Bridges over troubled waters

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Bridges over troubled waters

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Should blown bridges be shown to the WP commanders. I'd like to see Recce units checking the state of the bridge prior to a movement, or at least helicopter flyovers but even that could not tell if the bridge can support a tank crossing it. I remember reading that during the Battle of the Bulge how a Panzer units kept moving down a river looking for a suitable bridge to support a tank crossing.
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RE: Bridges over troubled waters

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good point
"One must always distrust the report of troop commanders: 'We have no fuel' [...] You see, if they become tired they suddenly lack fuel" - Heinz Guderian, Panzer Leader
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RE: Bridges over troubled waters

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The bridges shown are considered major bridges that tanks can cross. There has been talk and suggestions of different bridge types and fordable areas. The spotting of VPs, mine and arty kills out of LOS and I guess we can add blown bridges too will be in the discussions and enhancements slated for the 2.04 update where we want to work on making Fog of War more detailed and realistic.
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