More Courier Questions

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More Courier Questions

Post by dukewacoan »

I evidently am having some basic problem with Couriers. I select the options for using them it issue commands and it will not let me directly order those units (which is what I believe is supposed to happen).

Then I will send a Courier (for example from d'Erlon to one of his Division Commanders), Time, All out Attack enemy to Front (or Probe La Haye Saint). Courier travels to Division commander. Then Division just sits there. I have gone 30 minutes passed the Order implementation time and still just sits there.

I am assume I am missing some basic function and just being dense.

I'd like to issue courier orders and sit back and watch the AI handle the divisions/brigades, etc.

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RE: More Courier Questions

Post by Leffe7 »

There are two things to separate regarding couriers.

1) In the Game Options you can set "Orders by Couriers at this Level and above" to Brigade (all orders delivered by couriers) up to Division/Corps/Army/Side (means only couriers at higher levels, instant orders below) and "None" which means all orders are delivered instantly.

2) To give orders you can use clicking in the 3D landscape, clicking on the command map and using the Courier menu. When using the Courier menu it is necessary also to give a formation to a division or brigade. Otherwise only their officer will move, but not his troops.

Also note that if you give an order to a division, TCed brigades will not take any order by their Division AI officer, only by the player directly.

1) and 2) can be used independently.
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RE: More Courier Questions

Post by gunship24 »

The way I use couriers is to play like normal, i.e. not using the courier message screen. I then move the men around the map like I would without couriers, except all these orders will now travel by courier. I don't normally play with couriers but it adds such a cool element to the game that i am starting to play with more and more. No more waiting until the last sec to retreat. You can use the courier screen if you wish to add an extra dynamic (realism) to the game and can be used to do detailed orders.
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RE: More Courier Questions

Post by jomni »

I prefer to use the actual courier screen. It adds to immersion and I really like that you can chain a lot of commands (more than the context menu). But it lack precise location pointing that we have in on-map clicking.
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