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RE: Wishlist Compilation

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Pause button should not pause the information scrolling on top of the screen.
There should be links to the Technology that was stolen, links to event location, links to events.
Note pad. So we dont have to remember things.
Ability to turn off all those pirate protection offers.
Recover Materials/Credits from destroyed ships after battles. Maybe a racial thing.

That total annihilator base/ship is just too powerful. it should have an "unstable" weapon componets that implode/go offline if it starts taking damage.


Should not be able to steal from Ancient Guardians.
Counter espionage should level hard. Should be spies that go specifically after counter spies.
Sabotaging bases should not be this easy. Maybe some minor damage to them or reduce its functionality for a while, but totally destroying a large spaceport?


There should be an option to Search Technology trees.

More Techs.

Come on, is it that hard to change color on weapon animation? Add mixed capabilities, like shield piercing torpedoes or ion ray missiles or fighters that specifically go for propulsion(piercing beam).

Late game tech to "beam" resources directly to bases/construction sites. So we dont have 10 billion freighters end game.

Tech tree to improve planet qualities. a few % at a time.
Tech tree to miniaturize ship components.
Tech tree that allows your ships external launchers of missiles. (they break after 1 launch, shouldnt be too hard to code).
Tech tree to improve your heroes. 10% to this, 10% to that, add a bonus of your choice....
Tech tree to replicate components. like any components that arent too complicated can be made with just energy.
Tech tree to mine the suns.
Tech tree that allows satellites around planets: terraforming, defense,offense, scanner, recreational,
Tech tree that increases population caps. (food replicators, anti-claustrophobia treatments, genetic alterations like gills, furr, heat tolerance...)
Tech tree that reduces war tolerances.

AI. AI. AI. Better AI!!!
it should never give up.
it should "find" technology and ships if human player getting too strong.
Much more aggressive. These AIs dont have balls at all!
Other races should be willing to ally vs you (species based).
AI should make lots more construction ships and use them to make all kinds of bases.
AI should make more defense ships.
AI should make more offense ships.
AI should have a better ship design.
Seriously guys, your AI is almost as bad as the one from Warlock: Master of the Arcane.

More ship types:

Defense ships. more weapons less range.
Ramming Ships. Race specific?
Mines (explosives) and ships that lay mines.
Science ships (go out and bring back research points)
Diplomacy Ships.
Trade Ships.
Good Will ships. Designed for specific races. bring back diplomacy +to diplomacy with specific race.
Stealth ships. just tiny ships that monitor locations.
Medical ships, to dispatch to fight plagues.

Worm holes. WTF happened to those? They are awesome. Random stable wormholes and end game tech that lets you make stargates.

Black Market. Random Characters and ships and techs that appear (maybe this is more of an online feature).

Space monsters: useless now. Maybe if they would leave a cache of resource, like 10k units of gold, after dying....

Food: id love to see some kind of a food functionality in this game.
Colonist relocation: id love to move colonists from planets that are high in pop to planets that just starting.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

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1. *Visual elements on the map showing your empires battles/planet invasions etc: Some of the onscreen signals like planet invasions need to be more visual. Right now you have no idea if a planet is under attack unless you click on the planet. You need to have a symbol over the planet in outside view for we have a visual ID if the invasion is on or not. – malkuth74/ ASHBERY76

I hope we get this sometime. I find it super important too. Better battle/invasion and enemy indicators on the main map would mean you could turn off those very spammy attack alerts.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by elanaagain »

After reading the above messages:

Moons named after parent planet (for sorting with expansion planner). ex ~ "Sol 3, Sol 3 Luna" "Sol 4, Sol 4 Phobos, Sol 4 Demos"
expansion planner filtering asteroids by by system.
expansion planner filter listing by planets/moons all potentially inhabitable with future tech.
Ship designer: ability to >add< to number of a specific component already in the ship design (right hand pane), without looking for, and selecting the component (in the left hand pane).

Tog-gable Galactic map overlay that clearly shows colonies (sm med lg by population), owned star-ports, and large fleets; color coded by empire.

EDIT - actually just prefacing the name of each moon with the parent-star-name would also do this: Example "Sol moon" "sol Phobos" (FYI a moon of Mars in the Sol system). Doesn't matter which planet around which the moon revolves - just getting the expansion planner to list moons WITH the planets/system they are in is a great help in planning.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by rxnnxs »

I repost the following from the Master Wishlist thread because it is in my opinion one really needed thing:

Please make it happen that:
A right click at a scrolling message or popup message just selects the ship/station.

And is NOT zooming in.

Could you please do that?
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by SpeedyGonzales »

Hey, WTH! Why 25th wish for general gameplay and design will newer entries? I think this is a damn good idea.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Chris21wen »

The game designers give AI races various weapon and technology preferences in they ship design. I'd like to see this extended so that there are effective throughout the game. Lets say the Human race AI pererences is for missiles, blasters and LR Scanners. Each one could have say 5-10% reseach bonus and/or 5-10% useage bonus. Other than special race technologies available I find research and ship design repetitious, well that is, until I forced myself to follow the research path for the preferences of AI designs of ship just to stop myself using the same ship designs over and over again. There are no benifits in the game for doing this, it's just gives a much greater variation in ship design. In reallty there're many different types of rifle, radar etc available on earth some with longer range, bigger bullets, better detection rates so why not in the game.

I'm not saying you cannot use other races versions of a weapon just you have to 'aquire it'.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Icemania »

It's far too easy to take over enemy homeworlds (refer to my recent AAR).

Firstly, the AI should have a much larger army on their homeworlds, particularly on the harder settings, where the AI can easily afford it. Probably 3-5 times bigger on Extreme for example. This is something that could be patched fairly easily ... Erik?

Secondly, if somebody sent a bunch of troops transports to my home system, I would send a warning (if you could that is) and then if that was ignored, blow them out of the sky before they could land their troops. This may not be so easy to implement but should be considered in future releases.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Fenrisfil »

Here is a diplomacy/trade option I would like to see. The ability to manufacture ships for another empire.

That is you agree via trade to build X ships of Y design. These are then automatically cued up like civilian ships at your spaceports, as they are owned by another faction you can't cancel them (though I suppose you could continually push them down the cue list). The ships automatically leave the system when constructed. It may be simplest to restrict this to factions that have military refuelling rights so that there it doesn't cause anger when an AI faction builds ships for you or someone else.

The sale value would obviously be more than the normal cost of the ships and perhaps they should cost the player more than the AI so they don't just use them as a means to steal tech from a more advanced faction. There could even be a policy option to weight the trade option (actually that would be good for technology trades too).

But anyway, I think this would both be realistic and improve gameplay.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Stormy Fairweather »

I saw it on the list, but thought I would reiterate; marking systems to avoid would make life MUCH easier. Tired of watching my patrols feed themselves to a pirate base one at a time, or sitting in another empires territory pissing off trading partners, or even watching civilian ships try to make landfall at colonies in empires I am at war with.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by korreboy »

State ship cargo transports: Ability for state transports to transport goods manually in large quantities on a dedicated cargo transporter. This is not so hard to make, since private transporters already exist.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by slukenwarrior »

give an option to get rid of superweapons and nerf/get rid of super governments. that nexus of the red claw thingy is pretty op aswell. just because of these i kind of regret having paid 50 euro for an otherwise great game!
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Timotheus »

Revamp diplomacy. The economy, the resources, the private market ships and their logic all seem very tight to me and work very well.

The diplomacy between the star empires should be modified, more options for talking and trading, etc.

But first, start with implementing SUBJUGATION properly and make a race's (or several species) victory condition a set percentage of total empires.

Subjugation should result in an empire giving you 10-20% total income, all their ships/planets known, a sizeable research bonus to your empire, and when you declare war on someone the subjugated race MUST declare war as your ally with you. When you put trade sanctions on them, they do the same. Also, when you wish for them to make peace with another race, they obey (of course, they cannot start wars on their own).

However, a subjugated race's number one goal is to get out of subjugation. To that end, they will work tirelessly to get secret-allies who will pledge to help them get out of subjugation. Once a military parity or superiority between the subjugated empire and their allies (who can be other subjugated empires of the same evil race!) happens, then a revolt takes place which means a war between an evil overlord empire and its subjugated race(s) and its allies.

To further work this concept, some goody-goody empire's race winning conditions can have a number of subjugated empire's liberated to add to their victory points total.




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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by terololo »

I just want a simple automation tweak: More control over tax rates automation, make it so we can manually input how much population we want to tax, for a desired growth rate/happiness level instead of vague low, medium, or high rate. it's quite tedious managing taxes for me starting from midgames. :\

for example:
<5000M planets i want 0% tax rate, for maximum growth rate
>5000M planets i want 10% growth rate, let the Automation adjust the tax every month for that number
>10000M planets i want 5% growth rate
and at maximum population i want maximum tax rate without causing sad populations, so maybe i could set the AI to adjust tax rate that produce at least 10 points of happiness.

with the current system it's very tedious to adjust tax rates manually, with the fact that the effect of newly changed tax rates on growth and happiness doesn't instantly previewed after you adjust the new rate, make it quite tedious switching from colonies screen and main screen just to see how my new tax rates affect my colonies. :\
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Sithuk »

Hi guys, the master wishlist thread can be found at the link below.


This thread was supposed to be a compilation thread where ideas are prioritised, but the original poster appears to be no longer active. Please use the master wishlist thread for suggestions.

Erik: Please unsticky this thread as it is causing confusion as to which thread wishlist posts should go in.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by NephilimNexus »

4. Implement salvaging as a means of resource recovery and getting technology from other races: Destroyed ships can (or have a chance to) be turned into wreckage which can then be salvaged by ships with specialised salvaging components. A scuttle option can be added which reduces the chance for a ship to become a salvageable wreck whereupon the AI (or you) can scuttle your (preferably heavily damaged) ships in combat. - elmo3/Starfry/Nemo84

The best way to do this would be that if the command center or all of either the life support or habitation modules are destroyed then they ship becomes turned into an Abandoned/Derelict ship that can then be repaired & salvaged by anyone, just like the abandoned wrecks generated at game start.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

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