Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

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Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by KPAX »

Does anyone use the B-17s in early 1942 as Nav S or ASW?

It seems there are not enough of the B-17s to matter, there are not enough NavS with legs, and the legs of the B-17 for ASW would be nice until July and after when you have the April upgrades to the DDs and the SC start to roll in.

Anyone use them for ASW and Nav S?
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Thanks !!

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Dan Nichols
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by Dan Nichols »

I use them as ASW, they have 8 500# bombs. I use the PBYs for Naval Search. When I get them, I use B-24s for ASW and send the B-17s to units that are engaged in ground bombing attacks( airfield, port, ground, city, etc ).
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by Nikademus »

mainly for Naval search. PBY's are scarce at game start. B-17's are lovely long range searchers.
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by jmalter »

i got the idea to train USArmy bombers in NavS from sardaukar's 'GC tutorial for newbs' AAR. i trained up a bunch of Bolides, and 1st-arriving B-17s for NavS, but found they had limited utility, since there's really no place to base them, except the WC & Pearl.

PBYs can run from undeveloped islands when supported by AV/AVP/AVD ships, you'll have enough of these by Mar/Apr 42 to cover the route to Noumea, tho' they'll not be trained v. well.

if i re-started my GC, i'd train up a cadre of Army ASW pilots, and leave the NavS to the Navy. the Army ASW guys would be destined for 2E sqns, 4E bombers are the hammer you need to suppress enemy airbases.

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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by LargeSlowTarget »

I use the B-17 units on-map at the start and the early reinforcements 50/50 for naval search and ASW from PH (my 'opponent' keeps hordes of subs around PH) - except the USAFFE B17s which are used to bomb oil facilities captured early by Japan. The PBYs go to the island chain to Oz so I can get my convoys out of the way in case of KB raids into the hinterland. When the Queensland and SoPac bases are secured by ground forces, my B-17s move there to beef-up naval search in this crucial area, meanwhile enough PBYs have arrived to take over the PH patrols. Durign this period, WC restricted units are training pilots for air base bombing and later reinforcements also train for air base bombing. I intend to move the bomb-trained groups to Oz / SoPac as soon as air bases are built-up.
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by crsutton »

Early game they are strictly for naval search. The Allieds are pitifully short of long range patrol aircraft and the D fills that role. Many like to use and lose them offensively but to me. The first priority in the early months is the spot the enemy. Best to know what they are up to. I still have many Ds left in 1944.
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by jeffk3510 »

The range is nice for Naval Search. As mentioned, the bomb load is nice for ASW as well...but mainly Naval Search. All LBA for that fact, because of range.
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by Barb »

B-17 were used for naval search quite a lot - especially after catastrophe at DEI - more B-17 were used in patrol missions in support of whole Guadalcanal operation than was the number of sorties on offensive misions!
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RE: Early 1942 B-17s as ASW and NavS?

Post by Sardaukar »

I always use them on Naval search.
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