Thank You Matrix Team!

John Tiller's Campaign Series exemplifies tactical war-gaming at its finest by bringing you the entire collection of TalonSoft's award-winning campaign series. Containing TalonSoft's West Front, East Front, and Rising Sun platoon-level combat series, as well as all of the official add-ons and expansion packs, the Matrix Edition allows players to dictate the events of World War II from the tumultuous beginning to its climatic conclusion. We are working together with original programmer John Tiller to bring you this updated edition.

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Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by kool_kat »

Gents: [8D]

Many thanks from a "mature" player for ALL the hard work, dedication, and effort that has gone into getting JTCS to version 2.01! [:)]

[&o] Your team had breathed "new life" into a classic game system!

Who would have thought, that when I walked into a game store 10+ years ago, and purchased an interesting looking war game titled "East Front II" by Talonsoft, that it would still be a favorite of mine... AND that new development work would be underway in 2014! [X(]

It's really an amazing story... and I am grateful for having the opportunity to play and enjoy this "classy lady" of tactical WW2 warfare!
Regards, - Mike

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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by berto »

You're welcome. Glad you like it.

On my part, Rising Sun was my first game in the series, c. 2000 IIRC. I definitely recall correctly my initial thrill at playing these games.

Fast forward 13-14 years. I am equally thrilled, and humbled and honored, at having the opportunity to program and "breathe new life" into one of war gaming's classics. Life takes strange turns. Who would have thought?! [X(]
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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by Warhorse »

Me as well, stumbled onto the original EF, and never stopped being my number one wargame!! I just love delving into the underpinnings as it were, to make it even better, a true honor to work with the team on this!!
Mike Amos

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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by LoneWulf63 »

Me too. I am also very honored to be part of this team. Great bunch of fellows and a pleasure to work with.
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Jason Petho
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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by Jason Petho »

You're most welcome!

Here's to many more years!

Jason Petho
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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by e_barkmann »

I also started with EFII all those years ago and have played the series for countless hours.

Very happy to see that the system is being cared for by a dedicated team - thanks very much guys!

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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by 1925frank »

I want to express my thanks too. I had purchased a number of Talonsoft's Battleground Series, and when "Europe in Flames" came out, I bought it on the strength of the Talonsoft name. Once I played "Europe in Flames" though, I never went back to the Battleground Series.

I always thought the artwork in CS did an excellent job of capturing the feel of the era. I still do. The photos in the F2 box also kept the game anchored in the era. The historical information in the F2 box added immensely to my enjoyment. I'm still amazed at all the effort that went into the information behind the units. Only someone fascinated with combat units and technology in WWII would have bothered to put that in.

I remember my initial impression of having leaders drive around in cars with tanks was that it was goofy, but it quickly became a nonissue. I also remember I was disappointed that casualties were in steps. In Battleground, casualties were listed as a number of soldiers. That too quickly became a nonissue.
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Otto von Blotto
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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by Otto von Blotto »

Been a long time since I brought the original Eastern Front incarnation back in 1998 and have played at least every other day since, a totally classic game that has had a few hiccups now and then over the years but sense has prevailed most of the time and it remains a classic game that I still play normally daily all these years later.

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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by scottintacoma »

I will add my thanks to the team as well. I have played since EF first arrived, and have everything. Been playing the Matrix addition since I found it, and still enjoy the game.

Thanks to the team seems to be not enough but all I can say for keeping this game going and updated.
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RE: Thank You Matrix Team!

Post by ceitein »

My enduring thanks to the development team for keeping with this awesome game. The free upgrade to version 2.01 was a mighty and unexpected pleasure. I fully expect to be still playing this game in another 10 years, at least. I hope you guys are willing to stick in there with us!
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