Extended Lvov

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Extended Lvov

Post by matt.buttsworth »

Unfortunately I do not have time to play at the moment but I have seen two openning moves
- the limited Lvov, and
- the extended Lvov.
The limited lvov is deadly but the soviet player still has the chance to save some units to fight later.
The extended Lvov - destruction of Army Group West first turn, total enciclement of Army group South with the survivors to be encircled in the second turn.
I simply cannot see how the Soviets can survive such a deadly game and as such see it as unplayable.
Has anyone else faced and survived the extended Lvov salient?

I fear if it is adopted by many players the game is broken.

Matthew Buttsworth
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RE: Extended Lvov

Post by DrewBlack »

Im not sure, but I think the new beta patch stops this as regiments have to pay more of a penalty than previous when moving.
I have not had a chance to check yet, but im sure someone will step into to correct me.
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RE: Extended Lvov

Post by Vorsteher »

Think, Michael can more says. [8D]
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Michael T
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RE: Extended Lvov

Post by Michael T »

The extended Lvov is a thing of the past with the new first turn regimental movement rates (after the most recent patch).

I am working on something new but it can stay in the bank for now, a surprise for someone some day [:D]
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