Soviet 1941

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Soviet 1941

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I am going to play 1941 with my friend iam playing soviets first time and I need some tips playing soviets 1941. Most important thing i want to know before i start 1941 campaing aginst my friend is what factories and when you recommend to evacuate.
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RE: Soviet 1941

Post by traubi »

in the first 4-5 turns just retreat retreat retreat.
U cant do shit against the germans.
The only one thing that limits the german advance is the rail conversion tempo and not the russians. Try to cut converted rails by suicide armies, but do not try to stand against by risking good soviet units of shattering or surrendering.
Make backup defensive lines along rivers and such by using 'digging' armies, to pump up trenches. 'Digging' army means an army with only one unit in it. Later u can transfer more units into it.
The first line can be the dnyeper line and aroud smolensk forests. Dont think that u can stop the germans here. with some luck u can delay and win a few more turns. If the germans manage to breakthrough somewhere, dont try to hold them anymore! Retreat backwards and transfer the units into the 2nd line 'digging' armies. dont let him to encircle too much of your units.
Guard your own rail lines, cities.
Pull back all your red airforce, and set up them for training and upgradeing. Once u have 15-20 fighters with 40+ experience u can try to make small partizan actions against enemy bombers. U will lose huge amounts of fighters but maybe u can kill some german bombers. pull back again ur airforce and rest/refit.

Factories evac: evac mainly the HI, airplanes, artillery factories.
good luck
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