[DWU] Basic Space Reactors

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[DWU] Basic Space Reactors

Post by gerishnakov »

Hi all, I'm currently experimenting with a little rework of the energy tech tree, and I've encountered something a little odd.

As many of you will already know, in the research.txt file you can designate certain research projects to have already been researched for prewarp empires. Curiously though, the research project 'Space Reactors', which allows the Basic Space Reactor component, is not designated as a prewarp tech. I have, however, played a large number of prewarp games, and the Space Reactor project is always already complete.

My question is, if anyone would care to comment, is the Space Reactors project (and the other projects that are always already researched in a prewarp game) hard-coded to be already researched? Secondly then, is the prewarp designation function therefore only really there for adjustments to other and custom techs?
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