What do you think are the ratio's of......

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What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by aaatoysandmore »

Bargain hunters to full retail buyers out there? I'll be honest I've been a bargain hunter for years now. Probably since 2005. How many of the rest of the buying population do you think are this way now? I notice other forum threads where price or buying comes up that I see a lot more of those willing to wait for a sale.

Should publishers pay more attention to this earlier in a games life?

What game past or present do you think is well worth the full retail price? (Name just one please.)
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RE: What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by gradenko2k »

I think I've bought almost all of my Matrix games at full price, but only because they never did regular sales before and I already bought pretty much all the games I wanted by the time they started doing those.

But if it's Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, I pretty much never buy anything full price and just wait for stuff to go on sale - I plan expenses around the big Summer and Winter bonanzas. I think the last non-Matrix game that I bought outside of a sale was Europa Universalis 4, and that was still on a pre-order for 20% off.

Nowadays I just couldn't recommend getting anything full price, even from Matrix you can just wait until Christmas.
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RE: What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by Twotribes »

If I want it I don't wait for a sale. But then buying is a crap shoot since no matter what you reasd or see you won't know if the game clicks for you till you try it.
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RE: What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by Gilmer »

I have more games now than I can probably play out for the rest of my life. So, yes, I'm in the bargain hunter business now. If I see a game on sale that intrigues me, I am more likely to get it. If it intrigues me and it is full price, I talk myself out of it for awhile.

Games I have bought on sale - All Assassin's Creed up through the 3rd one in America, I guess. Empire Total War. Many of the later CoD games. I've bought a few Matrix Games on sale. (Matrix tends to be the one I'm most likely to buy at full price). Mass Effect - Bought 1 and 2 on sale.

I buy a lot of them on sale now. Yes.
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RE: What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by DSWargamer »

I wish games cost 5 times as much and never went on sale ever :)

Well I'd have less trouble with impulse buying :)

I'd have fewer games, that regardless of good or bad in the grand scheme of things I'd likely play more and store less.

I've really maybe bought two wargames in my entire life that were categorically bad purchases at any price. I've likely bought more than half of my wargames too quickly, and while they are ok to the majority, I likely should have taken a pass on them.

Of course I would have wasted the money on something else dumb I suppose :) I can always find a reason for a new purse it seems.
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RE: What do you think are the ratio's of......

Post by jday305 »

I was one of those who bought games at full price up to about three years ago. Since then I have had to tighten my belt financially and now will only buy on sale. Even if it means I have to wait a year or so. I got Far Cry 3 recently for only $9.99 and enjoyed playing it. I really want to buy about 4-5 Matrix games but will wait until one of the upcoming holiday sales and hope they are on them.

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