Alea Jacta Est v1.03c

Alea Jacta Est is a series of Ancient Strategy Games using the renowned and proven AGE engine. The first in the series is Alea Jacta Est, which features the Roman Civil Wars. Other games in the series are Birth of Rome and Parthian Wars. The latest entry, Hannibal: Terror of Rome, highlights the Second Punic War.
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Alea Jacta Est v1.03c

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Hello Everyone,

Alea Jacta Est v1.03c is now avaliable for download through your updater or through our FTP.

Below is the change list for this update.

List of AJE patch changes


NEW EXE (date 28/10/2013)
- Fix of a rare bug in movement of ships in rivers

- Several corrections to graphic sprites (armies, icons, etc) positions in map (namely in Anatolia/Pontus)
- Credits button (main screen) in German and Spanish languages (thanks, picarsn and dooya!)
- Small fix to spanish language detailed battle report interface


All Scenarios:
- Fixes to Units DB:
Sea-worthy ships can only be built in sea ports, not in river ports
Lagid river ships can only be built in the Nile
- Revision of cities levels to avoid razed "ghost" cities bug

Marius vs Sulla and Great Mithridatic War scenarios:
- Fix to several incorrect command penalties for Pontic "subfactions" (ex: Scythian alliance option forces)

Marius vs Sulla scenario:
- Fix to Peace of Dardanos proposal

The Great Mithridatic War scenario:
- Small fix to the Scythian alliance option consequences (now 3 additional cavalry units will become available to recruit, as stated in the text)

The Roman Civil War (Caesar vs Pompey) scenario:
- Numidian and Mauretanian infantry replacements now available (AFR)

Parthian Wars:

All scenarios:
- Fix to several incorrect command penalties for Parthian "subfactions"
- Relocation of Seleucia port icon on Tigris bank
- Fix to Parthian Civilization and Development flavour events texts

Carrhae scenario:
- Correction to Malichus II english bio notes

Marcus Antonius scenario:
- Correction to final texts of roman minor victory/defeat

Traianus scenario
- Fix to conditions for Jewish revolts to occur
- Fix to Parthian option to recruit Scythian mercenary cavalry

Severus scenario:
- Small fix to option to raise new legions in Nisibis
- Further fix to Armenia sues for Peace event
- Fix to Parthian option to recruit Scythian mercenary cavalry



NEW EXE (date 10/10/2013)
- New diplomatic variables exported to Gamelogic.opt (minimum relations needed to give passage, supply and intel), still to test and apply to scenarios

- Spanish and German translations updated for all scenarios (thanks, picarsn and dooya !)


All scenarios:
- Correction and improvement to several Ports exit points

Parthian Wars:

Marcus Antonius scenario:
- Fix to Lagids rebirth and remodelling of Asia Minor political options
- Rework of Antiochia Legions defection to Labienus event
- Small fix to Judea alocation multichoice event (allocate to Herod option)

Severus scenario:
- Fix to Armenia sues for Peace event
- Agbar sues for neutrality and Capture of Artaxata events cancelled

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RE: Alea Jacta Est v1.03c

Post by Moltke71 »

The menu update for AJE 1.03c isn't working.
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RE: Alea Jacta Est v1.03c

Post by Dorb »

Thanks for the update, but had to come here to see what all was added/changed it would not work after the patch downloaded.

Keep up the great work. [:)]
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