Fantasy Kommander AAR - The Battle of Monastery

Turn-based strategy/RPG game from Age of Games, a talented team from Italy.
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Fantasy Kommander AAR - The Battle of Monastery

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Kommander Fergus


Fergus Von Hohenstaufen is a legendary Kommander of the Empire of Adamantia. Knight of noble birth Fergus was in his youth a rebellious spirit that gave up the privileges of the family to serve the empire and live great adventures beyond the borders of civilized lands.
When he was twentyfive years old he was sent on a mission to the lake of the Abyss and there disappeared. Ten years later, during the second war of Eukarion, he returned to the imperial court riding the spirit of a dragon wearing the armor of the Knights of the Absolute. From that moment on, he fought tirelessly for the empire by shedding his blood on the battlefields.
Now in old age Fergus has decided to continue to serve Adamantia teaching to the young Kommanders everything he has learned in a life in war…

Welcome Back to the War Academy Kommander.

Today we analize the famous “Battle of Monastery”, the first uphill battle in the campaign to regain the Marquisate of Krieg.

The Army Before the Battle

After the victory over the goblins, the best move for the Adamantia Army would be to attack the Trolls’ camp, but the Emperor asked to help father Guilbert to free his ancient monastery in the forest of the spirits.

During the invasion of the marquisate the monastery was attacked by a unit of ogres that sacked it and slaughtered all the monks. After the sack the ogres moved to Fabel and the monastery had become the base of a small garrison of goblins...

When the army arrived near the monastery the battlefield was deserted.

It was a cold autumn afternoon. Silence reigned in the woods that looks like they were slowly dying. A fine mist was rising from the roots of trees surrounded by a dark aura.

The Kommander ordered the army in a compact formation that would be divided into two groups.

The Group A had to conquer and maintain the first cemetery in the south west.

The Group B had to head south east quickly overcome the intricate cursed woods and cursed and reach the monastery with a pincer movement.

Units Deployment

The armies, finding no enemy resistance, advanced rapidly towards the objectives.

But when the first human infantry came in sight of the cemetery, a demonic voice was heard in the air.

A messenger of the abyss sang a litany of death spreading terror among the ranks of Adamantia.

Julius, ambassador of the empire and duke of the 4 boroughs of Dhom, known to history as “the coward”, fled, increasing panic among the men.

Before the army went in route, the knight Marcus spoke with great charisma recovering the morale of the men who surrounded him.

Turn 1, After Admantia Movements

From that moment on, it was clear that the advance would not have been without fierce fighting.

The abyss had set a trap to our army. At the center of the cemeteries were opened dimensional portals that emanated magical energies able to summon an army of undeads.

Turn 2, Before Adamantia Movements

Hordes of zombies headed against the units led by Marcus, while skeletons archers and skeletons warriors carried out a surprise attack on the units of the left side.

Despite their appearance was horrible, and their screams unbearable, our armies repulsed their attacks.

The most serious problem, however, was made up of the portals that nobody knew the exact power, and that continued incessantly to awaken the dead.

The only way to survive was to quickly advance and conquer the cemeteries to close the portals.

The Kommander knew that zombies and skeletons were much stronger in the cursed forest, because in those places the dark magic gave them exceptional strength, and for this reason maneuvered the army to draw the enemy out of these territories.

Turn 2, After Adamantia Movements

The group A, after defeating a unit of zombies and one of skeletons, reached the first objective. Three monks celebrated a sacred ceremony and the first portal was closed

The Group B led by Marcus, headed south trying to pass the cursed forest at the point where it was less dense.

Turn 3, Before Adamantia Movements

The enemy, in particular units of skeleton warriors, attempted fierce counterattacks. But the men were now in the midst of battle, with tense muscles and the mind free from fear, and they were ready to react with strength and discipline.

The Kommander issued orders clear and effective protecing Marcus and first line infantries cleverly using the archers as defensive support.

Turn 3, AfterAdamantia Movements

While the unit led by Marcus exceeded fighting the cursed forest, a column of purple light sprang from the monastery. A bloodcurdling scream followed that event announcing the arrival of a monarch of the skeletons on the battlefield.

Turn 4, Before Adamantia Movements

Marcus spurred his warhorse and with a small group of well-armed and determined warriors conquered the second cemetery and sealing the portal with his magic sword.

At that point the undead had multiplied around the monastery, in which, the biggest portal continued to unleash dark energy.

Turn 4, AfterAdamantia Movements

A wrong decision or waiting too long would lead to catastrophe.

The Kommander decided to reorganize and strengthen the units in the south-east of the battlefield.

Turn 5, AfterAdamantia Movements

A moment later the two armies clashed violently in the open field.

The fight that followed was bloody.

Turn 6, Before Adamantia Movements

The zombies drooling, screaming and biting in search of flesh of men who bravely led by Marcus launched into charge against the king of the skeletons.

Turn 6, AfterAdamantia Movements

It was at that point in the battle that the Kommander ordered Marcus to use the power of his magic sword that infused a heroic fury to all those who saw its flames.

Turn 7, Before Adamantia Movements

The men of Adamantia then broke even the most orderly and efficient formation of skeleton warriors being able to encircle the King to whom Marcus in person quartered his heart of darkness.

Turn 7, AfterAdamantia Movements

After the carcass of the monarch fell to the ground all the armies were able to converge on the monastery to destroy the last enemy groups and give the possibility to the imperial monks to celebrate the sacred ritual that forever closed the gate of hell .



The history will long remember this victory of Adamantia against the Abyss.
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RE: Fantasy Kommander AAR - The Battle of Monastery

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The game looks cool. Now I know what I will be doing on the holidays[:)]
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