A few questions Experts?

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A few questions Experts?

Post by aaatoysandmore »

What constitutes how many points I get for research? Like say I have no science members where do the points come from? (Population size) If Population size what size does it have to be for me to get say 100pts?

Next is the Capacity number vs the actual production numbers. Then there's the empire max level at a certain point I see this goes up but what is making it go up and what makes the numbers below the capacity levels change and go up?
I mean I have nothing to really go by as there was no info that I found on research and that ingame encyclopedia is really worthless. It's sooooo generic it doesn't explain the formulas or how things work for chit. Imho of course Matrix and Slitherine I know you thing everything you make smells like roses. [:D]

I see the 3 categories and they have different numbers based on how many research centers I build. But, when I build a new research station in one category the other two go down and I have lots of research bases well above those production level numbers. So how's this stuff work?

I feel like I'm wasting money on building research facilities cause the numbers aren't very high and I have loads of capacity from the centers.
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RE: A few questions Experts?

Post by Bingeling »

There are some links to research threads in the stickied guide to guides:


Basically what you need is the total of the three white numbers (one for each class, and sum of your labs) to exceed the total empire research potential on the top right (marked). Anything in excess of this is wasted. If you got more than is needed, the proportion between the three research types is used to distribute the research effort between them.

The actual output you see is after various bonuses, like scientists, racial bonuses and research locations.

Depending on the number and size of spaceports, you may not need research station for anything but bonus collection. You can of course also put more labs on your spaceport if you so wish.
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