armour location position

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armour location position

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Can someone maybe explain, where exactly the particular location position of the armour is. I mean, I know what a turret is, but why has it 3 locations (turret and gun mantlet and what else? The IS-II even has 4 turret locations). The same with superstructure and hull. Mayby there is an assignment of the location numbers to specific places.

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RE: armour location position

Post by Mobius »

There are 3 locations out of a possible 10 so the turret would be about 30% of the effective hits on that tank. The JS II has a larger turret in proportion to its entire body so 40% are turret locations.

Yes, there are locations for specific places. But, it varies sometimes because of hull, superstructure and turret area sizes. The locations tend to go from the lowest number position 2 as the lowest hull to 10 the highest (above gun mantlet). Tracks are usually positions 1 and 4.
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