Alea Jacta Est v1.04

Alea Jacta Est is a series of Ancient Strategy Games using the renowned and proven AGE engine. The first in the series is Alea Jacta Est, which features the Roman Civil Wars. Other games in the series are Birth of Rome and Parthian Wars. The latest entry, Hannibal: Terror of Rome, highlights the Second Punic War.
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Alea Jacta Est v1.04

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Hello All,

This official release of the earlier Release Candidate have been available via the automatic updater for a while now, but it is high time we alert everyone of its presence.

You can either get it via the game's own updater, or download from THIS LINK


NEW EXE (dated 07/11/2014)
- Permits to play all BOR and HAN scenarios inside AJE, if those games are installed in your hard drive
- Significant improvements to AI code (including but not restricted to the ability to assault in sieges, retreat algorithms,
revised supply management in sieges, better handling of siege works RGD, and more!)
- Speed improvements (up to -40% load turn time, -10% global processing time)
- Fixes a bug that prevented the AI to build some units
- Modding: music sound volume can now be tweaked: inoMusicVolume; Verbosity_AI_BNU_ for verbosity in Build
New Units; and more

- New look for the faction selection window
- Added an extended detail panel for units with more than 13 elements
- Increased max level of zoom (thanks, Bohémond !)
- Modding: Military control overlay can be displayed with subfactions colors and not only factions (in userinterface.opt
file, put inoSubfactionForMCOverlay = 1)

All scenarios:
- Fix to strong disciplinarian ability of the Legatus (will increase discipline of legions)
- Improvement in combat capabilities of Iberian and Numidian cavalry
- Fix of a DB error that caused too short build times for some militia units
- Punish RGD does not give NM bonus anymore
- Rework of several events to fix a rare issue when some leaders could not be recognized as being in-play if merged
with a unit
Marius vs Sulla scenario
- Fix to consequences of Dardanos peace to Pontic troops in Macedonia and Graecia
Great Mithridatic War scenario:
- Armenian armies remain fixed when Pontus declares war
- Mankaios manus starts in Edessa
- Bithynia inheritance event probability increased
- Pontic generals/admirals Aristonicus and Dionysius have no longer Areabound penalties
- Fix to date of entry of consuls Publicola and Lentulus (and their removal if Crassus enters the game)
Severus 193 Scenario:
- Barbarians Threat Events reworked
- Armenia Supports Event fixed
The Roman Civil War (Caesar vs Pompey) scenario:
- Parthia is now inactive and locked.
- Mauretanian Horsemen Option fixed
Parthian Wars extension:
Traianus scenario:
- Fix to double Catilius leader in Armenia annexation option
- Small fix to Armenia invasion event (Colchis regions do not unlock)
- Fix to Cyprus judean revolt event: only roman garrison units are eliminated
- Fix to Egyptian judean revolt event: Nubae region is unlocked
- Fix to region loyalty change in Annexation of Armenia and Agbar betrayal options
Crassus Scenario:
-Fix Armenia Sue for Peace Event
-Fix to region loyalty change in Comagene switches sides and Agbar betrayal options
Marc Antonius Scenario:
-Fix Armenia Sue for Peace Event
-Fix to region loyalty change in Comagene switches sides and Lysanias rallying options
Severus scenario
- Fix to death of Vologese event

- Area Bound Ability Inf
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RE: Alea Jacta Est v1.04

Post by irene »

Where does the patch go? When I exe the patch it only shows a blank for the required directory.

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