Unity of Command : Black Turn Released!

Unity of Command lets you replay the epic conflict that was the Stalingrad Campaign of World War II. In this turn-based game of strategy and cunning, observe how opportunity leads the German army to advance recklessly into the steppes of southern Russia. And as the story unfolds, join the Soviet campaign to repel the invaders... As these legendary battles play out on the hex board, the tension of decision making and difficulties of conducting operations on a massive scale emerge. Command armies and fronts in maneuver warfare, thrust and encircle, capture cities and cross continents; but never, ever forget to watch your supply lines. The Red Turn expansion ads a gigantic Soviet expansion centered on the Kursk campaign.

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Unity of Command : Black Turn Released!

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Unity of Command – Black Turn, the latest DLC of the series is finally available on our store!

After the 1942 “Case Blue” campaign of Unity of Command, and Operation Citadel and the battle of Kursk in Red Turn, is now time to dip your feet in the prologue of the East Campaign: “Operation Barbarossa”, the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany.

Unity of Command: Black Turn is a prequel for the series. Developed by 2x2 Games, this Turn-Based strategy game features the story of the 1941 Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, in 13 suspense filled scenarios (11 historical, plus two further what-if scenarios if Moscow is captured). The game uses the well-known engine and gameplay of Unity of Command, with aggressive AI, an innovative supply system and excellent modding options.

For the first week of release, until December 17th, Unity of Command: Black Turn is priced at 10% off its normal price!

To run the game you will need to install the v1.05 Update for Unity of Command. The Update fixes some general and AI crashes, fixes some Editor issues and adds more info about units in scenario editor force pool dialog.

Check below for the full changelog:

v1.05 – November 25, 2013

• Bug Fixes
o In history mode, number of actions (>1000) wraps around below the action buttons
o crash when exiting game from history mode
o crash when loading DLC campaign for which no DLC is installed\
o AI crash when AI is buying from OKH/Stavka reserve
o force pool flags read from wrong DLC
o soviet romanians have blue step on the force pool sheet
o AI crash when all of the player's units are killed
o Setting reorg limit to 0 makes game stuck at reorg action
o On the Game Bar display, AI prestige not updated when AI is spending
o Manual update (regarding new mechanics in Red Turn, Scenario Editor)
o Fix UI crash involving unit deployment and undoing a move
o Fix AI crash with some community scenarios
o Fix brackets issue with the Scenario Editor (AltGr on Italian/Croatian and possibly other keyboards)
o Enable deleting units in the Scenario Editor on the Mac (CTRL-D)
o AI crashes (rare) with some community scenarios, notably "Battle of Kursk - German Offensive"
o Mac: random crashes in scenario editor
o Mac: scenario editor can now load/save user generated scenarios to proper location
o Linux: fonts fixed (fingers crossed)

• Improvements
o Linux sound improvements
o add some more info about units in scenario editor force pool dialog

The v1.05 update is comprehensive and will bring all versions of Unity of Command to v1.05. To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or on the game’s PC download page or Mac download page .

For more information check out the game’s product page.
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