Advanced Tactics is a versatile turn-based strategy system that gives gamers the chance to wage almost any battle in any time period. The initial release focuses on World War II and includes a number of historical scenarios as well as a full editor! This forum supports both the original Advanced Tactics and the new and improved Advanced Tactics: Gold Edition.

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I noticed a cavalry option in my Japanese against AI game, but not when I play a human opponent. Anyone else? Cavalry is also not mentioned in the manual, but does look like an interesting unit to use.
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RE: Cavalry?

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If you are playing with the NATO Counters Mod, be sure you have the latest one. In the first 2.04 version I left out the cavalry unit. I'm seeing the cavalry unit in both human and AI games in v2.04 and v2.05. If it is the Mod, you'll need to start another game to get the cav unit into play.

The cav unit is not in the manual because it was added after the game was released.
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