AAR Closing the Kurile Gap

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AAR Closing the Kurile Gap

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Tried this as the USSR side (of course).
This is a pretty massive scenario starting 14th July 1989.

The problem having play tested this a few times is winning while not getting Japan involved.

At game start there are a number of surface groups, plus a considerable number of useful subs. Pretty much all of the subs were set to creep speed just over the layer.
The surface groups I went mostly with full transmissions and cruise speed.

At game start a group of backfires is close to a small convoy so hostilities commence with the sinking of that group, while an SSV shadowing the CV is sunk.

At about 14.26 one submarine contact was picked up to the North while Iturup airbase was hit by repeated TLAM strikes, eventually being put out of action.

To avoid triggering Japanese hostilities aircraft patrolled in large groups and stayed out to sea. This avoided Japan, but tended to mean I had little local air presence where most of the fighting took place.

At 1500 two submarines were reasonably close to where the SSV had sunk, the better a Victor III class had contacts with a patrolling series of Japanese escorts. This layer was passed through by a Foxtrot on deep and creep speed.

At 15.28 to the North East Victor III's detect a Los Angeles. After several attacks at long range with SS-N-15 and 16 standoff missiles the Los Angeles creeps off all contact lost.

At 15.39 the Victor II K305 gets contact with the CVBG

At 15.53 the small Russian convoy with mostly Grisha types is under sustained submerged attack. This turned into a mini battle of its own with the Grisha types eventually winning out.

At 17.28 K-305 is in range for a long range attack using Type 65's. This fails and the sub is lost.

At 21.49 Omsk picks up an SSN at long range. This time a standoff missile strike succeeds sinking a Permit class.

Day two and at 14.46 The Foxtrot is sneaking into the CVBG, but is picked off by a helicopter before being in a firing position.

at 14.57 The Southern convoy picks off a submarine at long range.

At about 16.00 large scale strikes hit both my major surface groups. In the open sea I lose a Sovremenny and a Udaloy to the carrier strike. The majority of the ships near the coast of Japan are lost despite desperate defending by Mig-23's. Had Iturup survived this would have been a very different contest.

A follow up strike by B-52's ran into Forgers which was entertaining.

A retaliatory strike by thirteen Backfires caused no damage.

K-242 gets into range and as a Victor III I hoped to finish the CV group. No such luck and she is picked off. Counterfire sinks an Adams and a Spruance, but not what I'd hoped for.

Soon afterwards however the Kalinin class is in range, with most SS-N-19 targeted at the CV and depleted missile defences many get through. A lucky thing too as Japan finally went hostile with that attack.

Interesting that this scenario has been different every time I have played it through.


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