Weapon testing range - what to do?

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Weapon testing range - what to do?

Post by serg3d1 »

I've found weapon testing range with some abandoned ships. What can I do with them? Exploration ships have no effect, attack with fleet was not effective. Should I build some kind of assault shuttles with marines and board them or what?
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RE: Weapon testing range - what to do?

Post by szabferi »

Select one of your construction ship (you have a button at the edge of the bottom left panel to do so) and repair the derelicts with them. Once they are repaired, they will be yours.

Then you can either keep them (at the beginning of the games, when u find one with 500+ attack rating, it will be a monster) or scrap them for tech bonus.
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RE: Weapon testing range - what to do?

Post by benjiro »

A quick tip: Repairing those damaged ships takes a loooong time. So have some defensive ships around your construction ships, while they do the repairing. Got attacked there from a Silver Cloud? several times.
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RE: Weapon testing range - what to do?

Post by Gareth_Bryne »

In the case of the Silvermist, forget about the dang ships and RUN, unless you have a 4000 firepower fleet, 6 or 7 carriers, or about 10 dedicated ion cruisers[:D]. In all other cases you will be mauled badly and lose more than it's worth...
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RE: Weapon testing range - what to do?

Post by Shark7 »

On a personal note I prefer to keep the Destroyers, cruisers and capital ships for my fleet, but retire the frigates for the tech boost.

But I play with tech at 999k cost, so those bonuses really help out.
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