[WIP/REL] Macross Wars Universe v0.3.Alpha [DW:Universe]

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[WIP/REL] Macross Wars Universe v0.3.Alpha [DW:Universe]

Post by rankalee »

Macross Wars Universe is a mod for Distant Worlds: Universe which is "roughly based" on the Macross series but with my own "custom" flavor... it is still very experimental at this stage.

It currently features 5 new factions, the UN Spacy, Zentraedi, Meltrandi, the Vajra/SMS (combined forces) and now the REF (Robotech Shadow Chronicles Expeditionary Force). It will also feature the beloved characters from the series.


The first 3 races are based around the Macross original/DYRL timeline, while the Vajra/SMS are based upon post-Frontier timeline. So you'll see SDF-1 with UN Spacy while the Macross Quarter is with the Vajra/SMS and so on...

I do have plans to add more races/factions from the Macross Universe eventually, but only when I feel like the existing ones are fleshed/polished out abit. I am also thinking about ''what if'' factions/scenarios as well. Hopefully these will be some fun surprises. :D

All the vanilla races are still included for this release.

::Future Plans::

+Implement new DW:Universe modding features. (like government types etc)
+Further update with new ships or edits to make them look better.
+Further edit stats to suit everything.
+Add more Macross sounds and more graphic/weapons effects.
-Further remove placeholder ships while adding new ones to fit.


v.0.3.full: The show goes on and more fixes, new race/faction, more art

+New race/faction: REF: Robotech Expeditonary Force (Shadow Chronicles)similar stats as UNSpacy for now, some new characters, some basic shipset/bases...more to flesh over upcoming patches.
+Adding missing blinking lights to Vajra Explorer ship.
+Added Das' Blue Chrome UI (cursors, some icons and some flagset).
+Added Custom Pirate race images. Balanced, smuggler etc.
+Added New Government Matriarchy for Meltrandi only. Rough stats but they are slow at reproducing but made up with other stats. Probably needs tweak.
+Removed Way of Ancients government from UN Spacy's start game. Wasn't intended to have it.
+Sound fix: Heavy_Railgun sfx duration too long... shortened to 1 second.
+Added 3 new characters for Vajra race. +New Ranka image for race leader.
+New genericbase for Vajra. Old one becomes trooptransport.
+New smallspaceport sprite for Meltrandi
+New mediumspaceport sprite for Zentraedi, old one now is genericbase sprite.
+New Meltrandi and Zentraedi race images. Adjusted the others.
+cleaned up Vajra mediumspaceport edges.
+New Meltrandi Queadluun-Rau sprites replaces older ones for fighter and bombers.
+New refuel icon (didn't like Das' 'water drop version)
+New diplomacy message pictures. Color coded some vanilla ones. Green for tick, red for X etc.
+New explosions by Jon Micheelsen
+Changed up UNS shipset abit. New passenger and explorer. Reused old carrier as the new resupply. Switched Medium and large spaceports.
+Some New UI buttons edited for Das' and some new creations.
+Added music tracks
+Added some Tyrador ships and bases to REF as placeholder.
+Updated some files to match v. patch

v.0.2 patch

+Added some crude character job icons for now. :)
+cleaned up Vajra Escort and Contructionship outline. Escort looks cleaner and slimmer now. Also changed quite abit of ships around, added a couple new ones like ARMD-R carrier, NUNS Stealth Destroyer. Old unused stuff moved to ALT folder.
+Moved Vajra faction's Guamtamano Carrier, and Northampton frigate over to UNS faction to replace the older designs I used up to now.
+enhanced/enlarged thrusters on Vajra (SMS) Frigate, Gasmining/Miningships.
+SMS mediumspaceport is now SMS largespaceport, new medium vajra spaceport added.
+Color coded some Vajra faction ships/bases, i.e; largespaceport now looks more uniform.
+Added blinking lights to all faction's ships/bases.
+Added some new Metrandi ship sprites as I felt they had the most lackluster shipset. Its starting to come together.


+Ported over to Distant Worlds Universe.
+New experimental race... the "Vajra"/SMS (basically a Macross Frontier inspired combined faction).
+New shipsets across all races, some changes, some polishing/fixes. These are ongoing.
+New characters/agents, new portraits for all races.
+Slight changes to some race stats. These are also ongoing. Everything is probably way out of balance still. I need suggestions with these as I'm terrible with numbers! :D
+Added some music to suit the epic gameplay.
+Probably a few other things I forgot.

::Latest Download links & extra info::

Current Version v.0.3 Alpha

Download at all releases at: http://www.moddb.com/mods/macross-wars


Install to your DW customization folder, start the game and hit change theme and pick "Macross Wars Universe".


kalthaniell's ships and a few others I forget. He pretty much inspired me to make this mod. :)
If you wish for written credit for something let me know.

::Other Downloads::


::Latest Screenshots::

The Vajra/SMS combined fleet attacking the Zentraedi homeworld. (v.0.1.alpha)

::Help me::

I am always looking for help with this mod, so if you think you can contribute anything please don't hesitate to let me know!
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RE: Macross Shipset V1 (UN spacy)

Post by TanC »

Very nicely done! Maybe talk to kalthaniell and request permission to include his ships to make a more "all-encompassing" mod set?
Did you also include new weapons graphics? Maybe make it consistent with the Macross universe. [;)]
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RE: Macross Shipset V1 (UN spacy)

Post by rankalee »

Hi & thanks!

Yeah, I've been thinking to get permission to use the Zentraedi ships from Kalthaniell but maybe abit later on as I get better with modding. I want to focus on perfecting my shipset somewhat first too. :)

No weapon effects yet.. but i have big plans.
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RE: Macross Shipset V1 (UN spacy)

Post by rankalee »

*sorry double post*

but I have updated with modDB page and updated info in first post so I guess it kind of warrants one. :)
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RE: Macross Shipset V1 (UN spacy)

Post by Anthropoid »

Looks like some good stuff!
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RE: Macross Shipset V1 (UN spacy)

Post by Igard »

Cool ships!
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RE: [WIP] Macross Wars V1.2 Alpha Demo

Post by rankalee »

Thanks guys for the kind comments.
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[WIP/REL] Macross Wars Universe v0.1.Alpha [DW:Universe]

Post by rankalee »

Bumpage for new version. :)

Hello all,

I have ported my first mod over for DW:Universe, as well added a new race as well as a couple of new items and fixes.. see the rest of the changelog.
This new version will now be stated as v.0.1.alpha for this initial release, and OP post is edited to reflect this and avoid confusion.
I am now looking into Universe's modding capabilities to learn to change some more things around.

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