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Command Ops: Battles From The Bulge takes the highly acclaimed Airborne Assault engine back to the West Front for the crucial engagements during the Ardennes Offensive. Test your command skills in the fiery crucible of Airborne Assault’s “pausable continuous time” uber-realistic game engine. It's up to you to develop the strategy, issue the orders, set the pace, and try to win the laurels of victory in the cold, shadowy Ardennes.
Command Ops: Highway to the Reich brings us to the setting of one of the most epic and controversial battles of World War II: Operation Market-Garden, covering every major engagement along Hell’s Highway, from the surprise capture of Joe’s Bridge by the Irish Guards a week before the offensive to the final battles on “The Island” south of Arnhem.

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Patch sequence

Post by redwolf »

If you have BFTB and the Arnheim module, was is right sequence to patch?

I assume after installing both, how what if you install BFTB, then the patch, the Arnheim? Do you just patch over?

P.S. ticket submitted about ftp for the non-member patches being down and that the captcha for the member area seems to be broken at least in Chrome.
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RE: Patch sequence

Post by Arjuna »

At the moment, until we release the final BFTB patch #4, if you install BFTB you will get the patch #3 build 4.3.249. The HTTR Ex Pack does not IIRC update the game engine. It just installs data - ie scenarios, maps, estabs. So it should be installed after BFTB. It requires BFTB to exist before you install it. Once you have done so I would recommend installing the latest beta build or you could wait for the final patch #4 which will be out soon.
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