Modders-Updated List of Mods (self-regulating)

Please post here for questions and discussion about scenario, art and sound modding and the game editor for Distant Worlds.

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Modders-Updated List of Mods (self-regulating)

Post by Tampa_Gamer »

I have seen this work for other games which go through expansions and people coming/leaving community over a number of years. Essentially, you take a new thread and allow each modder one (and only one) post that they continue to update as they update/post new versions of their mods.

That post provides a brief description/version info and a link to each of their mods but typically would not have screen shots since that would take up too much real estate. The purpose is simply to provide a quick index to mods that each user will update rather than a moderator and pack as much information as possible without going overboard on self-advertising.

This provides the following benefits: (1) users have one place to start their search for various mods and can instantly see which mods versions are updated for the newest patch, etc. (think cheap Nexus Mod Manager); (2) once stickied, moderators don't have to continually update the thread (like the compendium thread which quickly becomes outdated); (3) each modder still has their own separate thread to post the actual mod, screen shots, details, get feedback, etc.; (4) works better than a search function due to the variety/nature of the mods; and (5) will serve to keep older mods from being permanently moved off the radar to due archiving, etc.

Each modder's post can be as simple as the following example:

Tampa_Gamer mods:

Character Symbol Mod Universe compatible - replaces character card symbols

Revised Systems.txt Universe compatible - replaces default systems name file with 1,700 easy/unique names

Sound Effects Mod Universe compatible - replaces 53 of the default sound effects

Character Image Pack Universe compatible - for use in your own mods to add 135+ real life human characters

If you agree, simply post links to your mods as I did above and perhaps we can get this idea going. I would ask that each modder limit themselves to one post so we can keep the thread as short as possible. Then just come back and update that post as you update your mods.
For those interested, forum thread link to post with a master list of all my DW mods: Link

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RE: Modders-Updated List of Mods (self-regulating)

Post by Locarnus »

BalanceMod 0.9 [WIP] for DW:Universe & DW:U Extended 1.0

1. extended and rebalanced techtree/research (nearly 200 additional projects)
2. early game hyperspeed/expansion slowdown
3. pirate/ai empire rebalance
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RE: Modders-Updated List of Mods (self-regulating)

Post by Hannable »

Absolutely Huge Ship Name Mod

*Adds over 10,000 names for ships (civilian and military) and bases.
*Will be updated from time to time with added names and new randomized lists
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