Sprite design tips

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Sprite design tips

Post by flopsies »

I want to make some sprites, but I was also thinking of porting ships from Starfarer. Any tips?
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RE: Sprite design tips

Post by Kalthaniell »

1. Gimp is your friend. Layers system is a must ;)
2. If you are using ship imgs with black or coloured background make sure to get rid of outlines surrounding the ship when you cut it (especially if they were white)
3. Be aware that pure blue and pure yellow pixels are for engine trails and position lights. It's always a good idea to desaturate those colours slightly before you start the work on your ship.
4. Try to stick to 300x300 max resolution of the finished ship sprites. Capital ships could be a bit bigger but only if the pics would get too blurry if you shrink them too much.
5. Apply a slight sharpen effect to the ship if you shrunk it more than x2 from what you were working on and draw engines and position lights only after you've shrunk and sharpen the image.

As for Starfarer ships, I don't think there would be any problems as long as ships are .png's with transparent background. You'll still need space stations though, unless there are any in Starfarer.
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RE: Sprite design tips

Post by Shark7 »

Another program you can try to use is Paint.net. It is VERY good at resizing and has become my go to for resizing of images.
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