1 visitor per ruin?

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1 visitor per ruin?

Post by MikeSF »

Visited the ruins that is normally the "Way of Darkness" government type, Temple of Eternal Darkness or something like that, and this time it wasn't there and I did notice a race with that government type. Wondering if there's only one shot at getting these specialty government types, i.e. do I need to try and find Way of the Ancients pronto? I mean I figured ruins, it'd be on some stone you read, and anyone who comes across it can possible go that government.
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RE: 1 visitor per ruin?

Post by Nanaki »

It can only be read once. It could be said that they blow up the stone afterwards to ensure that nobody else can read it.
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RE: 1 visitor per ruin?

Post by Mansen »

Pirates can't access these ruins either - so you only have to worry about other empires.
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