Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

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Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Philkian »

We are now officially releasing the v1.9.0.11 Update, the latest of many updates since the release of Distant Worlds: Shadows. If you have not updated since release, you’ll want to get this one! In addition to many fixes and gameplay improvements, especially for the pirate playstyles, there have been performance and graphical improvements, AI improvements, interface improvements and new features (including changes to all area weapons).

In addition to everything else, this update comes with a new Modding Guide for Distant Worlds: Shadows, outlining all the new modding options in an easy to read PDF manual.

For a full list of changes, check out below:

Version – August 26th. 2013
Change History:
This build has the following changes from version

- fixed rare crash when selecting space creatures

- fixed pirate attack missions not completing due to message "Mission has been canceled because it has been captured by someone else"
- fixed bug where exploration ships sometimes get stuck at planet
- fixed rare bug where captured ships would sometimes not be scrapped or disassembled when empire policy specified that they should be
- fixed bug where "Most Time At War" race victory condition was sometimes not completing
- fixed bug where Defensive Bases were not being designed beyond current maximum base construction size, even though typically built at a colony (no construction size limits)
- ensured that Defensive Base designs always correctly show in design list in Designs screen when filter is set to "Show Latest Buildable Designs" or "Show Buildable Non-Obsolete Designs"
- no longer incorrectly cancel transport missions when cargo pick-up point is destroyed but freighter has already loaded cargo
- now properly preserve Engagement Stance settings for manually controlled ships when start a new game

- implemented missing Character skills: SmugglingIncome, SmugglingEvasion, BoardingAssault
- fixed bug where Colony Ground Report screen would have blank planetary background if a custom theme did not include a set of PlanetMap images. Now properly fallback to default images if theme does not contain any
- new settings now avilable to add to race files: CharacterRandomAppearanceChancePirateLeader, CharacterRandomAppearanceChanceShipCaptain, CharacterStartingTraitPirateLeader, CharacterStartingTraitShipCaptain
- fixed problem with custom characters where startup characters would sometimes not appear because they were being assigned to pirate factions of the same race
- pirate troops now properly use correct image of their race

- further increased defensive troop levels at non-player homeworlds, especially on higher difficulty levels
- updated Planet Destroyer design to make slightly stronger
- Creative Reengineering race event (Ugnari) now only occurs for research projects less than 60% complete

- added construction resource shortage icon to colony and base lists in Empire Navigation Tool
- changed color of "Local Defense Tactics" message to green in Selection Panel (when fleet with relevant Admiral selected)

- improved game performance, especially in late-game with large empires
- now periodically check for and nationalize any unowned cargo at bases/colonies from defeated empires

Version - August 9th, 2013

• This build has the following changes from version

- fixed rare crash with mining
- fixed rare crash when expiring old pirate missions
- fixed rare crash when planet destroyed
- fixed rare crash when drawing hovered ship information
- fixed various other crashes

- fixed bug where could not build pirate Criminal Network facility at empire-owned colonies (could previously only do this at independent colonies)
- now properly cancel pirate attack missions when target of mission is destroyed or captured by someone else
- fixed bug in "Most Homeworlds" race victory condition (was incorrectly counting conquered enemy homeworlds)
- fixed bug where could not scrap bases at independent colonies
- fixed bug where could not build oversize bases at colonies via construction Action buttons under Selection Panel
- fixed problem where pirate colony raids would sometimes give conquest messages
- fixed bug where under attack messages for space creatures were often not being sent

- improved willingness of area weapons to fire even when other nearby ships may suffer some minor collateral damage
- added area weapon components to design templates for spaceports and defensive bases of all appropriate races

- added an option in game setup to turn off Tech Trading between empires (Victory Conditions step)
- homeworld colonies now have more defending/garrisoned troops, especially on higher difficulty levels
- AI ship building process now uses excess funds to overbuild on military ships, especially on higher difficulty levels
- optimized AI planetary facility building choices so that builds less (e.g. Academies), thus saving maintenance costs
- disaster events no longer occur near start of game (i.e. never within first 4 years)
- reduced fuel production speed of Energy to Fuel Convertor component. Also ensured that it does not completely fill cargo space with fuel

- pirates now have concept of empire corruption (income losses dues to fraud and pilfering). This reduces the amount of ships they build in the late-game. Pirate empire corruption can be viewed in the Empire Summary screen under the pirate home base. Pirate empire corruption applies to the following types of pirate income: colony control, colony taxes, raiding, looting, resorts and smuggling. Other types of income are not affected by corruption (Protection Arrangements and Selling Info for a price)
- pirate factions now more careful about building new ships - will no longer generate excessive build queues at construction yards
- increased the strength of Legendary Pirates so that they are stronger than a typical pirate faction

- improved visibility of ship and base symbols when zoomed out to system level
- clicking buttons in Fleets screen no longer turns off automation of selected fleet (Repair and Refuel, Retrofit, Load Troops)
- disabled Retrofit action button and popup menu options when a ship is already sent for retrofit (avoid multiple retrofit assignments with associated costs)
- removed duplicate display of Koloros Medical Academy in bonuses panel of Empire Summary screen
- added sector to description of tradeable bases in Diplomacy trade screen

- when special forces troops are attacking a pirate base at a colony, will now only destroy pirate facilities, not normal empire facilities
- when pirate raiders withdraw from raiding a colony, they now never obtain any loot if they do not have any nearby ships

- improved boarding and capture with large groups of ships while still allowing ships to fire at nearby enemies (i.e. better coordination with other ships of same empire so that do not fire at ships being boarded)
- extended rule in design editor to disallow multiple gravity beam weapons on freighters (maximum of one)

V1.9.0.9 – August 2nd, 2013

• Beta Update

- fixed rare crash when generating new troops
- fixed rare crash related to pirate missions
- fixed various other crashes

- fixed problem where tech breakthroughs were not being applied for ruin encounters, abandoned ships and some other situations
- fixed mining ships to handle situation when do not have luxury resource extractor components but are mining a planet/moon with luxury resources (i.e. will no longer stall at planet)
- fixed bug where research locations were not showing in Empire Navigation Tool when your empire had no buildable research station designs
- now ensure that Retrofit Stance setting is properly applied to new ships and bases from their design (Default Retrofit Stance)
- fixed problem where ships captured by an enemy were sometimes not being attacked

- groups of military ships (e.g. fleets) are now much better at balancing targetting of multiple enemy threats so that they do not all attack a single enemy. However they will still gang up on an enemy when no other targets are nearby
- military ships are now much better at firing at nearby enemies even when pursuing other targets
- unautomated fleets will now always properly honor manual commands and thus will no longer auto-respond to intercept incoming enemy fleets and planet destroyers
- reduced the frequency that idle auto-controlled fleets refuel when in the same system as refuelling points
- idle fleets will now always return to home base, regardless of whether the home base is nearby or not

- epicenter of area weapons is no longer centered on firer. Instead area weapons now fire at target and the damage shockwave expands from the target (similar to area gravity weapons)

- reduced bonuses from most wonders, especially for wonders focused on colony income and empire research

- changed behavior of "Manually Upgrade Design" button in Designs screen so that previous design not obsoleted unless new design saved
- if your empire cannot build a design, the reason is now explained in the hover tooltip of the construction Action buttons (when Spaceport selected), e.g. design too big, missing tech

- added pirate strength option in Game setup. Decreasing pirate strength makes for an easier game, with pirates closer to the weaker, old-style Legends pirates
- Ancient Guardians no longer automatically declare war on empires building victory wonders

V1.9.0.8 – June 28th, 2013

• Eighth Update

- fixed rare crash when select colony
- fixed rare crash with fleets

- fixed bug where AI ship design process was still creating unbuildable new designs (too large) for a ship subrole when there was an existing buildable design for the same subrole
- automation setting for Research now properly honored - will not auto-select new research projects when Research automation is disabled
- fixed filters in Pirate Missions panel in Empire Navigation Tool when playing as normal empire

- disabled auto-self-destruct for hopelessly damaged ships when empire is player
- pirate factions no longer offer to sell tech when recipient empire has nearly researched the tech themselves
- improved drawing of Long Range Scanner visibility for Resupply Ships
- characters at ships or bases are now immediately auto-transferred to empire capital (or pirate home base) when manually scrapped (when not damaged and in battle)
- AI no longer auto-researches super weapon techs once all other research completed
- ensure that ship missions are cleared when pirate faction joins another empire
- double-clicking on selected fleet in Selection Panel now opens Fleets screen
- improved freighter fulfillment for construction ships with resource shortages

V1.9.0.7 – June 21st, 2013

• Seventh Update

- fixed bug where mining stations marked to not auto-retrofit were still retrofitting
- fixed bug where assigning fleet retrofit would sometimes not work (fleet would simply refuel)
- fixed bug where fleets would sometimes not attack space creatures

- added civilian ships (freighters, mining ships, passenger ships) to Build Order screen when playing as a pirate faction
- fixed bug where Build Order screen was building new pirate construction ships at controlled (but unowned) colonies

- pirate factions now build more freighters and less military ships
- pirates now more likely to build new mining stations
- slightly reduced pirate income from controlled colonies
- improved willingness of pirate fleets to engage enemies near controlled colonies

- improved distribution of mining station build locations for AI controlled construction ships
- slightly decreased Steel usage in components

- fixed problems with battles at colonies with pirate raiders and standard troops (invasions sometimes being mistaken for raids, etc)
- reduced population losses during colony invasions, especially at smaller colonies

- fixed bug where ringed planets and stars would sometimes not be drawn when near edge of screen

- improved damage from Ion Weapons against Bombard weapons and Vectoring engines
- captured ships now consider whether hyperdrive is merely disabled (instead of destroyed) before scrapping at capture point (instead of sending to disassemble at yard)
- slightly increased difficulty of 'Destroy Base' intelligence missions

V1.9.0.6 – June 14th, 2013

• Sixth Update

- fixed various crashes

- fixed bug where some pirate games would often 'stall' on some hardware configurations
- fixed bug where pirate relations would sometimes get mixed up
- corrected bug where pirates were offering negative pirate protection amount when normal empire cashflow was negative
- fixed bug where pirates could not manually change tax rate at colonies where they build Criminal Network
- fixed bug where pirate colonizing planet where already have spaceport would cause spaceport to be removed
- fixed bug where a pirate faction raiding a colony where they already have a pirate base or fortress resulted in them battling against their own troops who defend the base
- fixed bug where galactic storms would often get 'lost' when reload game

- fixed Ion Pulse weapons to properly disable weapons and engines
- fixed bug where normal components were getting damaged before Armor was completely destroyed

- when retrofitting damaged ships or bases, damaged components are now first repaired
- Troop loadouts for ships are now reviewed when the ships is retrofitted to a new design
- pirate construction ships no longer retrofit or repair at controlled (but unowned) colonies
- fleets will no longer go to retrofit when no ships in the fleet have newer designs available

- AI ship design process no longer creates unbuildable new designs (too large) for a ship subrole when there is an existing buildable design for the same subrole

- added some filters at the top of the Pirate Missions panel in the Empire Navigation Tool at screen left: attack/defense/smuggling mission types, accepted/open missions
- fixed Design Detail screen warnings panel so that text wraps and scrolls
- increased text size in Research screen

- altered "Random" proximity setting in Game Startup to distribute starting empires *EVENLY* across the galaxy
- now exclude space creature appearance Shadows events if space creatures are completely disabled in game setup

- characters no longer have skill increases until skills and traits are revealed
- fixed bug where Demoralizing and Inspiring character traits were sometimes not working

- pirate and diplomatic offers now ensure that offered empire has *excess* money to purchase (not just enough)
- weak pirate factions (no spaceport, weak military, negative cash and cashflow) now join stronger nearby pirate factions
- added new Engagement Stance settings for *manually* controlled ships and fleets (Game Options > Empire Settings). These settings default to 'no change', so that Engagement Stance does not change when a player manually assign missions to ships and fleets. Existing Engagement Stance settings now apply to auto-controlled ships and fleets
- military ships will now 'gang-up' on enemy targets better, assigning many attackers to take on a target

v1.9.0.5 – June 6th, 2013

• Fifth Update

- fixed various crashes

- fixed bug where pirate colonies sometimes showed up twice in Colonies Screen

- improved willingness of pirate freighters to fulfill smuggling missions
- smuggling missions properly expire when resource requirements fulfilled at colony
- slightly lowered number of freighters that AI builds

- increased prices for pirate defend missions
- an empire will assign a maximum of 3 pirate defend missions per system
- raids on a colony that is being protected in a pirate defend mission do not fail the mission unless that raid is successful

- normal planetary empires more willing to form protection agreements with pirate factions, especially when pirates are stronger than them
- pirate protection agreement costs better matched to empire cashflow (i.e. ability to pay)
- pirate factions now better handle tourism, resort bases and passenger ships
- pirates cannot build bases at colonies of other empires (e.g. spaceports)

- raids on a colony now inflict less casualties on population at the colony
- troops defending a colony during an invasion regenerate health/readiness at half usual speed, new troops also recruited at half-speed. This makes colony invasions easier to achieve

- captured bases at colonies of other empires will now self-destruct
- fighters now better at handling boarding and capture missions

- improved function of 'Auto Upgrade' button in Designs screen - now properly preserves weapon types (e.g. phasers, rail guns)
- can now alter 'Auto Retrofit' dropdown setting for Mining Stations in Design Detail screen

- tractor beams now push creatures away when they are attacking a ship
- further improved performance, especially in large games

v1.9.0.4 – May 31st, 2013

• Fourth Update

This build is mainly to address the reported issues with idle civilian ships

- Fixed various crashes

- Further improvements to ensure that civilian ships do not become idle
- Fixed bug where design templates that specify phaser weapons would instead sometimes produce designs with pulse blasters or rail guns (even when phasers available)
- Fixed bug where Resort Bases could sometimes not be built at scenic locations if already had mining station built there

- Improved performance, especially for large games
- Can now toggle auto/manual retrofit for private base designs (i.e. mining stations) in designs screen
- Added troop type labels (Infantry, Armored, etc) to hover message for troop recruitment action buttons when colony selected

v1.9.0.3 – May 29th, 2013

• Third Update

Crash Fixes
- Fixed crash when edit planet with Warp Field Precursor tech ruins
- Fixed various other crashes

General Bug Fixes
- Fixed problem where research progress sometimes stops
- Fixed bug where owned pirate colonies would often not earn tax income
- Fixed bug where recruited Cloned troops were too strong
- Further fixed Build Order advisor suggestions so that the construction price is constantly updated to reflect current economic conditions
- Fixed bug with colony upkeep costs, so that this is now properly calculated and displayed
- Fixed bug where the ship design AI would not properly obsolete old ship and base designs if they were above the current construction size limit
- Bombard weapons are now properly added to designs when in a design template

- Pirates no longer build new spaceports or other bases at a planet where they already have a spaceport
- Fixed description of pirate corruption at colonies to show correct value (Colonies screen, Population tab)
- Reduced reputation level increases from destroying pirates, destroying pirate spaceports is the most significant factor counting towards reputation
- Now properly show extra settings in Empire Policy screen once a pirate faction builds the Criminal Network and has owned colonies
- Pirates now cannot raid a colony when the same pirate faction is already invading colony (with standard troops)

- Fixed Selection Panel so that it properly displays bases and ships with many fighters (200+)
- Changed hotkey for taking screenshots to PrntScrn (was "/" on numeric keypad)
- Auto-controlled military ships without hyperdrives now do not attempt to escort ships with hyperdrives
- Added further improvements to refuelling for independent freighters and civilian pirate ships
- Can no longer board and capture abandoned ships or bases (e.g. planet destroyers, debris fields, etc)

v1.9.0.2 – May 27th, 2013

• Second Update

Crash Fixes
- Fixed crash when start new prewarp game with very few pirates
- Fixed crash when last ship in fleet is destroyed while fleet selected, and then click next fleet button
- Fixed various other crashes

General Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug where private sector ships would sometimes stop working
- Improved bug (work in progress) where Build Order screen has zero values for ship construction amounts
- Fixed bug where construction ship repairing a damaged ship at a planet would separate from damaged ship being repaired
- Pirate faction manually scrapping ships and bases now properly earns looting income
- Ensure money obtained as loot from raid is never negative

Pirates, Controlled Colonies, Facilities and Raids
- Fixed bug where sometimes could not build Criminal Network except via advisor suggestion
- Pirate facilities are now much less likely to be destroyed in raids
- Destroying pirate facilities at colonies of normal empires is now harder, as more pirate raider troops are generated to defend pirate bases at colony. Pirates also receive a combat bonus when defending their controlled colony with a Pirate Base or Fortress
- Enemy raids against colonies with pirate facilities will usually only damage the facilities instead of completely destroying them
- Pirate control level at colonies now does not drop below thresholds when have pirate base or fortress present (50% or 100%), even when planet population passes cap where pirate control would normally decrease
- Pirate military ships do not raid own controlled colonies when control level is above 50%
- Raids against controlled colonies where you have own pirate facilities will not destroy these facilities
- Pirate factions will now defend against enemy raids on their controlled colonies with pirate facilities
- Pirate facilities are now faster to build at controlled colonies
- Colony corruption level is now higher when pirates control the colony, and especially when pirate facilities are present

- Gizurean alien race now has lower population growth from periodic race change event
- Bombardment can now sometimes destroy planetary facilities
- Construction ships no longer incorrectly load retrofit resource cargo when repairing damaged ships
- Added message to player when foreign intelligence agent successfully sabotages construction at a base, colony or construction ship
- Patrolling fleets now more likely to engage enemy targets in same system
- Colony ships now always check whether colonization target is within range

v1.9.0.1 – May 24th, 2013

• First Update

Crash Fixes
- fixed crash at game startup on some PCs (ManagementObject)
- fixed another rare crash

Bug Fixes
- fixed bug where could have two smuggling missions for a colony if both manually request and then also accept advisor suggestion
- fixed problem where certain races do not start with Resupply Ship when playing as pirate
- fixed colors of pirate bonuses (Empire Summary screen) so that penalties are red and bonuses are green

Freighters and Resources
- Construction Ships now also deliver initial retrofit resource cargo to bases they build, thus mining stations have retrofit resources without freighters needing to deliver them afterwards
- bases present at game startup (e.g. mining stations, etc) now have retrofit resource cargo presupplied
- now have less freighters built by private economy, especially in large empires
- now use less Carbon Fibre in components

User Interface
- Mining Station list in Empire Navigation Tool now shows resources mined instead of cargo
- remapped Screenshot key to "/" key on numeric keypad (instead of "0")
- added hotkey for opening/closing Ground Report screen ("[", open bracket)
- added pirate stats to *own empire* when selected in Diplomacy screen
- now properly adjust size of Ground Report screen so that edges are not off-screen when enlarged
- altered default values for scroll and zoom speed in Game Options so that zooming and scrolling is slower and smoother

- AI is now properly sending advisor suggestion to player before sending a pirate fleet to carry out an assigned Defend mission - i.e. not overriding manual control of fleets

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it directly from the game’s download page where you can also find the modding manual.

Get more information on Distant Worlds: Shadows from its official product page.
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Tampa_Gamer »

Just to clarify, I assume there is no difference between this version and the one released late last week (e.g. we don't need to re-download/overwrite)?
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Kayoz »

Is there any difference with this post?

That one is 4 days old. Is there any particular reason why Matrix is re-posting the update notification which is identical except for the date - "Version – August 26th. 2013 ". Same version (, two different dates (22nd, 26th)? Eh?
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Kayoz »

ORIGINAL: Tampa_Gamer

Just to clarify, I assume there is no difference between this version and the one released late last week (e.g. we don't need to re-download/overwrite)?

No difference. MD5 of both is fdd12b69e63d0dc54e606faa78e75432.

Two announcements.
Two different dates cited.
One file.
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Tampa_Gamer »

Thanks Kayoz
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Erik Rutins »

Hi guys,

It was re-posted so that we would have a post to link in the PR that went out yesterday, with a full change list since release. The update was posted here last week, but officially announced to the world yesterday.


- Erik
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by King Doom »

Does this patch give us the option to turn of the non stop YOU DO NOT HAVE RESOURCES STOP TRYING TO BUILD THINGS EVER pop ups?
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Tampa_Gamer »

King Doom - I am not at home right now to verify this, but I believe there is a checkbox to turn off all pop-ups in the empire options menu
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Kayoz »

AFAIK, that turns off -ALL- popups.
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Tampa_Gamer »

Yup, that's why I used the word "all" [:D]
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RE: Distant Worlds: Shadows v1.9.0.11 Update

Post by Kayoz »

Sounds like the answer someone gave in my Bio 101 class. It was a class on antibodies and how the body fights viruses. The prof asked, "Let's say Dr. Bell (the other prof) has a viral infection. What should we do to kill the virus?". Someone piped up, "We autoclave him!".

Which I thought was a brilliant answer.
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