Great Patriotic War Campaign Scenario

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Great Patriotic War Campaign Scenario

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best greetings,

i made a "domestic" scenario with the powerfull scenario editor about some big battle on all east front, in some way around operation barbarossa and all great patriotic war
-based on turns system, not dates system
-soviets receive periodical units reinforcements, more the time, more soviet units.
-all armored units are veterans, both, germans and soviets.
-german only receive replacements, decreasing trough time passing onwards, if them lose an unit, it cannot be replaced.
-no axis minor allies, on this scenario them will be more worthless than ever.
-mainly designed for my own amusement, but, don't found any problem to share for players/users that may want to try some campaign game or see it in action.
-AI opponent is disabled by default, it takes much time, and manages the big scenario hard.
-victory points locations and victory points levels only are on test phase, the main confrontation is how many time the germans will take to shotdown the first line, and, given the soviets where, when and how to setup his second line and ever increasing reinforcements for the real second big battle, as an scenario basically player vs player, some house rule about the victory points conditions can be agreed, also, not difficult to change in the editor. (note... test done about soviets dont losing only when/if, lose few main german victory points locations.
-don't seeking realism, just playability, so, anyone that can look for realism "failures" may or will found them easily, sorry about it, but be free anyone, to take the scenario as a point for start his own scenario/s.
have fun, best regards, and good playing, excuse also my poor english, is not my main language.

EDIT... User Generated Scenario, Windows Path /Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Unity Of Command/User/Scenarios/
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