Question about the future of "Heroes of Stalingrad"

Get ready for Mark H. Walker's Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad. This is the first complete computer game in the Lock ‘n Load series, covering the battles in and around Stalingrad during World War II.
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Question about the future of "Heroes of Stalingrad"

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"LnL Publishing is happy to announce that we will be directly developing and publishing our computer titles in-house, and the franchise continues with Lock 'n Load: Heroes of the Pacific, designed by Mark H. Walker and programmed by Tom Proudfoot. The first platform will be Windows, and we have plans to expand to the Mac and iPad platforms as well.
Our new system adds a battle builder and auto map maker, expanding the gameplay and options for players. All modules will be compatible with the new core game system, allowing you to play on maps from different eras, so you can try out interesting scenarios, such as having the VC from Forgotten Heroes fighting the Soviets from Dark July modules. We will also include options so you can turn off/on options that make it play more in a board game style or in a computer game style".

After this news, I would like to know if "Heroes of Stalingrad" will continue to be updated or if it's now the final version.

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RE: Question about the future of "Heroes of Stalingrad"

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I think the matrix games version is going to receive a "final" patch or if LnL give for free HoS owners the module for their base game not even a final patch.

I planed buy HoS in special but now i remove it from the list... i have in mind the bad movement i do when buy in offer Command Ops pack.

Lets see but this year i have some problems like this with games provide by diferent sites and with problems in patches.
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