Command: Northern Inferno

Take command of air and naval assets from post-WW2 to the near future in tactical and operational scale, complete with historical and hypothetical scenarios and an integrated scenario editor.

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Command: Northern Inferno

Post by ojms »

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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by .Sirius »

Thankyou it should be quite a show stopper
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by Valar »

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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by HalfLifeExpert »

Hmm, so this is that mysterious DLC I saw in CMANO's Steamdb page today........Looks good, I hope we get it relatively soon!
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by bdziec »

Looks great cant wait
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by hellfish6 »

Awesome! So will it be sorta like an entry-level game at a lower price point? Something I can more easily twist people's arms with?

That 70s style video is so terrible it's good.
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by strykerpsg »

LOL! If you build, they will come.....immediate purchase for me, once released

Any news of a release date? I thought it said DEC 2015 but now I'm not seeing that on the link.
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by Ranger33 »

Interesting! I'm still scratching at the crust of CMANO, but a nice focused campaign might make it easier to get rolling with the game.

I like the idea of going with the premium demo sort of model. Get people interested by offering a set of interesting scenarios, then have them throw down some more cash for the whole enchilada when they see just how big the scope of the full game is. At the same time offer something new and appealing for existing owners, an actual campaign in this case. I hope the price point reflects this strategy. Too high and you kind of defeat the purpose on both points.
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by magi »

i want it now.....
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RE: Command: Northern Inferno

Post by Dysta »

So I can make chapters of scenarios across CMANO and CNI, excellent!
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