Inciting Revolutions

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Inciting Revolutions

Post by Wheem »

So I ended up getting a couple intelligence agents that had decent PsyOps, so I figured I'd try my hand at setting up some more favorable governments among the AI. And I mean "more favorable" in two different ways: governments that will be more friendly to me (using Way of the Ancients), and governments that don't have research penalties (an expansionist Technocracy will often have amazing Energy research, but otherwise the AI seems to usually be struggling with tech on normal difficulty). My results so far have been less than stellar, however.

After a lot of successful missions, it seems as though the Naxxilians and Dhayut each only have 3 options - Military Dictatorship, Feudalism, and Despotism, though a player can pick other government types for them when starting a new game. I did switch the Atuuk from Despotism to Monarchy on the first attempt, but no such luck with the other, aforementioned races; it's always either a Military Dictatorship - which I don't like - or a huge penalty to the AI's research. Are there racial restrictions for the AI when it comes to governments? And if there aren't outright restrictions, are different government types given different weights, leaving me a slight chance to eventually end up with a Monarchy, Republic, or Democracy for the Naxxilians/Dhayut/etc...?
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RE: Inciting Revolutions

Post by Bingeling »

I guess there may be some bias to which government assigns to races at random. For instance, starting a new game with random government and the Gizurean seems to always give hive mind.

You could try to start some quick new games with random race to see if this is indeed the case.
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RE: Inciting Revolutions

Post by RiftHick »

In my experience the AI seems to strongly favour governments with strong military/ war related benefits even if it comes at the cost of population, stability, research...etc, other than that the races with special government allowance will almost always start out with that government because they are basically told to by their race.txt file (this is why Gizzies start as Hivemind and Quemeno as Technocrats even though they don't have to) the only real exceptions are Ketarov and Humans who while having a special government don't have it set to their preferred choice because of how self-destructive it is. The person who made the additional governments mod that shows up in some mod compilations saw this in action with Protoliterate Dictatorship which is basically Military Dictatorship + some aspects of Corp. Nat as I recall most empires voluntarily switched while others opted to take it after revolution and while benefiting on the short term ended up harming themselves in the long run. Almost every species will toss away their old government in favour of WoA or WoD the first moment they can even the pacifist races will gladly jump aboard the Darkness train.
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