[FIXED + FIXED v1.07] MANPADS problems

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[FIXED + FIXED v1.07] MANPADS problems

Post by Luidzi »

I've found 2 problems with shoulder-launched SAM systems:

1) In the scenario (included below) SA-7 can't engage an Osprey because it flies higher than weapon ceiling (1524m). There is a problem with height calculation - Osprey's height measured from sea level (1776m) exceeds weapon launch envelope. It should be measured from actual height above ground level (168m). If you move both units to a place with lower altitude, missile can be launched normally.

2) IR guided missiles don't trigger IRCM defensive systems. There is no mention of weapon calculation in the combat log except flares/evading and it looks like all systems in IRCM category don't do anything. If I add them to the plane and activate them, nothing happens during engagement.

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RE: MANPADS problems

Post by mikmykWS »

Thanks Luidzi and happy holidays. We'll take a look at both.

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