Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars Game Manual

Turn-based strategy/RPG game from Age of Games, a talented team from Italy.
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Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars Game Manual

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Tomorrow Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars, the new strategy game set in a detailed fantasy universe, will be released!

This tactical game features an extensive map, hundreds of units each with its own experience level and abilities, and an immersive background story based on legends and folklore from European history that really adds to the game’s atmosphere, giving greater depth to the gameplay.

If you can’t wait for the release day to see what the game can offer you, you can download the Game’s Manual, where you will be able to find any aspect, information and features of Fantasy Kommander. A great way to pass the time until tomorrow!

Get more information about Fantasy Kommander: Eukarion Wars on its official product page.
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