Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

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Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

Post by Objekt730 »

Finished all the bootcamps and ready for the main event. Needless to say, the sheer number of choices across West Front/East Front/Rising Sun is a bit daunting. Somewhat randomly, I chose RS: Operation Shoestring to start with. I'm totally enjoying it, but it occurred to me that this forum may be a good place to ask the vets for some recommendations as to the best scenario or campaign to get started with (for a relatively competent beginner).

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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RE: Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

Post by berto »

If you are beginning a campaign, be mindful of the campaign crash bug with a temporary, kludgey workaround described here.

This bug will be fixed in the 2.01 Update, due out shortly.
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RE: Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

Post by lparkh »

Be sure to play the human designed campaigns first IMHO ("linked campaigns"). They are almost all fun, but i particularly enjoyed the desert ones... I think i recall one about a German scoutibg group. Lower unit density i think so a good way to get started.
If you want to play scenarios pay attention to designer, if memory serves there was a Doug (Doug Bevard?) who was quite good. Pick smaller to start. you picks ones slowly moving through history (say 1 per a season or year) to get an interesting feel for how things developed. Great game.
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RE: Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

Post by rpwood »

I really enjoy RS "Reaping the Whirlwind". Played it many times to try different strategies. Wish RS had a lot more LCGs.
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RE: Best scenario/campaign to get started with?

Post by TheGrayMouser »

Kampfruppe Pieper from WF, lots if big toys for your core force, managably sized scenarios thruout
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RE: Best scenario/campaign to get started with?


for WF, the 10th Panzer in Tunisia LCG is a good one to start with...not too difficult at all.

KG Peiper is another good one, I think the first one I ever completed probably some 15 years ago...although the OOB for both sides sure could use an overhaul!
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