Character portrait format?

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Character portrait format?

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I just recently discovered that the editor - in theory - offers the ability to assign individual portraits to characters. However, so far I have not been able to actually make use of that. Whenever I try to assign a portrait to a character, the character's portrait (foreground) is displayed as blank, with the small preview picture being replaced by an "old HTML"-style 'image not found' symbol (a white sheet of paper with a red X on it). The image I am using is a png and 200x200px square.

What am I doing wrong? Is this feature functional?
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RE: Character portrait format?

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The format and size should be ok. Characters by default use your race picture as their image, so if you want to have your own custom character with their own image then you have to make that character/image and put them into a theme in the customization folder. If you have Universe then you should download the modding guide on the forum as everything is explained in there. I haven't tried to use the new editor for characters in Universe yet so I can't help you with that, I'll check it out next time I play. If you just want to replace the base character image you can always replace the appropriate race image file then.
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