Battle Academy Mac Version

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Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by dtopper12 »

I have been playing my Matrix Games war games on the PC side of my Mac using "Parallels" software. I was pleased to see that there is a new Mac version of Battle Academy. I would like to purchase the new Mac version from Matrix Games, I note that one can only the PC version from Matrix. How can I get the Mac version of Battle Academy from Matrix? I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked and answered here. Just want to order the Mac version of Battle Academy.


Dennis Topper
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RE: Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by junk2drive »

I am on a PC and when I try to purchase BA it does not ask which version. Have you tried to buy it from the Mac side of your computer? Maybe the store can sense what you are using?? Don't buy it until you are sure that it is a Mac version.
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RE: Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by Lützow »

Might be a hybrid.

But you can also head to Slitherine. They offer an explicit link for the Mac Version.
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RE: Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by David Heath »


Matrix is only currently selling the PC version. Currently you can only buy the Mac version from Slitherine

Here is the direct link

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RE: Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by Noypi53 »

I wish that Slitherine / Matrix would have an "crossover" price for those who already own a PC version of a game & want to get the Mac version. I got the Mac version of BA even though I already had the PC version. Had to pay full price for the Mac version. [:(]
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RE: Battle Academy Mac Version

Post by IainMcNeil »

It would take a fair amount of work to set up but it could be done if there was enough demand. Basically it would issue you the download but you would retain your existing serial from PC and use that.
Iain McNeil
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