Satellite orbits changing

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Satellite orbits changing

Post by ThunderCBR »

I just noticed the randomness of satellites every time I reload the game and scenario. For example, I modified Indian Ocean Brawl a bit for experimentation and the US and Soviet satellites I placed always seem to have their orbits changed on reload. Is this normal behavior? Makes it difficult for scenario editors to get any consistency.

First noticed it on build 490 thru the current 498.

EDIT: Reloaded game just now with build 498 and noticed satellites stayed where they were. However they are nowhere near the orbits they were when I first modified the scenario. Do their orbits change with each subsequent database update?
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RE: Satellite orbits changing

Post by Dimitris »

We set a fixed epoch in Build 498 for all sat orbits in order to correct this problem. From B498 onwards satellite orbits should no longer have this problem.

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