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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by alarikf »

A few new ideas from me:

1) Improve auto-exploration algorithms so multiple ships go to different destinations more reliably.
2) Give me an option to get a message when a space monster or pirates are sighted. Apparently, now I am only told when they attack
3) Allow me to right-click orders for a fleet to attack a specific target, Problem now is that when I get a message "Pirates are attacking base XXX" there isn't an easy way to send a fleet to attack the pirates, even if the fleet is ready

And also please please please make it so moons are named hierarchically. I.e., "Sol-3A" not "Luna". As suggested by many above me
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by uberknight72 »

:Larger Steller bodies:

Planets and other solar bodies need to be MUCH larger. Some of my biggest problems are when I have a large fleet or group of ships at a planet or other stellar body they sometimes completely cover the planet making selecting the planet or body itself almost impossible without moving them away. Even with having something like a large space port built on a planet significantly makes selecting it harder.

A size scale to give an idea of how much larger they need to be could be like the smallest non-gas giant planet size would be the current largest non-gass giant planet size, with everything else scaled up to that level, Everything would look much more realistic and much more manageable and add a better realistic sense of scale.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Dab42 »


Just realized this post should have been in the Master Wishlist thread.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by ValkyriesGrace »

I may as well throw in my wishlist :) I dont know if anything I will say is included in Return of the Shakturi so forgiveness please :)
  • Secret Projects - I'd like to see this expanded a little. So far the only projects I think you can do is build Death Stars or Ultimate War machines. I would LOVE to see some options to build top secret specialist stations like a Research Station to create a Virus or alien creature to infect my enemies. (Now assuming the game can do this) You would right click an area of space far from enemy lines or or somewhere secluded such as a Black Hole or Neutron Star and the option "Start Classified Project" when selected a window will appear asking what sort of project you wish to commence e.g. Bioweapon Design and Creation, Death Start construction, Stellar Manipulator (Build a planet or star show the galaxy whose boss) and so on. As for Design I'd like it if the window had a design project button where a window appears with all you have researched under a "Biology" tree allowing you to tailor your pathogen or creature to your specifications. This whole concept would smack open its own level of gameplay such as if the station has not been maintained or funded correctly or if a Spy breaks in there could be a chance for a outbreak galaxy wide or the chance of your project of building a star exploding destroying the system or the ship being taken over.
  • I would like to see AI research to build ships owned by a AI system you get to name and research would allow you to build cities that automate themselves and build androids which could all if you employ aggressive laws against the AI's they could start a AI Rebellion and take over colonies and fleets and you will either have to work it out peacefully or research a Loyalty Virus to take them back like in Sword of the Stars.
  • FTL Technology. I like the Current one but I would like to see Gate systems for us to start off with. I found that empires expanded too quickly for my tastes at the starting level since for RP purposes I played the game on Small Maps (that and my friends laptop lacks the RAM for anything more bigger than Small or Normal) so I wouldn't mind seeing Gates which you could still build at tech advances for RP purposes or other. I'm not sure if the Current AI could use this but if Wormholes we're added to the game I'd assume the AI could then use the same algorithms for Gate Travel. This would slow expansion down for those who like their games to last :) that and add a bit of depth.
  • Galaxy Generation Based on real start charts. Sol System with the Proxima Centauri and Alpha Centauri system just 4 Light years away. I would so love to see that little tick box on Start New Game under Galaxy Creation.
  • I recall the ingame encyclopedia mentioning I can play the game how I like by being a captain or bounty hunter. I'd love to see this get expanded so under Galaxy creation you can tick a series of boxes that gives your Empire over to the AI so and puts you into a captains chair and pretty much lets you switch to and from RTS4X to Space Simulator.
  • Content Creation. I wouldnt mind a software package that lets us add our own content with a easy to use system and interface (akin to STO's Forge, Galactic Civilization 2's tech/weapon/engine etc creators and Spore's content sharing) I want each game (That I get the chance to play) to feel truly unique.
  • Faction Limitations - I'd like to see the option that gives each race its own Tech Tree so each race can only access its technology and to get access to others you need to work for it and either spend years brown nosing the AI into trading it or take it by force (If this was a Star Trek game I would give the example of Feds can only research Phasers, Photons and Quantum Torps where Klingons and Romulans get Cloak, Disruptors and Plasma Torpedoes.)
  • Bigger Celestial Bodies. I wouldn't mind seeing a "Select Celestial Body Scale" option. Its kinda irritating when a fully developed world has a huge defense fleet in orbit with stations and all the AI controlled civilian ships and they stop me from selecting my planet easily that and it makes it look like the stations and ships are what..15 thousand KM long? (Earths Diameter being 12,756.32KM)
  • Sub-Factions - Oooo shiny nice little Factions. We have your general empires with its what I control and own and what Civilians(AI) control but what about Sub-Factions I can create that govern what the civilians do to add a level of realism but also can add to a new game concept and feature. Say I create a Corporation for Research e.g. Umbrella Corporation. They give my empire a Bonus to Research and every now and then churn out a random tech for me from whatever Tree I have them specialize in and might even churn out Commodities and propose ship designs.
  • Expanded Research Categories - I'd like to see the Tree changed so its one big one but (So I dont have to Tab between them all) with new categories such as Computer Research (AI's, Sensors, Computer Cores) Biology (Terraforming, Colonizations, Bio-Weapons, Medicine) etc etc.
  • With Ships do they have a Computer Cores? If not I'd like to see them added. That way you cant just Spam a ship you have to watch carefully to make sure your ship can actually use everything at once and not give BSOD's across the ship and upset the Captain while he tries to play some Garry's Mod or whatever

Well Thats all I have. Some have probably been said and I dont know if what I said can even be implimented to the game either because Dev's dont feel its for DW or the game simply cant have them but their just what I'd like to see
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by currierm »

I'd like to see a notion of your score and a high score board.

Currently it takes a PhD and a bunch of forum research to setup a game- witness threads on the lines of "How to setup a challenging game". I think Quick Start attempts to address this. But more is needed. I think a combination of Quick Start changes and changes to Start New Game would do it:
  • More quick start options related to a single colony start (IMO, the most common way to play the game).
  • A high level choice for some quick start options that sets a difficulty. For example, for the single colony start the difficulty would change starting planet quality, tech, etc....
  • A customize button that launches the full new game experience. That way you can choose something close to what you want and then tune the details.
  • Better UI when you add new empires. Everything to random isn't a good setting. Maybe even change the starting settings based on game difficulty setting.
  • A difficulty score that updates as you make changes- this would feed into the scoring system.

I think these are fundamental features and will help broaden the appeal of the game.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Darkspire »

A On the ship design screen would it be possible to have check boxes beside the different ship classes so that the game AI only assigns its own designs to the ones that are checked? I quite like the Game AI making 90% of the designs, i only design them when i need one for a special role, EG using the AE weapons on suicide runs deep into enemy territory

B Would it be possible to somehow have a way of telling the game AI to not put troop storage modules on ships except the troop transports?
Maybe incorporate an option in the Empire AI settings in the research and design section, like only troop transport ship designs to have troop storage modules?
As there is no ship capture like in MOO2 using marines, IMHO it just makes more sense to just have troop transports carry the troops and drop them off, at least it would give folks the option to choose.

C Same as B but have the same sort of option in the Empire AI settings (under research and design) to not put AE weapons on starbases?


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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Sithuk »

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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by x2yzh9 »

Edit:Sorry, wrong thread.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Modest »

Hmm... I would like to implemend into a game dual and even trimple star systems. Such system could still have planets as eny other. It also could be great scenery location. Also if somebody would be lucky then both stars could give some research bonuses.

Another thing which I would like to propose is to:
- make sure that every time game is started and new galaxy is created a black hole will always be put in the middle of it
- it would be even better if insted of normal black hole, in the middle of galaxy would be put always a supermassive black hole

What it could be doing? Certialny big scenery bonus (if ordinary black holes are giving it than why not the super massive one? ;)) and a huge reasearch bonus. Not to mention it's ability to kill those who dare to come into it's Event Horizon.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by balibalou »


I think it could be cool to have the possibility to trade ships with the AI, this could effects relationship with an AI if we sell state ship to its enemy at a low price and really role play with the teekans.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Sabre21 »

Need to add in the ability to add leaders/characters with the editor or at least be able to transfer those from one location to another. When trying to set up a new game, moving a race to a new location is a major pain. It would be nice to simply copy/paste the entire star system and put it into a new location that then deletes the original one. Currently with Legends, there is no way to move characters when the editor is active, so if a race is moved to a new location and the original location deleted, the leaders are lost putting the AI at even a more of a disadvantage. I don't know how quick new leaders or characters are generated if none exist.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Bebop Cola »

1. More granularity for race policy. In a pinch I'd be satisfied being able to target an entire race family for specific policies. Ideally, I'd like to be able to specifically target eachspecific race within a family for migration control.

2. I'd also like it if races set to resettlement orders would migrate to a world with a more native environment when they have a choice. If I set the Ackdarians for resettlement and I have both volcanic and ocean worlds for them to choose from, they always choose ocean. If they don't gave a choice, they look to migrate out of the empire when possible but go to the volcanic world if there are no other valid migration destinations. Maybe they prioritize resort bases as a target until a more viable one opens up.

3. The ability to get rid of that last 1m on a colony short of extermination.

4. In addition to the ability to reject colonial allegiance in the original post, the ability to flag a colony for abandonment. Colony will be set as an independent colony after a certain period of time. In the interim, resettlement migration for all races present is automatically locked on so a percentage of the population can move to other colonies. Those that remain form the population of an independent world along with any facilities and bases that were not scrapped. The emigration time is there to represent the percentage of the population that wishes to remain in the empire, so it needs to be long enough for some to emigrate but not so long that everyone does. Some simply wont emigrate away from their homes or will be unable to due to the home empire's migration policies.

5. The ability to trade colonies, but with a delay like the one for flagging a colony for abandonment above. Colony will be queued for change of ownership in the near future, providing time for some of the population to emigrate away.

6. I'd like to have the ability to be a military goods broker, so to start I'd like to have the ability to sell ships and perhaps troops. To get more detailed, let's say I've set my empire up to maximize manufacturing(shipyard wonder, custom construction bases, mines to supply them all, etc), I'd like to be able to produce baseline ships and products to supply other empires in exchange for military and economic concessions. Of course, I'd want to be able to easily tailor the goods I produce to not give them an unfair advantage over myself, so I'd like a simple way of throttling my ship designs to a particular tech level so as to produce ships in bulk that won't be much good for analyzing for tech advances. Currently I'd need to manually design ships with old technology components, or refrain from obsoleting old designs and muck up my retrofit lists.

The way I imagine it, I could use the Legends tech level slider to choose a tech level and either let the AI design a ship at that level or design one myself with a components list restricted by the tech level slider. It would then be flagged outside my own ship designs so as to not muck up my own design progression and retrofit lists. This design could then be produced in bulk and sold to cash heavy empires short on manufacturing capacity who've recently entered into a war. Troops are shipped by private sector traders, ships change ownership wherever they are and move themselves to their new home.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Kellavar »

Hi all!

It's my first post ever on these forums but I've read quite a lot of the useful information that is around, trying to learn the basics of the game. Right now I am in the middle of my first long game, with a 700 stars 10x10 spiral galaxy, with 35 starting empires. I must say that until I got to know how to develop my economy to make it stable I was having a really hard time with the game.

Anyway, I finally have understood what are the crucial steps one has to take when building an empire. Oh, by the way, I play with max difficulty and longest research time, and no tech trading at all! I only gave all my tech to the Freedom Alliance after the Shakturi's mask slipped, in a roleplaying effort to save the galaxy. I'm the first empire in the galaxy, by far, so there's no fear!!

Ok, given the limited experience I possibly have with the game I will maybe suggest things that are already doable or in the wishlist, but I have tried to read everything possible to see if they are original or not.

Here they are.

- Ship Design window:

1 - Component Reordering: due to the importance of component order when a ship is being built, it would be very convenient to be able to reorder components without having to strip them all to get to the one you want to be replaced/relocated. Some buttons or even a ctrl+arrow-up/down to reorder components would be great.

2 - Component Replacing: if component reordering has been implemented, this would be a minor feature, but, anyway, being able to replace a component without having to remove -> add new one would be an extra help. E.g.: you want to replace the reactor, which is up in the component list of your design. With the current system, you have to strip all the components an add them again after you replace the reactor. With the new system you would just put the new reactor in the place of the old.

- Construction Ships: new window with a list of current orders and some buttons to change precedence of or even cancel them.

- New Map Types: I have been thinking about a possibly interesting game, where you have a big galaxy of whatever type you want and then you have a smaller, different shape (or not) galaxy far, far, FAR away, with a configurable number of stars. The point of this map would be that you would be isolated for a long time while your tech level is still not enough to reach the core galaxy and make contact with other empires. This would be a kind of an island, where you must play your game until the time comes and you or another empire finally make contact. There would be some scattered systems between both groups of stars to make travelling possible, but full of hazards to avoid sending your first scout and just letting him run out of fuel and reach the other galaxy.

- Components Description: we really need information on what some components do. I have already learnt what does each do, but this information should be in the game and not only in the forums (I know this problem has already been mentioned).

Well, that's all by now. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next expansion released!

Cheers to all. :)
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Galandar »

I'm a newb as well, and I love this game! How about reworking the retrofit concept a bit? Besides retrofitting to new stuff, there ought to be some maintenance and upkeep going on as well. It might be hard to implement, but ships ought to have a call it "commissioning date" and after a certain amount of time, ship performance would begin to degrade. Whenever a ship would go for maintenance, this commissioning date would be updated, and retrofitting would be an option at that time as well. It would also allow fleets to be put on different maintenance/retrofitting schedules so that when the suggestion to retrofit comes up, you don't have this massive rush for the starbases that empties whole areas of ships. I don't know if the AI recognizes that, but I sure hate it when I choose to retrofit and both fleets in a system run home to mama and then the pirates hit.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Antiscamp »

Fewer civilian ships

I think the high number of civilian ships is causing problems in the late game. At least on my system, I get huge lag. This could possibly be resolved in a simple way that does require some careful balancing.

Limit the number of civilian ships so that there's only one ship per trade route. When I colonize planet A, a heavy freighter is immediately built and put on the route between A and B. Cargo bays need to be rebalanced to hold proper amounts of cargo for a fewer amount of civilian ships flying around. Small freighters are then also built at planet A to cover all the mining stations in the area. One freighter cares for foreign trade between me and each other empire I'm trading with.

This would make each civilian ship much more important. An enemy targetting my trade routes could really disrupt my economy. Balancing of civilian ships as well as cargo bays is necessary to make the private sector work properly with this idea.

Instead of like 500 civilian ships, the number could be turned down to 50 for large empires, and I think it would make the game both flow better as well as be even more interesting.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by mokkbs »

Late to the party, love the game, but have a few comments:

1. Colonization Range Limits:Would really like this to be a tech tree item. Start out small, work your way up. Maybe start at 1.0 or .5 and add .5 with each step. Perhaps even variable as to starts, steps, and limits.

2. Colonization planet types: Races which colonize Volcanic/Ice have a huge advantage here. Ocean/Desert some advantage, Continental/Marshy less so. Changing it so that depending on your racial type will depend on order/difficulty to obtain that type of colonization package would be nice.

3. Beyond planetary colonization: Another great space game allowed you to build colonization structures called Ring Worlds (Niven) or Sphere Worlds. I would think these would be equivalent to massive bases requiring a huge amount of resources. But when constructed, these could act as colonies and expand your area of influence. Obviously a late game tech, but something to aspire to...especially if you want to own that Loros Fruit system no one can normally settle in. would be quite useful especially of the map sizes could be increased.

4. Map Size/Number of Stars: Physical Limitations/# of stars – I understand the physical memory limits, but a favorite feature of mine for Alpha Centauri (SMAC) was you could define any map size with a warning that it might not work out. Today, 2GB needed may seem a great amount but if I can do 8 with my system...why not? In five years we may all easily be able to dedicate 16 to the game.

5. Map Size/Number of Stars:Sector limitations: I can understand the rational for limiting the number of star systems/clouds in the game. However, I suspect the sector limits might be fairly arbitrary. If I am limited to 1500 stars, do I have to be limited to at most 15x15 sectors. Why can't I do 100x100 sectors with 1400 stars? Yeah, I am crazy....but so is the guy that posted 20+ hours of videos of one game...plenty of crazies here. I love epic, huge games.

6. Other Empires: Random starting Position/Tech/Size: I like surprises. I love randomness, but I would really like to control the randomness range. In other words, I would like things to be random as far as starting distance, but don't want “Near” as one of the options. Same with size, maybe nothing “Huge”. Etc. Think it would help in the tuning of starting conditions.

7. Starting conditions: Would be great if I could save starting configs as a file. Then I could snag interesting ones that others post online.

8. Special Locations: There is a side bar tab for special locations. I know what this is for and have used it. However, I think it could be extended to where you can have a “custom” special location. A map location I bookmark with a right click or something which says “Mark as Special Location” - possibly even allowing me to label it. Then I can use that tab to take me to places of interest to me.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Kellavar »

I wrote this for another post, but I'll post them here again, as I think it's the proper place, anyway.

- Research Times and Choices: I feel the research tree is very small for a game of this size, but this is nothing new, I know. Many people have stated that before, but I would like to add my own ideas to what could be improved. One of the main problems, as I see it, is that there are too few technologies and it's very easy to research them, either by lab research or by reverse engineering of abandoned or pirate ships. Taking, for example, the reverse engineering process, I feel that dismantling alien technology should not give an instant knowledge of that technology. Maybe the newly acquired and more advanced ship parts could lead a scientist or group of scientists to open new research projects that were not present in the current technology tree. Maybe some event could be triggered to choose from a range of new research lines that could lead to success or failure, but that would take a big amount of time. Maybe during the research of one of those lines an accident would occur, killing a scientist or even destroying a whole research centre. These lines of research would take so much time to be completed that researching every tech in the tree would be not possible at all unless you played a super long game. That would lead to different empires with distinct technology, and would make the game much more strategically interesting.

- Cost of Production: my ideas are not very complex on this, so I will just say that the costs of building should be increased to discourage building like if there were no tomorrow.

- Building Speed: as it is now, the game lets you produce 5, 10 or 100 survey stations in 5 minutes if you have 5, 10 or 100 constructors available, making each of those bases a simple and forgettable anecdote. I would love to reverse this and make each of those bases a huge, long and worthy investment, so that losing one of them would be something that hurt. Building speed is too fast for a game of galactic size. I have so many bases that I have either built or captured that I can not keep track of all of them. I just forget about them and they only help my with the logistics when refuelling/repairing or retrofitting/retiring. Pirates should try to take stations back. Building times for ships should escalate exponentially. A scout, for example, could be assembled in a reasonable amount of time, but a capital ship should be a day in history for your empire, not just Capital Ship 0027.

- Exploration: I've read about this in another thread and I will just repeat it here, because it made so much sense for me. Ruins should not give an instant result by just approaching them. Maybe, a nice idea would be to have to send a scientist or intelligence agent or an agent of different kind to investigate the ruins, with random outcomes affected by agent quality and other factors. Each ruin would be either an investment, a disaster or just an anecdote.

- Social Interaction: I will divide this in two ideas. Different tongues and more xenophobia. I think that being able to speak with any space creature you find in the galaxy since the start is not immersing. I would like to feel fear of some races simply because I don't understand what they are saying. Languages could be a different line of research, opening new possibilities while you encounter new species throughout the galaxy. Maybe some of those languages would just be impossible to research in one game, leaving some empires isolated from you just because of the impossibility of understanding each other. The other part of this point, the xenophobia part, would imply empires being much more aggressive when invading their borders, even with exploration ships and spicing it a little with language complications. Friendly relations would be something to really take care of.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by nelsonlee_slith »

In the Return-O-S,there are many beautiful and powerful Capitalships can be found in the begganing exploration but all dispeared in legends,could you pls set them back?or tell me how to set them back
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by simsum »

If there was just 1 thing I could change in DW, it would be adding an auto-pause & go-to on event feature.

Manually controlling pretty much anything in DW requires you watching the game like a hawk. Having the option to make the game automatically pause and centre the screen on whatever type of events you've specified (like the completion of various mission types), would make the game 5000% more playable for the micro-inclined.


Pie in the sky kind of wish is production chains and subsidising options for the private sector. Right now resource processing is a little bit too abstract for my tastes. Sure, lots of resources are processed in some way, but specific resources don't require specific processing installations for specific purposes. If they did, especially if such processing installations fell under the private sector and could be subsidised by the government, the galaxy would feel even more alive and it would open up for a wealth of new strategic possibilities.
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RE: Wishlist Compilation

Post by Alexandus »

I saw on the main page that a suggestion was 12. Multilateral treaties and alliances but I was hoping to expand upon the idea a bit or at least give some clarity of detail.

At current it reads:
12. Multilateral treaties and alliances: The ability to create free trade areas or defensive alliances, with the option to either have a faction leader (i.e. the strongest faction in a defensive alliance against an outside aggresor) or to have an equal voting system (i.e. to decide when to admit new members or seek peace terms etc) - SilverRocket

I would like to see this labeled or possibly labeled as a "Federation". Such a Federation would have to be heavily discussed amongst the potential founding members before it is established, such as:

(These selections can be optional whether or not to include in the proposal on your Empire's behalf when establishing/proposing the Federation)

Leadership Establishment- Will the Federation be lead by an individual Empire or run as a collective or Council-style setup?
Political Policies- Similar to Empire Policies, but all member 'Empires' will need to abide by them
Defenses- Which member group(s) will be placed in charge of warship production
Federation Fleet Command- Who will command the fleets now labeled as being part of the Federation?
Separate Fleets- Allow member groups to maintain their own personal Fleets and divert XX% of warship production to the Federation
Voting Policies- What Percentage of votes must be cast to pass a new policy? (Must be > 50%)
Colonization Proposals- Will a member Empire need to request a vote to build a new colony?
War Proposals- Will a member Empire need to request a vote to declare war on a non-Federation Empire?
Federation Member Expulsion- What percentage of votes must be cast to forcibly remove a Federation Empire from your ranks? (Must be > 50%)

This could be expanded further, but I wanted to provide the ideas that were on the tip of my tongue...well, fingertips.

As I stated in another post, This could provide additional political depth to the game in the long-run, allowing for one large Federation, composed of numerous Empires to seek out mutual co-existence. Every XX number of years new elections could potentially be held (If the Federation is run via a council style setup) and new characters could be brought into the Federation, potentially changing that member Empire's stances on various issues, OR there could be no elections and you'll have to lobby various Federation members to vote your way in the upcoming voting on XYZ policy.

The potential for a system like this is great, I'm just curious to see if anyone else agrees with me.
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