Planes attacking tanks?

Achtung Panzer:Operation Star is an Eastern Front wargame with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasize the scope of WWII tank combat. The gameplay is a remarkably realistic turn-based and real-time operational/tactical hybrid wargame that continues the series begun by the acclaimed Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943.
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Planes attacking tanks?

Post by henri51 »

Here is a picture showing one of two planes that were circling my tanks for over 5 minutes and apparently dropping bombs. This was a quick battle I had set up.

According to the manual, the only planes are for supplies. So what are these planes doing circling y tanks? No tanks were destroyed, and they had non-fatal hits, but it is unclear if they came from the planes or the armored cars they had just destroyed.

When I forced the ending of the scenarios and looked at the units, no one had any planes, only infantry and AFVs. So where did the planes come from and what were they doing? [&:]


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RE: Planes attacking tanks?

Post by xambrium »

Those are Stukas and you play the russian side, right? So the enemy had an "Luftwaffeleitoffizier" or Airspotter who ordered the birds..

It works like ordering Artillery, but you get just an timer, no target circle..

They are very good ground attack units especialy against gun positions and halftracks, you also get good recon from them..
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RE: Planes attacking tanks?

Post by Redmarkus5 »

I think that when you setup a quick battle, artillery and air assets are added to the OOB by the game engine - you don't select them during QB setup. I seem to get different levels of support each time, often none. Perhaps it's linked to the units you select?
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