight 4-4-7 squads. Still a tough scenario for the AI to win as the Russians. The scenario may present a better challenge when the Germans are played by the AI. The outcome I am seeing with the Russians may well represent the historical aftermath from the original scenario:

Historical Aftermath: The Russians, despite overwhelming numbers, were unable
to gain surprise and the first Russian attack was cut down by accurate long range
machine gun fire. Rather than regroup, the Russians committed troops
piecemeal throughout the day against the village. The Russians were able to
eventually gain a small foothold in the town, but were totally at a loss to support
it. After taking nearly 70% casualties, they lost heart and faded back
into the surrounding countryside.

V1.4 - Corrected experience level of Russian troops to Average (ELR: 2)

Hedgehog o..psk
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by Bulldog1 »

The Tractor Works

Play as Germans on Very hard and you should have a good game with lotsa angst on the first few turns. If you play as the Russians the German AI is just not sophisticated or precise enough to deliver a good game IMHO.

Let me know how it went after the dust settles...Enjoy!
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by Bulldog1 »

The Guards Counterattack

Remake of a classic. 5 turns of intense brawling.

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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by okiefire1 »

Next up for your TotH pleasure (addiction?):

A Day by the Shore

Franceville-Plage, France, 7 June 1944: In the original Overlord landing plan, 45 (Royal Marine) Commando's first
task after crossing the Orne was to capture a heavily defended gun battery at Merville - if the battery had not already
been captured by the 9th Parachute Battalion. The paratroops had attacked the battery, but one gun was still firing
and in the confusion, two troops of 3 Commando were sent to finish the job. 45 Commando was then reassigned to secure
the coastal town of Franceville-Plage. While advancing across open ground toward their objective, the much-reduced
force came under intense mortar and sniper fire. Worse, its HQ was ambushed, leaving only three officers unwounded.
Following a short naval bombardment, two troops entered the main street of the town.

As always, please let me know any suggestions you may have to make it better. Thank you. Enjoy!

v 1.0
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by Krys »

[this is a repost of my first alternate reality scenario which was initially posted 2/29 just to get it to this thread)

Scenarios 091 - First Blood

091 - First Blood, a meeting engagement: USSR vs USA

History: In the alternate reality from which this scenario is drawn, US forces were not ordered to stop at the Elbe River to allow the Soviets to liberate Berlin. Instead they pushed on into Germany, and hence continued on towards Berlin angering Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, who immediately ordered Soviet forces to fire on any Americans who interfered with the Russian advance.This scenario depicts the first officially recognized combat between the new enemies, Russia and the United States.

Intel Assessment: As both sides recognize the threat posed by their enemy, they may well request additional reinforcements as support. Force commander is advised to be aware of this possibility.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
American: Squads, MMG, HMG, mortars, AFV
Russian: Squads, LMG, MMG, AFV

Maps: Two maps

Terrain: Industrial complex, Hills, Woods

Scenario Length: 20 Game Turns

Victory Objective: The side with the most Victory Points at the end is the winner. Both sides get VPs for capturing VP Objectives as well as for destroying enemy units.

Scenario Designer: Krys
First Blood
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by okiefire1 »

And yet another scenario for your TotH pleasure. This one may need some tweeking, so let me know what you think, please. Beware if you're playing the German side, the 4th-turn British reinforcements can come in from your left/rear flank if you're not ready. Enjoy!

Point of the Sword

Langrune-sur-Mer, France, 6 June 1944: The Allied landings at Normandy were quickly followed by advances into the
villages that lined the coast. a detachment of Brigadier B. W. Leicester's 4th Brigade Commandos pushed into the
sleepy village of Langrune-sur-Mer from Sword Beach and met stiff resistance from the veterans of General Feuchtinger's
21st Panzer Division. The Commandos radioed for assistance from a French Canadian unit to the west which had just
taken Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer after three hours of hand fighting without tank support. With help on the way, the Commandos
pressed the attack.
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by Bulldog1 »

Retaking Vierville

ASL Starter kit scenario S1

Small units from the 1st Battalion, 506th PIR rushed to Vierville and threw themselves into a pitched battle with the Germans. The tide of the battle changed several times as each side received reinforcements. Vierville must be held!

Best played as Americans.

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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by okiefire1 »

Here's another quick scenario for you. Feedback always welcome. Enjoy.

Rockets Red Glare

Cheneux, Belgium, 22 December 1944: Colonel Reuben Tucker personally appealed to General Gavin to allow his 504th
Regiment to attack Cheneux. Friendly civilians had reported a large column of German vehicles, including tanks, encamped
there. With an early arrival of the latest model of bazooka, Tucker figured his force was strong enough to carry the
assault alone.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
German: Squads, LMG, MMG, HMG, PSK, AFV, ART
American: Squads, HMG, BAZ, AFV
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by Zero One »

SL5 - Hill 621, Near Minsk, 1st July 1944.

History: In late June, 1944, The Russians began what eventually would be known as the "Destructing of Army Group Center." The
key to this offensive was the city of Minsk. Should it be captured, numerous German units would be hopelessly cut off. One of the
key routes for the German retreat was via Stolbstky Highway which ran behind a series of low ridges and then crossed the Berezina
River south of Minsk.
The Russians, in probing for a weakness in the German line, have mannaged to overrun the German held village of Letornovski and
are now boiling out towards a key series of ridges that overlook the German lines of communication in this sector. Hurriedly gathered
German units converge in an attempt to patch up the line and hold Hill 621 which is the key to the German defence in this sector.

German: Squads, Crews, LMG, MMG, HMG, PF, R, AT, TK, AG
Russian: Squads, LMG, MMG, HMG, TK, AG

Maps: ASL 2, 3 and 4. Terrain: Hills

Scenario Length: 10 Game Turns.

Victory Conditions: Russians win by having 5+ victory points at end of game. Germans win by having 3+ victory points at game end.

Version 1.0
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by decaf »

Scenario ASL-S: The Whirlwind: 18 April 1945: Near Aschaffenburg, Germany

As the German defenses crumbled before the U.S. Third Army, the fighting became fluid and confused. On the night
of the 17th of April, elements of a recon troop of the American 26th Infantry Division occupied a tiny village on the
outskirts of Aschaffenburg without opposition. Based on civilian reports of this presence by the enemy, the staff of the
471st Replacement Division, the only German military unit in the vicinity, launched a hasty counterattack.

Source scenario is ASL Scenario S in The General, Vol.28, No.4.

The central star should be the German Wirbelwind. But, alas, this AFV is not present in TOTH right now.
I've substituted a pair of SPW 250/9 halftracks. For game balance you can swap in other AFV's or change victory conditions.
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by basilstaghare »

Dyhernfurth Raid

Late War Eastern Front
12 turns; Mixed Meeting Engagement/Hold Action. Probably more interesting from the German perspective vs. Russian AI.
Inspired by the German Counter attack/raid across the Oder in February 1945 to recapture a Chemical Weapons Factory.

The Russians had weakly defended the area, not knowing its importance. The Germans crossed the Oder in the early
pre-dawn hours and re-occupied the village and the chemical works. The scenario begins as the Russians launch a
weakly coordinated assault into the area.

This was adapted from a Wargames Convention 15mm Miniatures game I hosted years ago...

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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by decaf »

Scenario T1: Gavin Take: 6 June 1944: Chef-du-Pont, France

One of the responsibilities of the Airborne troops was the seizure of several key bridges following the D-Day drop.
One of these bridges was at Chef-du-Pont. Gavin organized a pickup force to take care of this bridge himself. With
elements of the 507th split into two groups he marched on Chef-du-Pont by closely parallel but different routes.

Source scenario is ASL Scenario T1 in The General, Vol.24, No.2.

This scenario is highly regarded for teaching ASL to newcomers.
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by okiefire1 »

Up next:

Pavlov's House

Stalingrad, Russia, 20 October 1942: At the end of September, small detachments of Rodimtsev's 13th Guards were sent
out to seize buildings on Lenin Square and fortify them. A damaged apartment complex facing Solechnaya Street and
overlooking the square was attacked and occupied by Sergeant Jakob Pavlov and his men. With some meager reinforcements
that reached him, Pavlov organized a defensive perimeter. since it sat astride one of the primary German lines of
advance to the Volga (only 250 yards away), his strongpoint came under frequent attack and bombardment. On 20 October,
as part of the general German push to complete the capture of Stalingrad, one of the strongest attacks to date was
launched on the apparment block.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
German: Squads, LMG, MMG, AFV
Russian: Squads, LMG, MMG, MTR, ATR, AT
Maps: ASL Map 1


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RE: Submitted Scenarios - Campaign Length here

Post by Krys »

I figured someone has to start the Campaign Scenario ball rolling, and since I've never in my life been accused
or being shy or bashful, I guess that someone might as well be me.

This is 36 turns (three days, three nights) with an indeterminate ending, meaning (I think) that after turn 36 there's a % chance each turn for it to continue - or not.

If you want a guaranteed near-perfect, equally balanced scenario that's been playtested repeatedly, maybe don't try this just yet. [;)]

On the other hand, if you're up to putting on your playtester hat and jumping in, I'd love to have any & all comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. etc. from any & all of you.

More about the scenario in the 'read me' attached....I had fun making it; hope you all enjoy [:)]
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by LN59 »

<CB001 - Typhoon over Tula> - End of October 1941, Central Russia

Two scenarii i.e. one for playing each side w/balance.
Inspired by the late French strategy games magazine Casus Belli, #7, March-April 1982; original scenario by L. SERARD.

Note: This ultimate version of <CB001 - Typhoon over Tula> supersedes all precedent versions.
This revision does consist in offering you TWO scenarii which are playable as HUMAN vs AI, both sides (GErman, RUssian).
Also suitable for two Human Players, as a kind of "hot-seat tournament".

Tula was a key city for the stalling "Operation Typhoon" and the southernmost starting point for an ultimate German rush
onto Moscow, 100 miles away. Therefore, General Guderian entrust a crucial mission to the most reliable Field Commander
in that area: Oberst Eberbach, whose Kampfgruppe was set up to a mix of tanks, artillery and high fighting spirit infantry
units such as IR Großdeutschland, Wehrmacht's prestige unit. Facing up KG Eberbach, the 50th Soviet Army's was entrenched
in the city with battered and disparate remnants...

Best played as HUMAN vs AI or HUMAN vs HUMAN
Difficulty to be set: HARD or VERY HARD

Several Lines of Defense w/reinf. +]] <<+ Sustained Assault w/reinf.
RU: 50th Army's elements vs GE: IR Großdeutschland

Side A - RU: Infantry & Militia / AT Weapons / AFV / Fortified Building Locations / Trenches
Side B - GE: Engineers (FT & DC) / Elite Infantry (numerous MG & Leaders) / AFV / OBA

Variable length: 10 to 12 turns; 1/6 chance the game will end on turns 10-11.

Both sides would receive reinforcements; not every turn but almost until the end of scenario.
Map: 2 Sectors / Terrain: Suburbs / Visibility: 4 hexes (due to Fall's thick mist).
The battlefield is 16 (height) x 20 (width) playable hexes tall.

Recommended sound mod:
Recommended graphic mods:

Victory conditions.
Each side will earn VPs by owning Fortified Building Locations ([F]hexes); 20 VPs for the whole NKVD's Barracks,
5 VPs per hex; 2 or 3 VPs for other FBL.
The GE Commander will earn VPs while exiting Panzer. However, players could be sure that ...
... the RU will be VP granted while inflicting a heavy toll on Germans troops and their precious leaders.
A tough dilemna - isn't it? - spiced up with some Russian tactical surprises of their own!

Post revised on Sunday, April 3, 2022 01:40 pm (Paris Time)

Best Regards from France
LN59 ;)
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RE: Submitted Scenarios

Post by harrappan »

ASL A8 - The Agony of Doom

ASL A8 - The Agony of Doom : 19th April 1945, Muncheberg, Germany

History: With the Third Reich in its death throes, the Soviet juggernaut began to pick up speed. The Oder line had been broken, and just 20 miles from Berlin, the 56th Panzer Korps made a gallant effort to stop the 8th Guards Army.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
German: AFV, Inf, Ord
Russian: AFV, Inf

Maps: Two maps

Terrain: Rural

Scenario Length: 10 Game Turns

Victory Objective: The Soviets need 9 points to win.

Notes : Extra turn to allow AFVs to 'Start' movement on first turn of entry, simulating moving onto the map.

Edited to add some Pzfausts
ASL A8 - T.. of
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RE: Submitted Scenarios - Campaign Length here

Post by okiefire1 »

Another infantry game for your playing pleasure. For some reason the editor didn't allow me mark the unplayable hexes correctly, so I just put in a few rows of water hexes for the south boundary. Enjoy.

Monty's Mess

Arnhem, Holland, 18 Sepember 1944: On the day following the landing and consolidation of the British airborne forces,
the 10th SS Panzer Division was given the primary task of eliminating the British bridgehead in Arnhem. Throughout
the day, with support from the Bucholt Training and Depot Battalion, the 10th SS Panzer battled with the seasoned
British veterans in bitter house-to-house fighting.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
German: Squads, LMG, MMG, OBA
British: Squads, LMG, MMG, DC
Maps: ASL Maps 1, 23 (half of each)

Terrain: Urban

Scenario Length: 7 Game Turns

Victory objective: The Germans win by controlling the majority of multi-hex victory buildings.
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RE: Submitted Scenarios - Campaign Length here

Post by idjester »

As seen live on my channel here is the updated St. Nazaire Raid scenario. Slight modifications to include
units for the AI if playing the German Side, and leaders placed in certain hexes to make sure some support weapons
have a leader issued to that hex.

Scenario is created with replayability in mind as the German units will randomly be placed in zones so everytime you
play it the positions of enemies should be different.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Name: St.Nazaire Raid or (Operation Chariot)
Date: 28th March, 1942
Location: Port of St. Naraire

History: The St Nazaire Raid or Operation Chariot was a successful British amphibious attack on the heavily defended
Normandie dry dock at St Nazaire in German-occupied France during the Second World War. The operation was undertaken
by the Royal Navy and British Commandos under the auspices of Combined Operations Headquarters on 28 March 1942.

The obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown, accompanied by 18 smaller craft, crossed the English Channel to the Atlantic coast
of France and was rammed into the Normandie dock gates putting it out of service for the remainder of the war.

The 621 British Commando force was lead by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Newman; his No. 2 Commando unit would provide the largest
Commandos contingent, 173 men, for the raid. The Special Service Brigade headquarters used the raid to provide experience
for their other units and 92 men were drawn from Nos 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 12 Commandos.

The Germans had around 5,000 troops in the immediate area of St Nazaire.[27] The port was defended by the 280th Naval Artillery
Battalion under the command of Kapitän zur See Edo Dieckmann. The battalion was composed of 28 guns of various calibres from
75 mm to 280 mm railway guns, all positioned to guard the coastal approaches. The heavy guns were supplemented by the guns and
searchlights of the 22nd Naval Flak Brigade under the command of Kapitän Karl-Konrad Mecke.

Units Human Players (AI player units may vary)
German: Squads, LMG, MMG, PSK, Demo Charge, Ordnance
British: Squads, LMG, Piat, Demo Charge

Special Scenario Rules:

1) Even though this is a night mission the visibility is 3 hexes. That is because the German's had spotlights and we were aware
of the incoming raid.

2) Each British squad represents about 20 commandos.

Maps: Two maps

Terrain: Water landing into a city

Scenario Length: 8 Full Game Turns

Victory Objective: The side with the most Victory Points at the end is the winner. Both sides gets VPs for controlling Victory

Scenario Designer: IDJESTER
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