[Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

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[Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

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I finally got into enough testing and setting up things to make my first official Alpha release of the Spindelcore Galaxy Modification (Theme). Don't be dettered by the designation Alpha, as it's just something to make users aware of the fact, that the SCG is in constant development. The Mod is completely playable and shouldn't have any bugs. I've taken the 1.400 stars limit into account, and limited myself to 15 races, 4 pirate factions and 4 independend factions. Future versions will certainly feature more factions, but for now I need more tests and user feedback, specially from people playing this game long time.

So what's it all about the Spindelcore Galaxy?

Basically it's a 15x15 custom designed map, reflecting the Milky Way Galaxy with some 'fictional twists'. In detail, I was forced to redefine the distance of other star systems to Sol in order to allow for a more accurate display of the Milky Way Galaxy. Star system positions are more or less accurate to the real Milky Way, but not the distance in between Stars. If you take DW quadrants into account, one quadrant measures roughly 10.000 light years in diameter. So it's basically impossible for anyone making Milky Way maps, to accurately place star systems with correct distances. Most of the stars will have familiar names, and the Sol system will feature all knowen planets (including dwarf planets and prominent asteroids) with all it's correct planet graphhics.

Additionally to the map there's also 15 new custom races, and the Spidelcore Galaxy makes exclusive use of those races. You can, however, use the races in a custom game, with the loss of a correct Terran Sol start. Dark cloud nebulaes have been removed (if you choose to use the optional nebulae backgrounds) and the research time quadrupled to prolong the game. If you do not want the increased research time, simply remove the research.txt from the Spindelcore Galaxy folder.

Where does this Mod go in future updates?

I'm aiming for a total conversion. But this will need more updates...which take time.

Where to download?

The Spindelcore Galaxy
No Black Nebulaes

How to install?

For the Spindelcore Galaxy Theme use the usualy way by copying it to the customization folder. If you want to use the 'No Black Nebulaes' option, make a backup of the images/environment/nebulae folder, then copy the folder form the download to this location.

Screenshots of Galaxy and Races?


1. Ornithos

Spoken: O-Or-Nyi-Tho-Os. Ornithos are a very playful race. They are generally peaceful to an extend that most other civilizations have an easy game to beat them. They rely on strong alliances rather then on strong military. They are very friendly and very loyal allies as well. Ornithos have a high reproduction rate, and thus their populations can grow quite rapidly. They excel at performance art, especially singing and dancing. They are also expert musicians and composers. Ornithos have a highly developed opera tradition. Their plays are packed with joy and energy. Ornithos actors and actresses are in high demand all over the galaxy, filling leading roles in all various productions. Large Ornithos theater companies traverse the galaxy to perform in various locations. They also take a passionate interest in cooking and eating vegetable food. Enjoying good food and fine Ornithon liquor is a central part of their culture. Ornithos are very hospitable, and they will invariably indulge any off-world visitors in a grand feast that features all of their excellent cuisine. Ornithos inhabit the vast open plains of continental planets.


2. Drath Houl

Spoken: Dr-Aath-ohul. Xenoid race. Extremely resistant and tough lifeform covered by a exoskeleton made of coronid minerals. It doesn't need to breath, consume, regenerate or learn. If there's something purist about life, then the Drath Houl is its personification. They don't experience fear, doubt, anger or mercy. They are relentless in combat, and will fight until death. Nobody knows anything about their motivation and most other races consider them a plague rather then a lifeform. They usually don't interact with other races except in war. Drath Houl language is extremely basic, and has no word related to emotions, thus most other races consider them completely without any emotions. They also don't seem to feel any physical pain. Their technological specialization is planed bombardment and nuclear weapons. All their efforts are focused on the genozide of other races, even non biological. Their only real knowen weakness is their low reproduction rate. The Drath Houl typically inhabit the forbidding terrain of Volcanic planets. Communities may sometimes also be found in the rocky mountains of Sandy Desert planets.


3. Dorones

Spoken: Doe-Roe-Naes. A studdy reptilian race. Dorones are extremely fit and tough and born for soldiering. Their defensive strategies are unmatched. Dorones are usually calm and deliberate, but once in war become fierce fighters. They carefully evaluate when to go to war though. Donores are excellent warriors – a pursuit they spend much time perfecting. Their warrior code is highly developed. Donores consider defeating an enemy in battle as on of the highest possible achievement. They have developed powerful shields. This advanced defensive component gives Donores tough and endurant star ships. Dorones enjoy a fairly simple life, following many ancient traditions. These traditions mainly focus on honor and knowledge. One particular tradition requires any male seeking military leadership to hunt and kill a whole enemy unit alone. The rank granted depends on the numbers of killed opponents. Dorones prefer to life on green and expanding plains, to practice agricultur and their nature related lifestyle. Their diet is purely vegetable. Dorones are normally found living in concrete hightowers, covered by huge winding plants, on the plains of continental planets they've colonized.


4. Goronid

Spoken: Goo-Roo-Nit. Large, muscular primates with short brown-red fur. The Goronid have very large, widely-spaced heads that enable them to precisely mimic emotions, just as Humans. This ability gives them high diplomatic skills. They tend to be intelligent and aggressive. The Goronid are generally tranquill and placid. However, when provoked or threatened they can quickly become violent. Despite this they are generally gentle and affectionate to those they know well. They are extremely capable mechanics. The Goronid can repair nearly any type of machinery. They also confidently reverse-engineer new devices they encounter. In fact they often end up improving the machine when they reassemble it. This natural mechanical predisposition has also led the the Goronid to develop the S2F7 RepairBot, an advanced repair robot that can swiftly fix damage to star ships, even while they are in battle. The Goronid have a great fascination with trees and plants, and have extensive knowledge of the various types of flora throughout the galaxy. They use this expert understanding to create an array of highly effective herbal medications. They typically live in tree-dwellings high in the forest canopies on Continental planets.


5. Cobari

Spoken: Cou-ba-ri. Very tall and long reptilian lifeform with pale and shingled gray skin. The Cobari are monopedal. Their snakelike shape appears detterrent to most other intelligent lifeforms. The Cobari are fairly aggressive when provoked but usually keep a low profile when interacting with other lifeforms. They are highly intelligent and cunning creatures. The Cobari can't eat normal food. In order to swallow a meal, they need to first decompose their usually fleshly diet with a natural poison. They eat their pray raw, literally sucking all the blood out of the prey. Most other races are aware of the Cobari intelligence skills and fear their secret underground organization "Cha'k Ta'ar". Cobari are well known for their intergalactic involvement in most political issues. The Cobari army gathers the finest rifle snipers in the whole galaxy, and usually invest in researching maneuveres and missiles. Their troops are trained in hit and run tactics, as well as guerillia warfare. Cobari are found in dry and hot regions of Desert planets.


6. Pinautea

Spoken: Pi-Naeu-Tea-ea. Highly industrious, semi-aquatic marine mammals. Pinauteas have large webbed hands and feet, making them excellent swimmers. However their hands are also quite dexterous and they are equally happy living out of water. Pinauteas are intelligent, peaceful and friendly. They have a rich culture that focuses on the hybrid nature of their living environment, encompassing both water and land. They excel in building highly maintainable star ships. Their technology includes the advanced TurboThruster engine. This engine component is extremely fuel-efficient, allowing Pinautea star ships to use less fuel and travel further. Pinauteas are famous for cultivating Nepthys seaweed, from which they make Nepthys wine. Pinauteas grow enormous forests of the seaweed deep beneath the oceans. They regularly harvest it and then slowly ferment it into a superbly smooth wine. They are also masters of underwater construction, building vast and elaborate underwater cities. These cities have many levels, some of which reach far down into the vast depths of the oceans they inhabit. At the deepest levels Pinauteas seek out precious resources like the rare Ucantium pearl. Pinauteas also inhabit the small islands and shallow coastal areas of Ocean planets.


7. Iconian

Highly intelligent and curious xenoid race with non oxygene consuming lungs. Iconians are shrewd and sensible. They carefully evaluate and plan for potential repercussions from any course of action they undertake. Iconians are deep thinkers with an absorbing culture of profound subtlety. They are also a very practical people: they apply their sharp intellect to developing sophisticated economy. Their advanced technology includes the ShadowGhost ECM, an exceptionally capable countermeasures component. These powerful countermeasures make Iconian star ships very difficult for enemies to target, allowing them to avoid a lot of enemy weapons fire. Unfortunately Iconians are very unreliable allies and weak as well. They're culture spends all its time inside a suit, and as such they are very vulnerable to all aggressive behaviour from other races. Iconians however will struggle tenaciously in a situation that others would dismiss as hopeless. They're amongst the most capable technologists and economists. The typical habitats of Iconians are the mountains and low plains of Ice planets.


8. Koarian

Spoken: Koe-A-Ri-An. Crustaceans lifeform with distinctive colored skin. Koarians usually live near the costs of Ocean planets. They can also live out of water for extended periods, but prefer a damp environment. They construct entire underwater cities in the vast caverns and tunnels of the ocean worlds they inhabit. These cities are centers of technology and industry, manufacturing advanced underwater technology that is used throughout the galaxy. The deep undersea tunnels that the Koarians inhabit are also the home to an abundance of other marine life – some of it hostile. Koarians have adapted to multiple threats inhabitating their home planet by developing powerful force-fields that guard the entrances to their underwater colonies. The Koarians also have deep knowledge of highly specialized Wave Beam weapons. This has led them to develop the potent pulsewave weapon. This unique type of beam weapon fires powerful waves of energy at targets. Koarians are a generally peaceful species that like to keep to themselves, though they are highly suspicious to other races.


9. The Machines

The machines, named due to the lag of other races to understand their binary language, are a highly aggressive lifeform, that's sworn to extinct all biological life. They are, in general, hostile and unfriendly. Their hivemind is a cyborg lifeform, and as such the only amongst them with biological components. Often the whole galaxy is in war with them. The Machines have an intense dislike of other alien races, especially biological races. This trait makes it very difficult to peacefully assimilate the Machines into an empire. They have a very high reproductive rate, and thus their empires can grow and expand very quickly. The Machines typically build their thousands of meters high structures in plain areas of continental planets, but can be found on every other planet.


10. Sataurians

Tall, slim and powerful xenoid race. They are even worth then the Drath Houl. Sataurians are very aggressive and highly unfriendly. They can also prove to be treacherous partners, betraying their allies whenever expedient. They reproduce at a high rate, and thus their populations grow quickly. When they are angered, Sataurians can become frenzied and temporarily insane, acting instinctively wild. At these times they are extremely dangerous, becoming completely fearless when attacking. Sataurians are also famous for their ruthlessness. They generally have no qualms about stealing, cheating or murdering if it furthers their interests. For this reason it is wise to use extreme caution when dealing with them. The Sataurians natural fascination with hyperspace technology has led them to develop the VelocityDrive ST3, an extremely fast and efficient hyperdrive. The natural habitats of Sataurians are rocky retreats on Sandy Desert planets, but they may also be found on Volcanic planets.


11. Skrill

Tall insectoid race with thin green exoskeleton covering them. The Skrill have many small forearms enabling them to perform multiple actions simultaneously. Skrill are very aggressive and intelligent. A central theme in their customs involves a macabre reverence of death. Skrill have the bizarre and gruesome ability to incorporate living tissue to their bodys, but usually feed it to their brood. Some other alien races allege that Skrill are in fact genetically improved creatures, designed as an ultimate warrior race. But the Skrill themselves denounce such claims as outrageous slander. Skrill technology includes the Starburner, a very fast and powerful engine. With these engines, Skrill star ships are able to outrun nearly any opponent. Skrill are found in dry temperate regions of Continental and Marshy Swamp planets, but can be found on desert planets as well.


12. Sloaten

Tranquil amphibious race. Sloaten are short and not very graceful. Their large eyes are set on the side of their heads, giving them excellent peripheral vision with a range of nearly 360 degrees. Sloaten are very peaceful and prefer to keep to themselves. They typically choose to live in isolation from other races, staying out of the mainstream of galactic activity. They enjoy difficult mental challenges such as solving puzzles or deciphering unknown inscriptions. This natural inclination also makes them gifted linguists – they can master a new language within a few days. They also love to experiment with exotic scientific principles, and in the process they often produce potent technology. In fact their natural fascination with unusual energy theories has led them to develop the Novacore, a very powerful and efficient reactor. Sloaten take a tremendous interest in galactic history. They also seek out peculiar prehistoric artifacts. Their studies have led many Sloaten scholars to claim that there are large gaps in our understanding of past events. Sloaten communities typically live in semi-submerged, high-tech biodomes in the shallow coastal areas of marshy swamp planets.


13. Sonari

Strikingly attractive artificial lifeform. They exist as pure energy and form the shape most appealing to their interlocutor. They are friendly and are also very loyal allies. Sonari have a low reproduction rate, and thus their populations grow quite slowly. Sonari inhabit all possible planet types due to their artificial nature.


14. Tanoid

A bipedal semi-aquatic race. Tanoid have broad, flat heads with prominent protrusions on each side. The protrusions are nasal cavities that provide the Tanoid with an unrivalled sense of smell. Tanoid have very poor eyesight, but compensate for this with their excellent sense of smell and taste. They are intelligent and generally tranquil. Tanoid are highly pretentious. They also have a strong sense of their own racial superiority. Thus they do not enjoy the company of other races and have a tendency to be xenophobic. Tanoid are naturally drawn towards intricate technology. They take great pride in designing and building equipment with many advanced features, even if some of these features are unnecessary or superfluous. The natural miserliness of the Tanoid has led them to develop the High Density Fuel Cell, a high-capacity fuel tank. This gives Tanoid star ships longer range and endurance. Tanoid typically live in fully-enclosed biospheres in coastal areas of Continental and Marshy Swamp planets.


15. Terran

´Tall, largely hairless bipedal mammals. Terrans are intelligent, cunning and resourceful and have spread across the galaxy. They are friendly by nature, but others sometimes view them as scheming and manipulative. Terrans value political power and influence above all else. They revel in subtle maneuvering and intrigue as they accumulate greater political control. They have an amazing talent for recognizing opportunities for political advancement. Their natural abilities make them excellent diplomats. Terran negotiating skills are renowned – they can transform nearly any apparently hopeless situation to their advantage. Terrans have a natural curiosity that gives them an edge in scientific research. Their scientists and engineers are quick to see the application of new discoveries, inventing new technology based on this knowledge. Terrans have a mysterious past, cloaked in ambiguity. It is unclear where they originated from. Some say that they are actually immigrants from another galaxy. Terrans themselves claim Sol as their home system. Their preferred habitats are the lowland plains of Continental or Marshy Swamp planets, though they may sometimes also be found on Sandy Desert planets.

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RE: [Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

Post by Stuie »

This looks amazing - looking forward to giving it a try! Thanks for all your hard work!
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RE: [Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

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WOOOW, looks absolutly great...
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RE: [Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

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I love this mod.

I can't build ships on Sol though - is that a bug?

e: maybe build a spaceport first!
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RE: [Rel]The Spindelcore Galaxy

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I really like the galaxy you are using...[:)]
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