Improved magazines mgmt

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Improved magazines mgmt

Post by subroc2 »

First out i really love CMANO. But one thing i hate is the management of airbase magazines its really tedious work to setup stores even if you use the "add a plane, ready with ignoring stores, de-ready and change numbers in stores" method. I have two suggestions:

First is to add this functionality directly to the GUI ie "add loadouts" instead of "add weapons"

Second would be to add functionality so that you can move ammo between munitionstores. Simple drag n drop, this is usefull when making a scenario but could also be used when ingame like this:

Use diffrent readytimes based on type of munitionstores
Ammo Pad - easy access 1 x readytime
Ammo Bunker Surface - a bit more timeconsuming 1.3? x readytime
Ammo Bunker Mountain - timeconsuming work getting the ammo from it 1.5? x readytime

When ingame the relocation of ammo between diffrent munitionstores should take 30min-1h? when in editing mode it wuold be instant

just my 5c

otherwise conrgrats to a great game
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RE: Improved magazines mgmt

Post by mikmykWS »

Add these to our feature request list. Thanks!


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RE: Improved magazines mgmt

Post by orca »

In addition it would be helpful to be able to add magazines to a platform through the scenario editor in the same way it's currently possible to add a mount, weapon, and sensor. Ie click button "add magazine record" gives list of all magazines (not just list of weapons) in db that can be added.

Would be helpful to have this same feature for datalinks as well.
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RE: Improved magazines mgmt

Post by Araner »

I've been looking for a way to do just such a thing! Specifically, I've been trying to find a way to add new systems like LRASM and the Joint Strike Missile to air launched platforms. It is easy enough to add LRASM or the Naval Strike Missile to a ships loadouts, but in real life the LRASM is planned to deploy from the B1b and F/A-18 before the ship launched variant is ready. Currently, the only way to do this is to manually change individual aircraft loadouts after they are airborne. The only other way to deploy the Joint Strike Missile is to select the Norwegian variant of the F35A, which has the JSM included in its default loadout options. No such option exists for the F35B or C however.
Such a feature would also allow for interesting UAV payload configurations like equipping the X47b with the JSM or the Fire Scout with Hellfire's.
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