Research and Component Modding

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Research and Component Modding

Post by Shark7 »

Or...Shark7 wants to experiment again. [:D]

While looking through the files, I noticed that the assault pod tech has the ability to have its research on strength set to a negative number increasing its defensive strength. My idea is to make a new 'Ship Security' component that takes advantage of that by setting the range of the component to 0 while assigning a negative value in the research tree to strength. Essentially creating a new component specifically for fighting off boarding parties.

Has anyone tried this yet?
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RE: Research and Component Modding

Post by RiftHick »

Certainly a possibility though it would be something that would need testing, just on the off-chance that the pods end up being launched regardless by ships sat on top of enemy ships, let me know what you discover from this experiment please. That said if it doesn't work out then maybe consider looking into the hab module, it also increases boarding defense and is completely dormant and passive while also being small enough to fine tune it so you can coax some additional boarding defense without having to concern yourself with troops or pods and lastly at least some habs wont be entirely wasted as they are required for the ship to be accepted as a legit design.
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