Function of Allied Training Command?

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Function of Allied Training Command?

Post by blueatoll »

So I've got a bunch of pilots with over 80 Exp. I've been moving them to Traccom but can't find anywhere in the manual that explains what the advantage of doing this is. I know I'm following Allied doctrine so I'll keep doing it but I wonder what, if anything, does it give me?
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RE: Function of Allied Training Command?

Post by chuckj118 »

In my current game (12/44 Allied) I tried placing 80+ pilots in TRACOM during 1942. The results were never very significant. After a time I moved my 30 or so aces back into combat because they could do more there. I now have pilots with close to 50 kills. I am not sure that having the pilots in TRACOM does much for the allies. If you continue to do it I would like to know the results. My opponent has pretty much put ALL 80+ aces into training others and feels it has helped the Japanese quite a bit.

I do most of my training on map. At least half of my squadrons are on the West coast or in Australia/India training pilots. I go through at the turn of each month and move trained pilots into reserve and then active units. Also, try using less well trained units to pound Japanese bases that have been bypassed; this helps to train them up.

This ends up being a bit of work but is well worth it in the end. I have to discipline myself to only do it once a month. Remember that is takes time to train pilots.
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RE: Function of Allied Training Command?

Post by czert2 »

using of tracom is to speed up traing of new pilots, very usefull if you run low on pools or if you start puting them if they are lower than national average for that year (but dont forget heer is some random numbers so +-2 exps doesnt matter, but if -6, well...).
But if you much bigger problems in finding planes to fly than pilots to fly them  (and all sqadrons have maximum posible of pilots) is is more wise to put these elite pilots to front line where they will be much more usefull.
And having squadron full of 80+ pilots is REALY fun as you see score nicely rising up again greenhorns.
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RE: Function of Allied Training Command?

Post by geofflambert »

It seems like you're mostly just putting them in the fridge for later, which isn't necessarily a bad idea.

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