AC pilot training questions

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Micah Goodman
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AC pilot training questions

Post by Micah Goodman »

I have a whole bunch of questions when it comes to training pilots.
1)There are three different pilot pools, reserve, TRACOM, and replacement. From what I have been able to gleen from the forums if you send vetren pilots to the TRACOM pool it increases the rate at which pilots get on when set to training missins. Is this correct?
2)What is the reserve pool?
3)I assume that the general pool represents all the pilots who have compleated basic flight and should be sent to training units to increase their skills and experienced piolts who have been trained but are not assigned to a specific air group?
4)Next, does the general training option do under the training mission options?
5)On the pilot page under the various different skills there is an eperience colum. Is the only way to gain in the experience colum through actual combat or will training missions raise this skill?
That's it for now. Thanks for the help.
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RE: AC pilot training questions

Post by dr.hal »

Micah. Welcome to this game and all it's complexities. There are many threads already in existence concerning pilot training and the various pools. You might want to search the forum and have a read of these threads that I trust will be very helpful instead of waiting for someone to respond! I found them to be very helpful myself. The search tool can be clunky but also effective. Hal
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RE: AC pilot training questions

Post by aphrochine »

I'll answer you specific questions, but do put in the effort to read over the many discussions on pilot training. Many other questions will be answered, and you find answers to questions you didnt know you needed to ask. :-)

1) TRACOM only accelerates the training within the 1-12 month training cycle. Refer to the manual for details on that.
2) Reserves pool is a pool of unassigned pilots grouped into Fighter, Bomber, Patrol, etc sub groups. These pilots can be of any experience level.
3) Yes
4) General Training will train many different skills, but will train Def faster than any other training mission. The skills trained depends on the plane type. ASW does not train in General afaik.
5) Training will increase Exp up to 50 rather quickly. From 50-60 Exp will increase slowly from training, but still increases. Training beyond 60 is largely considered a waste. Actual missions are required to increase Exp beyond 60. CAP, Naval Search, ASW are all "non-violent" missions you can rely on to increase Exp.
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