Storm over the Pacific Updated to v1.10

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Scott Parrino
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Storm over the Pacific Updated to v1.10

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Fixes and new features implemented for improved gameplay

Matrix Games) and Wastelands Interactive ( are happy to announce the release of the v1.10 update for Storm over the Pacific. The update contains both fixes and new features for improved gameplay.

The v1.10 update fixes the issue of CTDs after assigning a commander, as well as the problems with bad counted supply and the calculations of bombardments. Players will enjoy several new features as well, such as units being able to switch places with a SHIFT+click and an increased buffer to store naval AI activities.

To download the update, click here to visit the download page. The update is comprehensive and will bring all versions of Storm over the Pacific to version 1.10. For more information on Storm over the Pacific, visit the official product page on Matrix Games.

Changelog for v1.10

  • Corrected issue with crashing game after assigning a commander.
  • No longer possible to assign commander of different army type.
  • Fixed issue with infinite events loop for Commie China.
  • Fixed problems with bad counted supply.
  • Fixed calculation of bombardment.
  • Air carriers are not attacking if health is too low anymore.
  • Units can be switched in places with SHIFT click.
  • Increased buffer to store naval AI activities.
  • Time on Sea feature added.
  • Distance from port feature added.

About Storm over the Pacific

The creators of WW2: Time of Wrath move to the Pacific theater with Storm over the Pacific. Depicting the epic conflict between Japan and the United States, players choose from 26 available countries with historically accurate orders of battle including land, sea and air units and leaders. Concentrate on directing one country or command several to lead an alliance of nations. Engage in battle over the vast expanse of the Pacific with 16 unit types modeled with an intuitive supply system and governed by realistic and historically accurate weather patterns.

Behind the front lines, players can also manage alliances, monitor economic conditions, and research new technologies. With shrewd management of research resources, players may even embark on a dramatic race to develop Atomic weapons and turn the tide of the war! Even the best laid plans may still falter, though, as hundreds of historical events may occur throughout a campaign, adding the element of surprise and unpredictability that is so commonly found in war.

Storm over the Pacific also sports a configurable user interface that allows you to freely arrange the information and orders panes on the screen. With this sort of freedom, commanding armies and managing nations is easier than ever! Create your own intuitive interface suited to your play style so you can concentrate on plotting to defeat your enemies!
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RE: Storm over the Pacific Updated to v1.10

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Does this latest patch fix the prior 1.10 issue re: ships losing the ability to search and hit because the time at sea was not being reset upon going to port?
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RE: Storm over the Pacific Updated to v1.10

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I just checked this, and it seems to be working properly.
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RE: Storm over the Pacific Updated to v1.10

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ok..thanks for the info.
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