UAV Swarm Analysis

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UAV Swarm Analysis

Post by LoBlo »

I don't know if this has been posted before. Link below is a PDF of a graduate paper from a few years ago about UAV swarm defense. ... sequence=1

Wave of the future? Smarter, cheaper, and more expendable muntions rather than the bigger, more expensive, and central platforms seems to be where things are headed. One thing that's noticeable about the model the author projects is the extremely limited detection range of the UAVs by the DDG. If these things are going to become a viable threat then my expectation is that automated visual / infrared detection systems will be quickly on the drawning board to extend that range.
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RE: UAV Swarm Analysis

Post by Gunner98 »

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

In addition to the Kamikaze UAV's discussed in the paper, the sheer number and availability of modern drones, quad-copter and other mini-UAVs with excellent sensor and data-link packages, is a nightmare for land forces. Link them to precision or even area fires and you have some real problems.

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RE: UAV Swarm Analysis

Post by SeaQueen »

Kamikaze UAV = Cruise missile w/Loitering capability

Nothing new about those.
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RE: UAV Swarm Analysis

Post by mikmykWS »

Nice report.

My thoughts on swarms (all, gunboats, unmanned, etc) won't be solved by a weapons system but by more physical armor and electronic protection. My sense that as threats get smaller and warning time is next to none depending on an active defense systems probably won't work even if you consider lasers and things like that. The solution it to armor up which would make it tougher for the smaller (warheads) less detectable systems to actually damage sensors and systems which is the goal of this kind of attack.

Playing around with Command you can model the problem well. Add a Burke DDG or Ticonderoga VLS CG. Pit a bunch of gunboats and a high end missile system against it. Set the Burke's ROE to not fire until a minimal distance and set the gunboats to attack really close. In many cases the cruiser etc. will take damage to a sensor or mount allowing the follow on SSM attack to be very successful. Pretty valid strategy from a country like Iran's point of view.

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