Artillery Production

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Artillery Production

Post by mcaryf »

I do not know if any of the designers/modifiers of the game still read this forum but this is a question aimed at them.

I understand that the population numbers are just one factor in the new squads put into the pool each week e.g. Soviets have an additional multiplier of 8 in 1941 which changes in other years. I am guessing that something similar happens with artillery and I would be interested to know what factors are used (I am not sure why the true situation re population and production is concealed in this way) so I can understand what my production is actually going to be.

Here are some facts from my current game. It is now 17th Aug 1941 and as the Axis I am reported to have destroyed 12,247 guns. At the start of the game the Soviet total gun inventory of all types was 16,588 (from the Alt R report). The current Soviet gun inventory is 11,447. Thus the effective increase in Soviet guns needed to offset their losses must be of the order of 7,000. Their current total factory production level is 259. It was slightly different initially as some factories have grown and some been moved but taking 259 per week over the 8 week period would give production of a bit over 2,000.

Thus something like 5,000 additional guns have appeared from somewhere. There have been a few (less than 40) new units added to the Soviet OOB but typically these arrive with 4 guns of each type so this cannot explain all the extra guns.

Now the actual Soviet production of artillery, A/T and Flak guns in 1941 was of the order of 42,000 rising to over 120,000 in 1942. if I try to square this with the production numbers in the game it seems that they are out by a factor of at least 3. This is not far off my extra 7,000 guns so would I be right in assuming that the actual artillery production numbers are multiplied by 3 for the Soviets in 1941? It might make sense if the production was for example one each of artillery, A/T and Flak but I cannot easily tell whether this is the case as the end turn report does not distinguish gun losses by type.

If anybody knows the numbers I would like to know the values of the multiplier for other years and also whether it is the same for the Axis (note I know that the population multiplier for the Axis is different at about 2.3 for them in 1941 as compared with 8 for the Soviets) .


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RE: Artillery Production

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Hi Mike,

The artillery production level is what you produce per week. In the case of 259 it means that you produce 259 artillery pieces, something like 181 (ca. 70%) AT guns and about 129 (ca. 50%) flak. To this, you have to add the artillery from the reinforcements.

As for the report (ALT+R) make a note that the artillery in the HQs are not included in the summary. You have to place them in an army to be counted, then print the report.

I hope it helps.

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